‘Grab Bag II,’ Conniption Fits, & Clueless Cassowaries

Holding tight to whatever? Good. Cuz we’re going to go fast today, covering a bunch of random stuff. You might want to buckle up.

First: Repealing Obamacare. I support Graham-Cassidy, basically for the same reasons the Family Research Council and the Susan B. Anthony List have endorsed Graham-Cassidy. Their September 15 press release reads in part:

The Graham-Cassidy legislation would reapply to federal health care law the principle contained in the Hyde Amendment that abortion is not health care and should not be subsidized. It redirects taxpayer funding away from abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood and provides better state-based health insurance solutions for families than Obamacare. …

Also see: Graham-Cassidy Isn’t Obamacare Repeal, But Revisions Will Make It Palatable. Good enough for me. For now.

Is Graham-Cassidy perfect? Nope. But here’s a little newsflash for “full repeal” proponents and other nay sayers (Hi, Rand). Get real. Full repeal would be great. But it’s Not. Gonna. Happen. So your best bet is to find a place to start, get on board, and move the ball down the field from there. Savvy?  (Whaddya bet the GOP will figure out another way to seize defeat from the jaws of victory on this one, too?)

Second: Paging all illegal immigrants. The California ‘Sanctuary’ Express is now boarding. The line forms to the Left.



Dear Kook with a Nuke: Captain Kangaroo isn’t in the Oval Office anymore. New sheriff’s in town. Get used to it.

What $15/hour gets you (Grand Mound, WA):

If you want to know who NOT to vote for across Washington state this fall, check out the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund Endorsements.

Poor Anthony Weiner. If he lived in Montesano, he probably could’ve pled the “young and stupid” defense and wound up on city council. And file for re-election. Instead, the disgraced former congressman is looking at nearly two years in the Gray Bar Hotel. Poor dear.

The Trouble With Trimble – Part I

The Trouble With Trimble – Part 2

Where’s the page/link/resource on the county web site listing the members of county boards and commissions? The boards/commissions are public entities. Members are appointed by commissioners. Are their names a matter of national security? Askin’ for a friend.


If I own a company and my employees choose to “protest” on company time, on my dime, then I have two words for them:


Remember this the next time you overpaid spoiled brats pitch a collective conniption fit:

While we’re on the subject:

Following Up

Earlier this month I told you I’d contacted my three state legislators, all from the 24th LD, as well as Guv Jay-Jay regarding Antifa. I asked them when they’re going to publicly denounce these clowns. (I didn’t say it quite like that. But. You know.) In August, I  contacted Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell’s offices and asked what their stance is on Antifa. Ditto Rep. Derek Kilmer’s office (D-6th CD).

To date, I’ve heard back from exactly one office: Derek Kilmer’s. It was a phone call from a staffer, Rachel. I was unavailable when she called in response to my inquiry. So I returned her call within the hour. Haven’t heard a word since…

Best Movie of the Year?

Dunkirk, hands down. Featuring the incomparable Kenneth Branagh, the film chronicles what is perhaps the most heroic rescue in history. Pulled off almost entirely by volunteer civilians. I think I remembered to breathe during this movie. But I’m not sure. A riveting, remarkable true story:

Now. Our award series has caught on. Thanks for the nominations and suggestions. One faithful reader chimed in with a suggestion for another award honoring a bird so full of it, it can’t get off the ground.

I’ll do you one better. We’re now inducting honorees into the Order of the Clueless Cassowary. Membership is reserved for …. Well. Here’s our first inductee. You get the idea:

Free Republic

Close second is this idiot:

Flickr – Gage Skidmore

Enough said?