‘TNT’ at County Commission

County Commissioners Vickie Raines and Randy Ross talked technology, transit, and something Really Important (off-agenda) at this morning’s county commission meeting. Commissioner Wes Cormier was excused due to illness.

First, there’s good news for Grays Harbor Transit users. Commisioner Raines reported that Grays Harbor Transit will be adding Sunday service back to its schedule beginning May 1. She said the service will “mirror what we currently have on Saturday.”

Also on the “T front,” commishes are looking to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in their office via improved technology. Options include reducing hard copy documents a la electronic versions and cutting costs associated with making copies.

Hire requests for five departments were also discussed: the Auditor’s Office, Management Services, Public Health & Social Services, Public Services, and Utilities/Solid Waste. Some were approved today. Others were postponed. Commissioner Raines said she was “not sure what to do with the Auditor’s Office.” She expressed concerns related to the $100+K in costs related to last November’s election that were rolled over into 2017.

Requests for a Nutritionist  III ($4,732-$5,577/mo) for Public Health & Social Services and a Public Records Clerk/Administrative Assistant ($3,507-$4,253/mo) in Public Services were  approved. A request from the Auditor for an Office Tech. ($2,249/mo) was postponed, as was a request for a Public Records Officer/Contract Administrator ($4,669-$5,614/mo) in Management Services. 

Also postponed was a discussion with Dru Garson of Greater Grays Harbor on the Gateway Center. Keep an eye out for a reschedule when all three commishes can attend.

Speaking of the Gateway Center, Commissioner Ross reported that he recently met with State Representatives Mike Chapman (D-24), Steve Tharinger (D-24), Jim Walsh (R-19) and Sen. Dean Takko (D-19) to discuss several items. Among them was state funding for the Center and for dredging the Westport marina. Ross indicated his priority was state funding for the dredging endeavor.

That Really Important item? The Chocolate on the Beach Festival. Raines was a tasting judge. (Raise your hand if you’re insanely jealous.) I have it on good authority that the chocolate-glazed porkloin with roasted butternut squash and collard greens is to-die-for.

Is it dinner yet?


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    1. Done! Lol. This is what happens when it’s just before lunch and “chocolate” and “beach” are mentioned in the same paragraph! 😉


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