Community Meeting on Monte Rest Stop/Roundabout Set For March 16

Don’t look now, but a bout of common sense is about to hit Montesano.

A newly formed community watchdog group, The Committe for Common Sense, is rolling up its sleeves. They’re doing what Queen Vini can’t or won’t do related to the latest city hall boondoggle: Setting up a community meeting for public input on the proposed rest stop and roundabout. Their press release appears below:


A Community Meeting has been set up in Montesano to discuss theproposed Rest Stop/Roundabout project that the mayor has been promoting. This will provide the public with an opportunity to learn the specifics about this project and get answers to their questions. The meeting is set for 7 PM on Thursday, March 16 at the Montesano Community Center located between the Beehive and the Organics 101 Store on Main Street.

The mayor has been invited to attend the meeting to explain the planning and specifics of the project. We hope that she can attend or delegate someone else to fill in for her. The public has had very little input on this proposed project, since there has not been any Public Hearing. Hopefully, this meeting can provide the public with the details and planning that went into this project

In the meantime, a petition has been developed and will be circulated around town. We realize that many people will not be able to attend the meeting so the petition is one way for them to express their thoughts on this project. Along with the petition, an information sheet has been developed listing the biggest concerns identified regarding this project.

There has been a web site developed that will also provide information, For more information, please call 249-5374. (The web site includes additional pages outlining concerns and questions per these projects as well as contact info. Reader input is encouraged. – Ed.)

Montesano cannot afford to gamble on this ill-conceived project. It is highly doubtful that the revenue generated by this project would even cover the maintenance costs. This would leave the City with additional costs out of a budget that is already stretched beyond it’s limits. Why spend $2 million dollars on a two seater Rest Stop and Roundabout and have to pay additional expenses as well? This makes absolutely no sense. Let’s stop this now!


The Committee for Common Sense