Imagine you’re a little kid. You have to testify in court.

 Are you scared spitless? Anxiety level skimming triple digits? Are you stomach churning, palms sweating, ready-to-hurl stressed out?

Now imagine you’ve got a friend. A friend who wrote the book on loyalty and love. Unconditional support. Companionship. 

A friend with warm amber eyes. Floppy ears. A fur coat the color of toasted marshmallows.

That friend would be Louie. A specially trained two year old yellow Lab, Louie is a newly arrived “comfort dog” working with the Children’s Advocacy Center of Grays Harbor. 

Louie and the Center’s Executive Director Sue Bucy were making the rounds at county today, where he was introduced to judges and county commissioners.  (I’m not going to say Louie was the highlight of the afternoon. Oh, bother. OF COURSE he was!)

Isn’t he a beauty?

Louie’s job is to provide “comfort and support” to children with the Center. That includes working with abused children, accompanying  kids to court, and sitting in on their forensic appointments.

Louie was trained at Canine Companions in Santa Rosa, California, said Bucy. He also went to Chicago for additional training. He then returned to Santa Rosa for six months of “in-depth training.” 

Louie knows about 40 commands. He’s valued at about $50K according to Bucy. He comes at no cost to the county explained County Prosecutor Katie Svoboda. Local vets are also donating veterinary care.

Louie meets County Commissioners.

Louie’s a dead ringer for ‘my best girl,’ Eve. She passed away in 2013.

Is this place great, or what?