Leftistas Play ‘Let’s Make a Demand’

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

A raft of Hollywood celeb/celeb wannabes recently released a video demanding – demanding! – Congress #StandUpForUs and obstruct a Trump presidency and Trumpidian policies. Or at least what they think are Trumpidian policies.

Posted on YouTube on January 3, the video starts with “Dear members of Congress.” TinselTownies then explain that they’re Mad! Flabbergasted! Furious! Concerned for their children! Worried for everyone! Looking for their therapy puppies!  Because The Donald won. They site a spike in “hate crimes.” Attacks against women and people of color! Stray puppies and kittens! A sharp uptick in sexism! Xenophobia! Racism! Anti-immigrant, Muslim, worker, environmental and crayola-isms!

And they’re demanding Congress  – assuming they can spell it – obstruct – obstruct! – anything that violates their core values “as diverse Americans.” It’s signed, “The Majority of the American people.”

Dear Leftista Townies:

You do understand that this type of pompous, paternalistic sermonizing is one reason why Donald Trump got elected, right?

Oh, never mind. But while we’re playing Let’s Make a Demand, I have a few for you + a few questions. They go like this:

  • Keep your day jobs
  • Find a day job
  • Dig up a copy of the U.S. Constitution. Dust it off. Check out the First Amendment. Hint: It’s right before the Second Amendment. While you’re at it, you may want to check that one out, too. And the rest of the document.
  • Go find some coloring books
  • Pay for your own coloring books
  • Look up “Fake News.” (That’s okay. I’ll wait.)
  • Grow up
  • Where were you when President Pen and Phone was obstructing Congress on… anything he wanted to, provided he could tear himself away from the links or Martha’s Vineyard?
  • If you’re so concerned about “anti-Semitism,” where were you on the anti-Israel U.N. Resolution the Obama administration “abstained” from?
  • If you’re out of Kool Aid, kindly move to a political regime where you’ll feel more at home. I hear Cuba’s auditioning.

The good news: Leftistas have finally discovered that Congress is one of the three branches of government. And apparently they really do have “values.”

Will wonders never cease?