What’s Next for Grays Harbor GOP?

New GHGOP leadership team, elected at Saturday’s organizational meeting in Hoquiam. L to R: State Committeewoman Jamie Walsh: Treasurer Kim Edwards; Chair Sue Kuehl Pederson; Vice Chair Shawn Larsen; Secretary Lisa Zaborac; State Committeeman Ray Brown. 

The Grays Harbor Republican Party underwent a sea change of sorts at last Saturday’s organizational meeting, electing four fresh faces out of six available officerships (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer). Building on the momentum generated during this election season, the party is poised to sweep out the last remaining vestiges of DemoLib/Leftista dominance here on the Harbor and in select legislative districts (which is sort of an oxy-moron in the first place, but that’s a discussion for another time).

It’s no secret that DemoLibs are in disarray after cratering in the last election, both locally and nationwide. These poor dears are shocked – shocked! that they didn’t win in November. So they’re protesting! Rioting! Demanding useless recounts! Filling up their coloring books!

Yea, verily. Post-election Leftista temper tantrums and propaganda media meltdowns may be the best entertainment since Romper Room. Now, I don’t wish to offend any tender Leftista sensibilities over thy thrashing at the ballot box. But here are a couple words of advice for thee (throwin this in for free, so you oughtta like this):

Grow up.

Btw, how’s your crayola stash? Need more Play-Dough? Safe spaces and therapy pups? Cuz you kinda look – and sound – like:

While we’re on the subject – sort of – guess what, dear Leftistas? Both locally and nationwide, thinking Americans are sick of you. You spent the last eight years or so demonizing anyone who dares to disagree with your version of King Obama and Clinton-elot. You’ve been so busy nursing Obama/Clinton/Progressive delusions of grandeur, you can’t handle the truth (cue Jack Nicholson). So here it is:

You lost. Cratered. Crashed and burned.

Get over it.

Thinking Americans of good will are fed up. Have had it with the Ist/Phobe Brigade who can’t come up with an original argument to save your lives and keep mindlessly chanting the Racist, Sexist, Bigot, Isla/Homo/Xenophobe mantra – in between naps and milk and cookies. We’re also sick of:

  • Being plastered with the “hate” label over honest differences of opinion by some of the most vile, hateful people in the country
  • Government-imposed “Tolerance”
  • Race-baiting
  • Jesse Jackson and Joy Behar trying to be relevant
  • Michael Moore masquerading as a semi-literate third grader
  • Van Jones pretending he’s an American
  • Pecksniffian sermonizing about faux “equality”
  • Frank “I am not a crook” Gordon

Just in case you still missed it, thinking Americans of good will are also sick of the PC claptrap you’ve been ladling out since dinosaurs roamed the earth. And rejected it at the polls.

So get over it again.

Not to restate the obvious here or anything, but Grays Harbor Republicans would do well to capitalize on DemoLib Disarray. Laughing your heads off does not count. Well, okay. It counts a little. But you can do more.

Since we like to be helpful here at Conservelocity, here are some ideas to prioritize:

  • Flipping the 24th LD
  • Recruiting new talent and fresh faces from the Under 40 crowd. (Check out Grays Harbor YoungFires on Facebook.)
  • Reaching out to previously engaged members who’ve chosen to disengage. Tip: Start with asking “Why?” Then put on your listening ears. (Some might even be willing to re-engage if properly approached. I can name names if you want.)
  • Actively supporting more than one race
  • Actively backing proposed legislation allowing carrying at pro sports events
  • Resurrecting a monthly or quarterly newsletter and a halfway decent web site
  • “Plaquing-out” those with a track record of being actively contentious, puerile, and needlessly divisive. Like this: “Thanks for your service. Here’s your plaque. Happy retirement/don’t let the door hitcha on your way out.” (I can still name names if you want.)
  • Keeping a close eye on party purse strings and resources. Cutting off serial pilferers and those with Sticky Fingers Syndrome at the pass.
  • Dumping Susan Hutchison as WSRP Chair and backing a decent candidate for same – which is pretty much anyone who can fog a mirror and walk and chew gum at the same time.
  • Stocking up on Ghirardelli’s. Pizza with “the works” will do in a pinch if you hold the anchovies. Just sayin’.

Yes, friends, Grays Harbor is officially purple. Perhaps the best and biggest coup of the last election is snagging a 100%-Democrat-Free-Zone at the County Commission for the first time since shortly after dirt was invented. Some may argue that’s in spite of the local GOP, not because of it. But that’s another discussion for another time.

Meanwhile, Grays Harbor Democrats are on the ropes. The local GOP is poised to grab a bucket and finish them off. (See vid above.)

Don’t blow it.