Happy ‘Rogue’ & Four Functional Brain Cells

Public Domain
Public Domain

Looking for a fat-free, no assembly required, non-alcoholic alternative to the usual New Year’s falderal? Check out Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Saw it the other day because the kiddos insisted. I’m not a big Star Wars fan, but Rogue One was Just plain fun. Brisk. Engaging. Fresh. (About four functional brain cells required. So that leaves out Maxine Waters.)

Led by the plucky Jyn Erso, a rag-tag band of unlikely heroes is on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon of destruction. The film fills in some gaps between Episodes 3 and 4. Watch for:

  • “Make 10 men feel like 100”
  • “Cover our backs… You wanted one, right?”
  • “Your behavior, Jyn, is continually unexpected”
  • “We’re gonna have to go out there…”
  • Scarif and Eadu
  • “Lord Vadar”
  • “We’re trapped! They’ll never get through!”
  • “Attack formations! Defend the Fleet!”
  • “You won’t have long…”
  • “I’m going in…”
  • “Light it up!”
  • “Rebellions are built on hope”

Also: Impossible odds. Rain. Lava. Palm trees. Comic relief. A bunch of characters we haven’t seen before. And a couple we have. A blind guy you really, really DO NOT want to mess with.

Speaking of four functional brain cells – or less – oh, look! It’s Charlie the Brain Surgeon Sheen! Dude. Get a grip. If you can find one.

On a brighter note: Only 20 more days till President Disaster Du Juor hits the road.  Don’t let the door hitcha on your way out.


Happy Prez. Obama-Free 2017!!