WATCH: Stunning Version of Christmas Classic

There’s only one voice that does my #1 favorite Christmas carol justice: Andrea Bocelli. Aka: La Voce. Why? Cuz there’s nothing like hearing a world-class Italian tenor render O Holy Night like a world-class tenor. In the original French.

But, alas. Andrea has been dethroned by the Home Free vocal band. Watch their stunning a capella version of O Holy Night:

Not to get picky here or anythin’, Mr. Black Hat, but you’re in church. Kindly lose the Stetson. And Dear Tenor, please get that twitch fixed.

Find out more about the country a capella quintet Home Free here.


*This post originally published in 2015, shortly after the Home Free vid first came out. I decided to re-post, based on the amount of positive feedback received. Enjoy the encore.


One thought on “WATCH: Stunning Version of Christmas Classic

  1. So nice!
    BTW…I like his cute nose! The guy with the hat…well I will just warn you that most of those REALLY cute guys with hats..once they remove their hat are not NEARLY as cute! Not sure why but a known fact from the “Ladies Classic Critique” group! ( I just made that up!) Merry Christmas!


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