Year-End Wrap Up

Hello Friends and Happy New Year!

The ball is about ready to drop in the Big Apple. Merry-makers everywhere will soon ring in the new year. Time for a quick look at our top posts and most popular topics of 2017, followed by a word about Twitter.

Nutshell: a total of 88 posts over eight active months. The most popular post reading day is Friday (30% of views). The most popular hour is 6:00 p.m. 

The Top 12 Conservelocity posts of 2017 were, in descending order:

  1. Is Aberdeen Mayor Courting Conflict of Interest in Tesla Deal? (picked up by Teslarati,
  2. Russ Burke Lawsuit Over
  3. State Legislator$ Talk $, ‘Vexacious’ at County
  4. GUEST AUTHOR: Montesanoans Chime In On Roundabout, Rest Stop
  5. GUEST AUTHOR: Stop the Train Wreck in Montesano!
  6. Dear “Women’s March”-ers: No, You Don’t
  7. Mayor to Montesanoans on Roundabout, Rest Stop: ‘Sit Down and Shut Up’?
  8. “TNT” at County Commission
  9. Why I’m No Longer a “Constitutional Conservative”
  10. GUEST AUTHOR: Mayor or Monarch in Montesano?
  11. Remembering Ray Brown
  12. Is Patty Murrary an Idiot?

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Most Frequent Commenters:

Em, Kent, and pst4USA

One last thing. As you know by now, President Trump signed the historic tax overhaul bill just before Christmas. It includes a repeal of probably the most odious portion of Obama’s signature legislation, the individual mandate. About time.

Note to “Full Repealers”: Folks, full repeal wasn’t gonna happen. It was a nice idea, but “full repeal” was a pipe dream right out of the gate. Not gonna say “I told you so,” but I did tell you so… (See: Did ‘Conservatives’ Miss the Boat on Healthcare Bill?)

Did I say “one last thing”? Okay. I fibbed. Second last thing: Twitter Dump.

Did you hear about the latest Twitter purge? It began on December 18. Lots of Conservative tweeters jumped ship to The Other Platform.

Explains Truth Revolt:

In anticipation of the Twitter purge, some users have switched to using Gab — a competitive social media outlet which states it “champions free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of information online.”

The Other Platform (TOP) welcomes everyone. Including those I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. It’s miniscule compared to the Twitter behemoth. But the TOP playing field is level. And rather than some Lefty bigot determining which account/content clears posting muster, The Other Platform puts the responsibility for muting, unfollowing, or otherwise dumping objectionable accounts/users on The Individual User.  You’re also allowed 300 characters per message, more than twice the usual Twitter limit.

Notes Squawker:

It will take time for this daring young platform to catch up with Twitter’s numbers, but it’s clear that people are giving up on Twitter and their outlandish rules of self conduct.

“Daring young platform.” I’m likin’ the sound of that. How ’bout you?  

 Best Wishes for a Healthy, Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2018!