Why I’m No Longer a “Constitutional Conservative”

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time – say, 20 minutes or so – you may be aware that I’ve identified as a “constitutional conservative” since Ronaldus Maximus.

Not anymore.

The final epiphany occurred between the pages of Dinesh D’Souza’s Stealing America: What Criminal Gangs Taught Me About Obama, Hillary, and the Democratic Party  – 2015. (If you haven’t read that yet, now would be good.)

How did this epiphany take place? Well, remember “You didn’t build that?” How ‘bout “redistributing the wealth”? “Social justice”? “Paying their fair share” and similar lib/progressive/Democrat mantras? Where did they come from? How? Why? To what end?


That’s what Stealing America is about. Put another way: It’s about the theft, stupid. (Translation for libs/progressives/Democrats: It’s about the theft, stupid.)

As D’Souza painstakingly documents and explains, libs/progressives/Democrats are nothing less than a “crime network” focused on plundering America’s wealth while they line their own pockets. D’Souza calls it “wealth confiscation.” And libs/progressives/Democrats – Theftistas (my word, not his) – have it down to an art form. Just like the criminal gangsters he met in a San Diego confinement center while serving an eight-month sentence for violating campaign finance laws.

Using “fairness” and “social justice” and other con artist scams, Theftistas seek to re-orient the “fairness” scale via ever-expanding government and stealing rights from one demographic in favor of another. Examples of Theftisa ops? The Bureaus of Land Management and Indian Affairs. The EPA. IRS. FAA. Black Lives Matter. And so on.

The cast and characters may vary, but the basic storyline remains the same: theft. Theftistas confiscate what’s yours and “redistribute” it to someone else by legislative fiat, without your consent, while they line their own pockets in the process

D’Souza calls it “democratic theft.” He exposes it in 12 searing chapters.

“Democratic theft” is people robbing themselves. It’s when one segment of society “forcibly confiscates” the resources of another group through its elected leaders. It’s what Theftistas do. It’s what keeps them in power. What’s their end game? According to D’Souza, Theftistas are bent on stealing one of the most valuable commodities the world has ever seen: America. The main obstacle to their shakedown scam is the United State Constitution.

In general, explains D’Souza, this system of theft prohibition worked well for the better part of two centuries. Until progressives began to dismantle it. Progressive hostility to the founding documents and principles many puzzle some. But it’s not hard to understand. “Progressives” dislike American founding documents and principles for the same reason criminals dislike anti-theft statutes: they cramp their style.

That “style” includes theft that operates through the democratic process. It “relies on the Machiavellian division of society between the rich and the rest of us, and giving the rest of us a license to loot the so-called one percent,” writes D’Souza. “What I’m referring to does not require daily activity. In fact, it requires little more than casting a vote every two or four years. Otherwise you can sit around, watch TV, and collect your free stuff.”

While posing as the champions of fairness and compassion, Theftistas insist that we have an obligation to repent and make good on what we’ve stolen (land, labor, wealth, etc.). They do it by stealing from the productive and redistributing assets to their political allies. Of course they grab a cut of the goods in the process while maintaining power and calling the shots. (Can you say, “Clinton Foundation”?)

What does “democratic theft” look like and how does it work? D’Souza lays it out in Chapter 5, History for Profit: The Reparations Scam. History for profit is not a legitimate basis for extracting wealth from productive people and using it to give people stuff for free, writes D’Souza. He continues:

America doesn’t owe anyone a living, and the left’s project to create a dependent class in this country, living off the public weal, is itself, unjust, immoral, and demeaning. While pretending to restore stolen goods, the left is engaging in its own form of theft.”

I love this guy. But wait. It gets better.

Chapter 6, Things That Keep Progressives Awake at Night, deftly destroys the progressive “greed and self” and “inequality” pitches. Both are based on “the hidden implications that progressives care deeply about the motives that go into wealth creation and also into the social affects of wealth distribution, while their critics don’t.” D’Souza cries foul and proves it. In spades.

Gathering speed, D’Souza launches into Chapter 7, You Didn’t Build That: The Society-Did-It Scam. He lays out the well-worn Theftista dogma that society, not business or entrepreneurs, create wealth. And government, not business, gets things made and done. The author then proceeds to eviscerate that flawed paradigm, plank-by-plank. He works the numbers and does the math, including examples like the now-discredited Obama shell game, aka: the “stimulus package” of 2008-2009.

Public domain

In Chapter 8, Silver Spoons and Genetic Lotteries: The Lucky Luciano Scam, D’Souza takes on the First Family of Corruption: Bill and Hillary Clinton. These two make Luciano look like a piker. D’Souza dismantles the “fairness” farce the Clintons and their allies have peddled for years. It’s the progressive notion that the fruits of your labor aren’t yours but the government’s, and should therefore be pooled into a huge government reservoir where they can then be redistributed, “minus the usual administrative charge.”

Something you’ll never hear from Theftistas or their willing lackeys in the lamestream media is exposed in chapter 9, The Godfather: Saul Alinksy’s Art of the Shakedown. In this chapter D’Souza describes how the “Alinsky method” was “the hidden force behind the 2008 economic meltdown.” Contrary to the myth trotted out by progressives, the meltdown wasn’t a result of Wall Street ‘greed’ or those eeeeevil big banks. It was caused by government and activist pressure on banks and banking agencies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to alter their lending and loan guarantee practices. Can you say, “sub-prime loans”? Or “ACORN”?

D’Souza dives deeper. He says that for Alinsky, “democratic policies are basically a mechanism of legal extortion, justified by appeals to justice and equality.”

Ring any bells?

And while Alinsky believed that activists shouldn’t become part of government, D’Souza notes that two of Alinksy’s star pupils would take his techniques “into the innermost corridors of power.” Not as outside agitators. But as “inside power brokers.” Those two con artists extraordinaire are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Continues D’Souza:

“If Alinsky had survived, he could have taken justified pride for his role in being their guiding star, their Godfather. To a considerable degree, he was the one who taught them how to steal America.”

Chapters 10 and 11 are Barack and Hillary: The Education of Two Con Artists and The Envy Triangle: Shaking Down the Wealth Creators, respectively. Dubbing Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton “our larcenous duo,” D’Souza pulls no punches. He details how and why Obamacare is a classic Ponzi scheme. Brutally brilliant, D’Souza’s analysis of Hillary the Consummate Con Artist is masterful. He explains why/how the Marquise de Corruptocratia exploited discontent and envy to recruit political allies so she could try to “pull off the biggest heist ever imagined: theft of the accumulated wealth of America.” Continues D’Souza:

 Why try to extract money and benefits from corporations and government when you can use government power – including the FBI, the police, and the IRS – to extract money and benefits from the private sector and from the taxpayer? Hillary, in other words, figured out a way to steal America.

Obama takes center stage in Chapter 11, The Envy Triangle. D’Souza explains that Obama’s “fairness” demands are attempts to erase inequalities based on merit while demonizing and diminishing those who are productive. He also outlines how the bogus invocation of “fairness” and “justice” is a “transparent cover for systematic theft” and “the will to power” (Nietzsche.) Explains D’Souza:

“In Obama’s America, the wealth creators are greedy, selfish, and materialistic while the wealth stealers are the most morally wonderful people in the country. …

Notes D’Souza, “Obama specializes in fostering and mobilizing the resentment of others. He is not a community organizer; he’s a resentment organizer.”

Sound familiar?

D’Souza goes on to detail how Obama, Hillary, and the Democratic Party harness the “resentment industry.” This includes academics, journalists, and some Hollywood types. He describes how the “triangular alliance of envy” seeks to broker the envy of ordinary citizens into economic and power gains for themselves.

Sound familiar again?

Chapter 12 is the final chapter. Cracking the Con: Restoring the Productive Society, is a clarion call to action for all freedom-loving, Constitution-defending patriots. Writes D’Souza:

“It’s time to wake up, open our eyes, get on our feet, and shoot down this con. That means halting the Obama con and repudiating the Hillary con, but it also means closing down the whole operation that goes by the name of progressivism or, alternatively, the Democratic Party.”

D’Souza offers four steps for thwarting the “criminal operation” that is the Democratic Party. I’ll let you read that on your own. (The 2016 elections were a start. Tuesday’s Republican wins in Georgia and South Carolina kept the ball rolling.)

In the closing pages, D’Souza affirms that conservatives “are the true liberals” because conservatives are conserving the spirit of the American Revolution, which was a liberal revolution in the classic sense of the term. Writes D’Souza:

“Progressive Democrats are not liberals; they are the descendants of the thieves of old. They are the ghosts of corrupt aristocrats, self-serving Brahmins, and extortionist mafia dons. They are also the modern-day American equivalent of despots, autocrats, and bureaucrats… who use their offices to gain power and accumulate money.”

“In short,” concludes the author, “they are the criminals and we (conservatives) are the crime fighters.”

In Stealing America, D’Souza sets out his case against Theftistas with biting wit and razoresque insight. He pulls back the curtain on lib/progressive/Democrat corruption and greed, expertly exposing them as the frauds, hypocrites and con artists they are. He obliterates the Theftista agenda, its ideological sycophants, and other useful idiots in the process.

If you don’t have a copy of this book, get one. Now would still be good. (You might want to brush up on your John Locke, James Madison, the Federalist Papers, Kafka, Machiavelli, and Adam Smith.) Throughout, D’Souza affirms that the main obstacle to democratic theft is the United States Constitution.

That’s why I now self-identify as an “ATC”: an Anti-Theft Conservative. If you’ve read this far, you’ll recognize that “ATC” and “constitutional conservative” are pretty much the same thing. “Anti-Theft Conservative” is just a bit more precise. It also has a nice ring to it, dontcha think?


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  1. It was an excellent movie as well. I think if we could tie up all leftist or Democrats and force them to watch this movie, (they would never read the book), I bet a full 25% would switch or at least stop blindly voting for these thefistas. We do have our own crop of thefistas in the Republican party you do realize, right.

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    1. Yes and yes! Saw the movie. Twice. Got the kids to watch it, too. Should be part of every high school curriculum. The book isn’t a light read. It requires some actual brain we activity. But it’s well worth the time.


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