Cartwheels at County

Unless you’re dying to hear about a proposed update/modification on the jail medical contract and whether or not the current service is adequate per state/fed standards, or negotiation$ related to the Union Gospel Mission, there wasn’t a whole lot to turn cartwheels over at today’s morning meeting of the Board of County Commissioners.

Okay. Since you asked, an updated contract with local physician Dr. Yong Ki Shin to provide medical services for the jail was under discussion this morning. Sheriff Rick Scott, Police Chief Davis and Dr. Shin fielded questions. 

Main concerns voiced by both the commissioners and law enforcement focused on risk pool, liability, and indemnification. Deputy Prosecutor Norma Tillotson provided input on the above. A major component of the contract modification is a proposed increase in medical malpractice from $1M to $3M.

Regarding the contract mods, Commissioner Randy Ross said the commission is “not in any hurry. Let’s do it right.”

Commissioner Wes Cormier indicated he may abstain from any vote on the mods because Dr. Shin’s wife is his doctor.

Commissioner Vickie Raines expressed concern that the mods haven’t yet been reviewed by the Health and Human Services Advisory Board. She asked Scott how he’s budgeting for the mods. Scott responded that it’s “up to the Board as to which budget stream they want to tap into” to cover the proposed increase in liability/malpractice coverage. The cost is expected to be nominal. 

Regarding the modified contract, Scott said, “I’m good with it if Dr. Shin is.”

Dr. Shin chimed in with a couple cost savings options. Like “telemedicine” from midnight to 0800 instead of having a nurse physically on site during those hours. Also tapping into local nursing staff to be on call instead of an outside-the-county entity.

Look for Board action on the matter next Monday.

Spring in Monte!

Karolyn Holden, Director of Public Health, was on hand to request Board approval to negotiate “up to $250K” to enhance renovation and reconstruction at the Union Gospel Mission in Aberdeen. She noted that this work has been “ongoing” since 2013. Grants are paying for a “significant portion” of the renovation costs. But plumbing, foundation and structural issues came to light in February 2017 such that the county has been approached for help. 

Such help would be strictly limited to renovations/upgrades related to “non-proselytizing” portions of the facility. This includes upgrades to the male shelter and for shower and laundry facilities where “proselytizing” does not occur. In case you were wondering.

With that ironed out, the commishes approved Holden’s request to negotiate for the needed funds.(I’m not exactly sure what that means. If you figure it out, holler.)

Commissioner Randy Ross observed that this endeavor may preclude Aberdeen Mayor Erik Larson’s pursuit of an “urban rest stop” comfort station-type facility in the area.

(no extra charge): If Commissioner Raines ever suggests visiting the Corn Dog Castle at Disneyland, do it.

Other tip: Chief Davis’s weekend golf game was officially “terrible.”

Other, other tip: Legoland has “amazing” buffets. ☺ 

I am now going outside to work on my cartwheels. See ya!