POLL: Where Are You on Gateway Center?


The proposed Gateway Center in Aberdeen has sparked much discussion countywide. Opinion typically ranges from, “Fantastic! Greatest idea since sliced bread!” to, “Are you kidding me?! Waste-of-taxpayer-dough white elephant!” And all points in between.

On Tuesday we noted that Commissioner Wes Cormier has proposed a Public Advisory Vote on the Center. It may appear on the August ballot. But why wait till August?

You can weigh in now with our entirely subjective, 100% unscientific poll. To register your opinion, just check the appropriate box in the poll below and hit “Vote.” (If you don’t hit “Vote,” your vote will not be counted.)

A few housekeeping items:

  • All votes are confidential.
  • You can only vote once.
  • The poll closes late Monday, January 23.
  • Results will be announced next week.
  • If you care to elaborate on the reason(s) for your vote, please do! Feel free to weigh in via comment. (Kindly note our Comment Policy.)
  • Don’t forget to share!

Ready? Set? Go!