Democrats on Gorsuch: Giving ‘Proud Extremists’ Hope, One Stupid Talking Point at a Time

Senate Democrats caucus to discuss ‘confirmation hearing’ talking points. Or… Tuesday.

Don’tcha love watching Democrats be Democrats? Especially on the Senate Judiciary Committee, where they’re supposedly participating in “hearings” on President Trump’s pick for the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s some of the best entertainment in town. Especially watching partisan political hacks like Senators Dianne “witch burning” Feinstein, Patrick “Anita Hill” Leahy and Co. trying to sound like anything other than partisan political hacks.

It’s like Amateur Night at the Bijou with Larry, Moe, and Curly.

But seriously. There is a silver lining. Sort of. If today’s confirmation hearings have shown us anything, it’s how utterly vacuous, inane, and koo-koo for cocoa puffs the Democratic Party is on just about everything. Ditto how “open-minded” they are. Think stainless steel vise.

Yea, verily. The galactic hypocrisy of the party that routinely touts itself as a paragon of diversity, inclusivity and tolerance is on full display in these hearings as anything but. At least they all got the same talking points and are staying on script. (We wouldn’t want any actual, original thought to disrupt their pre-fab agenda now, would we?)

For example, I received the following email this afternoon from the DNC. The subject line was, re: Neil Gorsuch. It goes like:

Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, is on Capitol Hill this week for the start of his confirmation hearings. We don’t know much about Gorsuch, but here’s what we do know: he’s a radical supporter of big business who believes corporations are people.

Just three words here: The Clinton Foundation. (At least they got one thing right in that opening paragraph: “We don’t know much.”)

The email continues:

Democrats are going to make Neil Gorsuch answer tough questions about his record – and then fight like hell to stop his confirmation. Can we count on you to stand with us? …

If he’s confirmed, Gorsuch would be a stool pigeon for corporate interests, a stone wall standing in the way or working people seeking justice, and a rubber stamp for Donald Trump’s extreme agenda on our nation’s highest court.

Compared to what? Merrick Garland? This from the party that thinks constitutional fidelity is “extreme.”

The DNC message closes with, “Add your name right now to stand with Democrats who are fighting back, and tell the Senate to reject Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination.” (Donate by midnight and they’ll throw in a weekend in the woods with Sen. Fauxahontas You-Didn’t-Build-That Warren. Yipee!)

I gotta ask Dems: Why bother? You just said you’re going to “fight like hell to stop his confirmation” – on day one of the hearings. You’re urging your lock-step minions to “reject” Gorsuch’s nomination. Also on day one. Clearly, your minds are already made up. So why go through the sham of holding “confirmation hearings” in the first place?

But seriously again. We owe Democrats a debt of gratitude. And thanks. Here goes.

Dear Democrats:

Thanks for giving us ‘proud extremists’ who support constitutional fidelity, originalism, and the rule of law hope, one stupid talking point at a time. Way to go.

Anyone want a spare ticket to the Bijou?


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