Thanks, Dems! Some Harborites May Soon Be Without Healthcare

Remember “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”? How ‘bout, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan?”

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the political landscape for any length of time – say, 20 minutes or so – knows what a crock those two Obamanian lines turned out to be (not that anyone’s counting or anything).

But wait. It’s about to get better. Especially in Grays Harbor.

According to a June 8 story in CNN Money, More Insurers Drop Obamacare, Even in State With a Healthy Exchange, Grays Harbor will have the dubious distinction of being one of two Washington counties to be without any Obamacare insurers next year. As in, Zip. Zero. Nada.  Via CNN Money:

Two (Washington) counties won’t have any insurers participating in the individual market — either on the state’s Obamacare exchange or off of it — next year unless another company steps in, the Washington insurance department said Wednesday.

This could be trouble for the more than 3,300 people in those counties, Klickitat and Grays Harbor, who buy their own coverage. This includes the more than 2,100 residents who signed up for policies through the exchange.

Washington would become the third state to have locales without any Obamacare insurers. Enrollees in the Kansas City, Missouri, area and in parts of Ohio also won’t have any options on their exchanges next year unless other carriers join.(Emphasis added.)

Insurers who are pulling out cite the expenses of “setting up doctor and hospital networks or the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Obamacare’s future.”  Sure as night follows day, the other side of the aisle is trying to pin blame on President Trump and Republicans.

Not so fast.

Remember who put the ACA in place. Hint: It wasn’t Republicans.  Nor did Republicans force the individual mandate, coercing free citizens to engage in commerce and purchase a product whether you wanted/needed it or not. (Doesn’t that qualify as “slavery”? Askin’ for a friend.)  Continues CNN Money:

Even though the bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is working its way through the Senate, Obamacare still remains the law of the land. Insurers are now telling state regulators whether they’ll participate for 2018 and the rates they want to charge consumers.

How Obamacare is faring nationwide really depends on the state — and even the county. Insurers are pulling out of some areas, leaving a growing number of places with only one carrier on the exchange. Humana (HUM), Aetna (AET) and several Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans, which specialize in the individual market, have announced their departures.

While we’re taking a trudge down memory lane, remember that Obamacare passed without a single Republican vote. You may also want to remember that the next time you fill out your ballot. Or need to see a doctor.

Indeed, the handwriting on the wall regarding Obamacare was obvious to anyone with two functional brain cells from Day 1.  Democrats deployed a variety of  smoke and mirrors to sell Obama’s magical health elixir.

And now you know “what’s in it.”

Obamacare was never designed to improve access to anything. (Remember Jonathan Gruber?) In fact, Obamacare is doing exactly what it was intended to do – fail – as a precursor to single payer. (See Obamacare: A Trojan Horse for Single Payer.) So Americans can have healthcare that’s just as lousy as Canadians and Brits.

If you’re upset about losing your health insurance, remember which party dumped that monstrosity on you in the first place. (Don’t even get me started on the difference between “health coverage” and “health care.” Because that’s night and day. As in, Great! You’ve got insurance through the exchange. Good luck getting anyone who’ll accept it.)

Speaking of “luck,” if you’re over 50 and fall into the demographic outlined above, good luck getting decent healthcare. Can you say “rationing”? Unfortunately, some Americans have become so addicted to government-provided “healthcare” since 2010, they can’t imagine a world without it.


In the meantime, Harborites, don’t get sick, injured, or otherwise in need of medical care next year, courtesy of the Party Debt, Dependency, and Duplicity.

You might also want to remember that per the next election.



2 thoughts on “Thanks, Dems! Some Harborites May Soon Be Without Healthcare

  1. With regard to your recent Obamacare piece, I’m only going to respond to one comment of yours.
    “As in, Great! You’ve got insurance through the exchange. Good luck getting anyone who’ll accept it.”
    I have Obamacare (Premera), and my primary care physician is an internal medicine specialist, graduate of the UW, board certified, and has done both a residency and an internship at major hospitals. Additionally, I have an upcoming surgery scheduled to remove a small benign tumor in my neck, and my surgeon is going to be the head of the otolaryngology department at the UW. I don’t know where you are receiving your information from, but I am telling you – you are wrong, wrong, wrong.


    1. Oh, really? Because I have Obamacare and just received my second notice in six months that my prior insurers – Community Health and now Molina – are pulling out of the county. Community left GH in December 2016. I had to get a new carrier, with but 3 options from which to choose. Of those 3, only Molina covers local hospital stays. Last week Molina noticed me that both my new PCP and the local hospital will be dropping Molina as of August.

      You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      Btw, if you bothered to read the piece en toto, you should note that it largely refers to two WA counties who are getting hard hit by Obama’s ‘signature legislation.’ Did you miss the headline? Bother to click the CNN Money link? Do you live in Grays Harbor or Klickitat?

      Within the last year I have also been dropped by two long-time providers in radiology and dermatology because they no longer accept my “insurance.” In fact, not a single dermatologist in the entire county will accept my ‘insurance.’ I have to go to Pierce.

      I don’t know where you are receiving your information from, but I am telling you – you are wrong, wrong wrong.


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