Why I Stand 

Dear NFLers and other overpaid cry babies:

I’ve noticed that some of you poor oppressed multimillionaires are still suffering from delusions of grandeur. You seem to think the gridiron is a political bully pulpit. That fans cough up absurd amounts of dough so you can you diss our flag, national anthem, military, veterans, law enforcement, the country that blessed your socks off, and pretty much anyone who graduated from third grade because you’re *protesting*…. something.

Fine. I just thought I’d respond with a few reasons why I stand for the flag and the Star Spangled Banner. Among other things, I stand for:

  • Those who fought, bled, and died for the freedoms I enjoy (including your right to disagree and act like a jerk.)
  •  2,402 Americans who died at Pearl in ’41.
  • 412 emergency responders and 2,977 total lives lost on one Tuesday morning in September. For the passengers of Flight 93 who refused to be cowed by evil on 9/11. 
  • Those who run toward the sound of gunfire, putting themselves in harm’s way to protect and preserve others.
  • Friends and relatives who were and are law enforcement officers, fire fighters, EMTs, and members of all five service branches, both active duty and retired.

I stand because:

  • Mom and Dad taught me manners.
  • Respect and honor are more than words on a page.
  • Dad flew in B-17s with the Army Air Corps in WWII as a bombardier/navigator in the European Theatre. He was part of the Ploesti air raid (three-quarters of those guys never came home).
  • My father in law served with MacArthur’s forces in the Philippines, Leyte Gulf, and the jungles of New Guinea. He watched the Japanese surrender aboard the U.S.S. Missouri from a troop ship anchored in Tokyo Bay.
  • My husband served as an officer of Marines, Infantry.
  • remember “One small step for man.” Reagan, Gorbachev, and “tear down this wall.” Also the 1980 U.S. men’s hockey team and the Lake Placid Olympics.
  • I’ve read the founding documents. Ditto Twelve Years a Slave. Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Ayn Rand. Moses. Jefferson, Hamilton, and Madison. Pasternak, Kafka, Solzhenitsyn, and Bastiat.

I stand not because America is perfect or hasn’t made mistakes. I stand because on balance, America and American principles of individual rights, personal liberty and responsibility, free market capitalism, and limited government are great forces for good worldwide. 

I stand because even with its flaws and foibles, America is still the noblest, freest, most generous and greatest nation on God’s green earth.

And because:

So why don’t you all – oh, I dunno – stow your on-field whining and belly-aching? Man up. Get off your sorry keisters, grow up and stand up!


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  1. Well said Eowyn. I must say that I have come to the conclusion that these athletes do not need our disdain, but our pity. Can you imagine having so much and being so ungrateful? How much pain they must have to be in, because without gratitude, there can be no happiness. As you have pointed out, these guys have been blessed physically, materially, and in so many way that I cannot comprehend; and yet they are missing any real meaning in their lives. The giant hole that only Jesus can fill is still empty, and they have choosen to believe all the lies and to try and fill that hole with hate and ingratitude. It won’t work, and until they can see this, we will still have so much more than they may ever know. But God is good and He can turn their hearts and help them to become as blessed as you and I.

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  2. From Patriot Post:
    Observations: “I have long wondered how those who are always railing for employment quotas in the workplace would react if the NFL and NBA, which are 70-80% black, were forced to begin fielding teams that are more in line with the nation’s population, which is only 13% black.” —Burt Prelutsky

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  3. More great information:

    Google NFL arrest records confirms. Interesting…

    If you’re wondering why NFL players are acting out against injustice, it’s because many are criminals and criminals always blame someone else.
    NFL ARREST DATABASE, by Team, and Number of Arrests Since 2000:
    Minnesota Vikings 42
    Cincinnati Bengals 40
    Denver Broncos 36
    Tennessee Titans 33
    Miami Dolphins 28
    Kansas City Chiefs 28
    Jacksonville Jaguars 27
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27
    Cleveland Browns 26
    San Diego Chargers 25
    Indianapolis Colts 24
    Chicago Bears 23
    Seattle Seahawks 20
    New Orleans Saints 20
    Washington Redskins 18
    Oakland Raiders 18
    Baltimore Ravens 18
    Carolina Panthers 18
    Green Bay Packers 17
    Pittsburgh Steelers 17
    Atlanta Falcons 16
    San Francisco 49ers 16
    Detroit Lions 15
    New England Patriots 15
    Buffalo Bills 14
    Dallas Cowboys 13
    New York Giants 13
    Arizona Cardinals 12
    New York Jets 11
    Philadelphia Eagles 10
    Houston Texans 9
    St Louis Rams 8
    Total 656
    Data source: San Diego Union-Tribune NFL Arrest Database

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  4. Weighing in elsewhere, one reader observed that two words in this post’s final sentence – “grow up” – constitute an “inarticulate insult.” My bad. How ’bout: “So, to the overpaid, narcissistic, ungrateful, myopic, Pecksniffian spoiled brats who need mommies very badly: get off your sorry keisters and stand up!”

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