‘May I Have the Envelope Please?’

Today’s Soaring Eagle Award goes to Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and Capitol Police officer David Bailey. Bailey was part of Scalise’s security detail. By engaging the shooter, Bailey helped save not only Scalise’s life, but also the lives of everyone else who was on the baseball field that day.

Scalise returned to the House floor on Thursday amidst thunderous applause after surviving the June assassination attempt. Courageous, gracious, and insprational, this guy’s the Real Deal:

Today’s Braying Jackass Awardee was nominated by East County residents. Our winner is Montesano’s Tom Fredriksen “because of his semi-annual pontification. Half agreeing right (but everyone knows what is right) and half wrong when we can see through his ‘I know more than you’ or ‘I’m more right than you’ braying.”

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