Conservative Women Co-Opt Lib ‘Day Without A Woman’

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Was your workplace and/or home woman-less yesterday? Did your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, daughter, associate or Aunt Bertha go on strike?

Liberal women pitched another hissy fit on Wednesday, when pro-abortion Women’s March organizers co-opted the day to hold a “Day Without a Woman” strike protesting gender discrimination. They also railed against “patriarchy” in America by not showing up for work. Or something.

A couple questions:

Where were the marches and rallies protesting Sharia law? And since we’re all up in arms over ‘gender discrimination,’ what about the 750 million girl babies aborted since 1980?

As Margot Cleveland wrote for The Federalist this week:

 “Today, then, while our privileged sisters enjoy their pity party over the election of Donald Trump—which is really what the strike is about—the rest of us can pause and pray for the women the world is really without, and for those whose lives are worse off because of their absence.”

Cleveland noted research from the Guttmacher Institute indicating that approximately 750 million girls have been aborted worldwide since 1980.

While the usual suspects spent Wednesday trotting out the gender card, playing the blame game and diving neck-deep into Victimhood 101, conservative women were having none of it. They took to social media in response. In fact, the grown-ups in the room – conservative women – not only showed up for work on Wednesday, we co-opted the #DayWithoutAWoman hashtag with a few of our own: #NotMyProtest and #WeShowUp.

Here’s a sampling of some of the tweets conservative women posted to remind America that screaming liberal meemies don’t represent us. Not now. Not ever:

Jenn @PossNBoots

While feminists protest & demand respect, the women on the right continue to work hard & earn it. #WeShowUp #ADayWithoutAWoman

7:05 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Sherri Hayes @Boobear0905

This is what I do, all day, every day – saving lives!! This is how I honor International Women’s Day! #weshowup

5:10 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Beth Plybon @BethPlybon

I’m a woman & I’m marching today…marching right into my classroom to do my job because I’m a responsible adult. #NotMyProtest #WeShowUp

5:32 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Denise4Trump🇺🇸 @MemphisGrits2

#WeShowUp Teaching our daughters responsibility, teachers who take off don’t care about kids, just union paychecks.

6:55 AM – 8 Mar 2017

🍀Amy Curtis🍀 @VLRAmyCurtis

They need me. Far more than I need feminism to get government to run my life. #WeShowUp #daywithoutawoman

5:21 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Vetters @ManzanoYvette

#WeShowUp because I am the role model for my kids not #feminist wannabes. My kids will know true results with hard work, not tantrums.

7:03 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Emma @politics_n_prep

#WeShowUp because neglecting your responsibilities has nothing to do with female empowerment.

7:03 AM – 8 Mar 2017


DizzyBritches @BelmarCPA

#WeShowUp I’m retired now. But I had a serious job, and I always showed up to do it. Serious women take responsibility.

7:23 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Shauna Johnson @ShaunaJ1776

#weshowup Men are not the enemy, work is not, Republicans are not. Self-obsessed victimhood is the enemy. Don’t paralyze our girls with it.

7:12 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Ann Thomas @Deibliane1

I’m ready for a busy day of work in this amazing Free Country that promote and value women #weshowup

6:56 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Liberals typically treat women as a one-size-fits-all monolith that marches lockstep with their government-centric, pro-abortion agenda.

Like that’s not patronizing or anything.

Meanwhile, I have an idea. Can we launch a “#YearWithoutAWoman” project if it includes Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Elizabeth Fauxahontas Warren, Rosie O’Donnell and Vini ‘Free’ Wi Fi/Rest Stop/Roundabout Samuel?




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