And The Winners Are…

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Bray v.t. brayed, bray-ing. -n. 1. the loud, harsh cry of a donkey.

It’s no secret that Lefty lunacy has vaulted into the stratosphere lately. So I figured it may be time to launch a new feature: The Braying Jackass Awards.

Honorees must demonstrate galactic buffoonery, epic classlessness, hypocrisy, and/or sheer stupidity on a regular basis. Not necessarily in that order. Evidence of serial Foot-in-Mouth disease and poltroonery a plus.

Winners may include public officials from any party, at any level: local, state, or federal. Winners may be nominated from a wide variety of venues and options, including, but not limited to:

  • Braying politicians and policy wonks who just don’t know when to shut up
  • Talking head pundits and other media personalities
  • “News” networks and “journalists”
  • Hollywoodites or sports figures
  • Agencies or organizations (have fun with that one)

Talk about a target rich environment.

Our first Braying Jackass Award goes to:

Don’t make me explain this.

Runner up is this guy:

Wikimedia Commons – Public Domain

Don’t make me explain this either.

On the flip side, Soaring Eagle Awards are reserved for those who embody the finest of the American spirit – rugged individualism, generosity, courage and self-reliance. Also a willingness to stand firm in the face of overwhelming odds and/or adversity and hostility while remaining true to core convictions and First Principles.

Our first Soaring Eagle Award goes to the great State of Texas and to Texans.

Eight+ years of omni-victimhood and playing the Blame Game didn’t cow Texas when Hurricane Harvey hit. In fact, Texas showed us how it’s done.

 In addition to the heroic efforts of first responders, individual Texans looked out for each other. Helped strangers. Volunteered. Served meals. Took people in. Paddled canoes through dangerous waters to rescue children and pets. Reminded us what rugged individualism, indomitability, and independence look like. Post-Harvey, Texans came together, opened their hearts, rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Without coloring books for “grown-ups,” apparently. Like this:

And this:

The usual jerks, looters, and price gougers were also out in the Lone Star State. But a sign draped across a boarded-up, waterlogged house in Houston eclipses jerkism and epitomizes the Texas fighting spirit:

Bring it, Harvey.

How can anyone not love that?

Ordinary Americans responded to the natural disaster as Americans always respond, rolling up their sleeves, opening their hearts and their wallets. My Dad put it this way:

“Americans are the most generous people on God’s green earth. Always have been. Always will be.”

Right on, Dad.

The Braying Jackass and Soaring Eagle Awards may become regular features if they catch on. That’s up to you. Submit your nominee(s) via comment or at A sentence or two explaining your nomination  is appreciated but not required. Winners will be ‘drawn’ at random and are up to the sole discretion of Yours Truly.

Nominations are now OPEN.


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  1. That is a fine choice for the first winner Eowyn! Maxine Waters, the moron that just keeps on giving. On the Texas issue, I am saddened by the fact that we are surprised by their actions, (myself included in that). It is a sign of our times, I suppose, that this is not the norm; it should be and the the loot-o-crats should be the exception.

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