Live From the House of Bedlam!

Unless you’ve been in a cave or a coma lately, you know that Leftista meltdowns are taking place all across the fruited plain. It’s like watching Live From the House of Bedlam! Indeed, some of the best political entertainment around is when Tucker Carlson takes on Bedlamista idiots like “Refuse Fascism” Trumpophobe Sunsara Taylor.

Taylor appeared on Tuesday’s edition of Tucker Carlson tonight. Among other things, she claimed that the “Trump regime” is “fascist” and Trump and Pence are operating out of “Hitler’s playbook.” Since Trump is far more dangerous than Hitler ever was, Bedlamista Taylor is calling for “mass political protests and resistance”:

“This is a danger to humanity. And yes, it’s in its early stages, but people need to rise up and stop it before it is too late.


Was Taylor trying to set a world record for Number of Times You Can Fit “Fascist” Into One News Segment? Or Epic Bloviating ‘In the Name of Humanity’?

“Fascist” has become the newest fashion label for Trumpophobes. Voted for Donald Trump? Fascist! Want him to build that wall? Fascist! Suggest that the fake “Muslim ban” is a fake Muslim ban? Fascist! (Yes, Refuse Fascism is in its early stages, but people with two functional brain cells may want to rise up and stop it before they discover their blankies are MIA.)

Thomas Sowell deftly deconstructs the Leftist use of the label in a masterful 2008 Townhall column, Who Is “Fascist”? (Bedlamistas, you may want to take notes.) Commenting on Jonah Goldberg’s book, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, Sowell explains:

Because the word “fascist” is often thrown around loosely these days, as a general term of abuse, it is good that “Liberal Fascism” begins by discussing the real Fascism, introduced into Italy after the First World War by Benito Mussolini.

The Fascists were completely against individualism in general and especially against individualism in a free market economy. Their agenda included minimum wage laws, government restrictions on profit-making, progressive taxation of capital, and “rigidly secular” schools.

Unlike the Communists, the Fascists did not seek government ownership of the means of production. They just wanted the government to call the shots as to how businesses would be run.

They were for “industrial policy,” long before liberals coined that phrase in the United States.

Indeed, the whole Fascist economic agenda bears a remarkable resemblance to what liberals would later advocate.

So, are you sick of Bedlamistas trying to hijack the national narrative? Tired of Soros-funded rent-a-thugs acting like Soros-funded rent-a-thugs? Ready for the grown-ups to show up? (We all know who that leaves out. Hi, Maxine Waters.) Then check this out: