Washington Student Government Conference Raises Questions

Fall is a season of change. It’s when things get moving after summer. (See What I Did on My Summer Vacation – Sort Of.) Temperatures dip. School starts. If you’re part of student government in a community college within Washington state, this is also the season when you get to dive into some pretty nifty extracurricular stuff.

Like a statewide student government conference offering workshops on You’re not colorblind, you’re white! Understanding your Privilege and Targeting Ally/Accomplice Behaviors with an Anti-Racist Mindset. Understanding white privilege, white identity and white fragility. “Uncovering the harm that is done when white people say, ‘I don’t see color, I treat everyone the same.’” Whiteness as Property: Being Conscientious in Student Leadership. DACA Safe Spaces. (“A counselor will be available.”)

I kid you not.

According to a source who wishes to remain anonymous, these “workshops” were on the docket at a statewide Student Leadership Conference held September 6 – 8 in Pasco by CUSP, the Council for Unions and Student Programs. Here’s a look at the conference schedule. From the CUSP web site:

The Council for Unions and Student Programs (CUSP) is a Washington State group of student activities professionals dedicated to providing leadership development and campus life engagement strategies within the community and technical college system of Washington State.

Generally speaking, CUSP is made up of Deans, Directors, Coordinators and Program Advisers who work with college students to:

– be student government officers and fulfill the duties of those offices

– provide athletic team management to college athletic programs

– develop campus life activities that represent a spectrum of ideas

– hold space for social justice issues through equity and diversity centers

– manage physical campus spaces like conference centers and union buildings

– manage game centers and socialization spaces


The statewide conference included “every student government with every community college in Washington.” Quoting here:

The first day of the conference was all about bonds, unity, and family. We’re all the same here, races don’t matter, we’re all here for the same purpose… Then the second day we have to choose a workshop to go to. These are a few of the choices that stood out to me. The conference is meant to give us ideas and information on how to lead back home. But this is what comes up.”

Roll screen shots:

My source emphasizes that s/he isn’t trying to put anyone down by bringing this stuff to light. This individual also notes that these workshops weren’t mandatory. S/he says, “There were also a lot of good things to this conference and again these weren’t the only choices for workshops.”

But I have some questions. (You knew that was coming, right?) Like:

  1. Why are these “workshops” on the docket in the first place?
  2. Does CUSP get any taxpayer funding? If so, why?
  3. When will any of the following workshop “options” make it into a conference agenda?
  • How to Spot, Expose, and Counter Progressive Blathering in the Classroom
  • Anti-Christian Bigotry and Christophobia on Campus and What To Do About It
  • Why Fabian Socialist Utopianism Fails. Every. Time.
  • The New Blackshirts: Antifa, Anarcho-Fascists & Campus Blackmail
  • Understanding Anti-White Privilege and Snowflake Fragility
  • Founding Principles, The Rule of Law, and You
  • The Rights of Preborn Babies and Why They Matter
  • U.S. Citizens and Legal Immigrants Have ‘Dreams,’ Too
  • When You’re So ‘Open-Minded’ You Have Nothing But Wind Whistling Between Your Ears
  • How Judeo-Christian Values Made America Great and Can Do So Again, Given Half a Chance


Maybe they could inject Live from the House of DemLam: Desperadoes Part II for intermission?