BOOM! D’Souza’s Latest Destroys Well-Worn Lefty Narrative

He’s baaaaack.

Fresh off Stealing America: What Criminal Gangs Taught Me About Obama, Hillary, and the Democratic Party (2015), Dinesh D’Souza is loaded for bear. His latest, The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left, takes aim at some of the Left’s most cherished fictions – like the Democratic Party is the party of emancipation, equality and civil rights, and the Republican Party is made up of “racists,” “Nazis” and “fascists.”

D’Souza round-files that horse hooey faster than you can say “Yvette Felacra.”  (But really. Why would you? Side note: The Screeching Gnome of Berkeley has no idea what “fascist” even means. Not that that really matters…)

Tracing the Left’s use of Gleichschaltung and Reductio ad Hitlerum, D’Souza defines the competing “isms” used by Left to denigrate and hamstring its ideological opponents in order to deflect attention from their own failed policies and politics. Not to mention the latest Democrat Corruptocratia du Juor, if you’re keeping track as they go by.

Additionally, D’Souza offers a searching examination of fascist and Nazi ideologies, showing who really pursues and uses fascist and Nazi tactics today. He also demonstrates how and why the Left’s attempts to pin “fascist” and “Nazi” on the Right fails.

Along the way, D’Souza illustrates how “Progressives” and the Democratic Party have switched con cards – from the race card to the Nazi card.  He shows how and why the Left’s collective meltdown over the Trump presidency epitomized by this brain surgeon spun into the Not My President, BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), and the Refuse Fascism movements,, fueled largely by people who need mommies very badly. Also how said meltdowners seek to de-legitimize the Trump presidency by labeling it, among other things, a “fascist regime.”

One shining example of the above is Sunsara Taylor. This rocket scientist insists that “Criminal in Chief” and “Nazi” Trump should be driven from office with “mass political protest and resistance.” In between rabies shots, apparently. (“Criminal in Chief”? Where was this woman during the Obama regime? Doubtless she’s out “protesting” the Marquise de Kleptocratia, Uranium One, FusionGPS and the Clinton Foundation as we speak. And a kick-back, paddy-whack, give-the-hog-a-bone…That’s not a typo.)

Where was I? Oh, yeah.

In The Big Lie, D’Souza also exposes:

  • The Left’s use of “premeditated violence” as a “political strategy.”
  • Twisted Leftist logic that says since a Trump vote is “a vote for the promulgation of violence… and a fascist threat to their lives and liberties,” protestors (read: fascist street thugs) have no choice, they say, “but to use force to protect themselves.” Like (“Are you really a professor?”)
  • How the Left uses bogus charges of “fascist” and “Nazi” to perpetrate violence against the Right and anyone perceived to be aligned with or supportive of the Trump presidency or policies.
  • How the KKK was the domestic terrorist arm of the Democratic Party.
  • How, faced with the loss of its Nazi card, the Left has no more cards to play and is exposed as “bigoted, thuggish, self-aggrandizing thieves of our lives and liberties.”

This is mostly in chapter one. Nine subsequent chapters include Falsifying History, Mussolini’s Journey, A Democratic Party Secret, The Original Racists, Disposable People, American Fuhrers, Politics of Intimidation, and perhaps my personal favorite, Denazification.

By the way, can you name the philosophical leader of fascism (no fair Googling)? A tireless advocate for the centralized Leviathan state, this guy provided the groundwork for American “progressivism.” Hint: It’s not Benito. No. It’s. Not. And I’ll bet you’ve never heard of him. There’s a reason for that (see page 51).

Meanwhile, in nine searing chapters D’Souza:

  • Spells out the differences between “fascism” and “Nazism.” (Hi, Screeching Gnome & Co.)
  • Discusses how and why Mussolini and Hitler admired the Democratic Party.
  • How Planned Parenthood founder and Lefty darling Margaret Sanger inspired Nazi racial theorists, and how Sanger’s eugenics now parades under the “pro-choice” banner.
  • Describes how fascism is actually a phenomenon of the Left, “a cousin of socialism and progressivism.”
  • Shows why the anti-free speech, anti-capitalist, anti-religious-liberty, pro-violence, pro-abortion Democratic Party is a national socialist (Nazi) party “in everything but name.”
  • How the Left deploys Nazi tactics of censorship, intimidation, and violence while pretending to fight Nazism.
  • Nimbly turns the tables on the Democratic Left and shows that they are the real fascists. Then he tells us how to expose and defeat them.


Chapter 6, Disposable People, is worth singling out. It chronicles the ideological roots of the war on the unborn and Sanger’s blatant racism and left-wing eugenics, which were “cut from the same cloth” as Nazi eugenics:

“While the old progressives relished their association with Hitler,” writes the D’Souza, “progressives since World War II have worked assiduously to cover their tracks and bury all connections between their cause and that of the Nazis.” But Sanger, like Hitler, “believed that reproductive choices must serve the larger interests of society and the species.”

Now. Remember Josef Mengele, the notorious Angel of Death of Auschwitz? His “research” was legal. It was sanctioned by the state. It was for a progressive cause. So from his point of view, writes D’Souza, “What was there to be ashamed of?” Now again. Ask your average “pro-choice” advocate what happened to Mengele after the war? Answer: This murderous monster fled to Argentina, where he became an abortionist.

D’Souza closes out the chapter on page 164 with:

The unborn child of today, just like the slave of old, is considered a tool for someone else’s benefit and convenience. He or she is a non-person or at least an entirely disposable person. In this respect, the lethal and dehumanizing Nazi mindset lives on (in the “pro-choice” camp. My addition).

Chapter 8, Politics of Intimidation, is also noteworthy. Sections include Brownshirt Tactics 101, The Deceitful Origin of “Anti-Fascism,” George Soros’s Venture Thuggery, and Progressive Gleichschaltung. (You may want to read up on your Martin Heidegger, Theodor Adorno, and the Frankfurt School. If you have time, check out: Heidegger, Fascism, and Evergreen State College.)

Meticulously researched and thoroughly documented, this piquant, scholarly work of 247 pages includes 30 pages of end notes and a 12-page Index. Also note that while The Big Lie isn’t a light read, it is an important one. (You may want to brush up on your Hayek, Bastiat, Marcuse, and Gentile. A little Alexandr Solzenhitsyn and Richard Hofstader wouldn’t hurt, either.)


So. The next time some Lefty trots out the “fascist/Nazi” card against the Right, you can assume that: 1) Their grasp of history and philosophy doesn’t extend beyond the expiration date on a carton of milk; 2) They’ve been appropriately indoctrinated by the usual suspects; 3) They haven’t had an original thought since Woodrow Wilson or FDR; 4) They’re nipping heavily from the Fake News sherry. And don’t get out much. Probably all of the above. After reading this book, however, you’ll be prepared to turn, pivot, and pin that Big Lie exactly where it belongs – on the Democratic donkey.

Like “Carlos.” I think I love this guy: