Commishes Take a Bite Out of Excessive Noise

 The Grays Harbor County Commissioners acted to hush excessive noise at today’s afternoon meeting by passing an ordinance establishing maximum permissible noise levels. The move gives the sheriff’s office more room to enforce noise complaints.

Commissioners Randy Ross and Wes Cormier (pictured above) are listening to Monte residents chime in on the noise ordinance at this afternoon’s meeting. All four residents spoke in favor of the ordinance.

During the public comment period, one woman said the noise from a nearby grinding machine was “noise pollution. It’s irritating, it’s rattling, and you can’t even go outside” she said.

Commissioner Ross clarified that the purpose of the changes in the ordinance are “to put some additional teeth in the law” so the sheriff’s office can more readily enforce excessive noise complaints.

It passed unanimously, 2 – 0, and goes into effect upon signature(s).  (Commissioner Raines was excused and not in attendance.)

Later, Commissioner Cormier explained his vote in favor, calling it a “property rights” issue. “People have a right to enjoy their property” he said. “This is just a standard.” 

The amendments were “initiated” per the sheriff’s office, for reasons Ross noted above.

As for the remainder of today’s agenda. Well, easements, MOUs, or court ordered abatements don’t really spin my fins. I’m just funny that way. ‘Sides. Blue skies, sunshine and temps skimming the 70s are mighty distracting, aren’t they?

Oh yeah. Here are Lori’s birthday roses. Beautiful, aren’t they?

TTFN. (You’ll get that if you know A.A. Milne. And Tigger. That’s not a typo.)


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