Updated Jail Medical Services Contract Pinches County Pockets

Grays Harbor County Commissioners Vickie Raines and Randy Ross approved modifications to a professional services contract for jail medical services today. Discussed last week, the modified contract with Dr. Yong Ki Shin was approved unanimously by Ross and Raines at today’s regular afternoon business meeting. The mods represent an additional $350K/year over what the county is now paying.

Commissioner Wes Cormier was out of town on county business.

Effective May 1 through December 31, 2017, the contract approved today changes the scope of work to include the ability to schedule nurses 16 hours a day, seven days a week. The monthly payment amount is $44,900. The contract will be reviewed on an annual basis. 

Before you have a heart attack, realize that the mods are required to meet updated state and federal standards for said services. Commissioner Raines observed that the county “has no choice” but to meet the updated state and federal standards. Funding options are being pursued.

Connect those dots. (That’s okay. I’ll  wait.) While  I’m  waiting, you may also want to con$ider three word$ and the impact they have on rural countie$ like Grays Harbor: “Unfunded $tate mandates.”

Commissioner Ross suggested revisiting/updating county job descriptions vis-a-vis union negotiations during conversations with Public Services department heads this morning. The goal is saving money. “We need to keep doing it (updating job descriptions)” said Ross. “We need to keep getting a little leaner.”

This and That

  • Local opioid use/base is being looked at. Ditto union negotiations a la Grays Harbor Transit.
  • 19th and 24th LD legislators have been made aware of issues related to the Mill Creek dam project in Cosmopolis, as has Rep. Derek Kilmer office.

Tip: The Red Velvet Bakery catered last week’s Habitat for Humanity Tea in Seabrook. I hear their sandwiches with roasted red pepper sauce and gouda cheese are to-die-for. Also, “Alice in Wonderland” is a scene stealer. 🙂