POLL RESULTS – What Role Should County Have in Gateway Center?

The county should have no role in the proposed Gateway Center in Aberdeen.

That’s the opinion of an overwhelming majority of Conservelocity readers who cast votes in our recent on-line poll.

Initially posted on March 15, the poll ran for one week. Readers were asked what role they thought the county should have in the proposed facility. Our thanks to all who voted. Here are the results:

  • 88% said the county should have NO ROLE in the Gateway Center and that the City of Aberdeen should handle everything – ownership, operations and day-to-day management of the facility.
  • 6% said the City of Aberdeen should own the building but the county should be responsible for daily operations and management of the facility.
  • “Other” snagged 6% of total votes cast.
  • “Not build it” also received 6% of the vote.

Not a single vote favored county ownership, operation, or management of the facility.


What do you make of that?