City of Montesano Issues ‘Decision Letter’ on KD&S ‘Cease & Desist’ Appeal

There has been much fooforah surrounding a parcel of Montesano property located at S. 10th Street and W. Pioneer. Complaints about health, safety, and the environment have been raised. See: Mysterious Maladies in Monte?.  For additional background, see: What’s Up in Monte Today?

The City of Montesano recently issued a “Decision Letter” to the property owner, KD&S Environmental. Dated January 5, 2018, the letter is signed by Dan Wood in his capacity as Mayor Pro Tem. Obtained via public record request today, a copy of the letter appears below.

Here are the salient portions:

Based on the zoning of the parcels that are the subject of this decision, and the current use of those parcels, City staff has determined the current use of the parcels in question is not consistent with MMC 17.20. As such, you are hereby notified to cease and desist all non-conforming uses of the above referenced parcels no later than February 8, 2018. In addition, you must immediately cease any nuisances (such as noise and odor) that may be caused by non-conforming uses.

Wood notes that this action “specifically addresses compliance with the City zoning code,” and that complaints related to health, safety, and the environment “do not fall under the jurisdiction of the City zoning code.” He also points out that “many, if not all of the complaints have been investigated by applicable local and state agencies.”

Here’s the full text of the January 5 letter:

Dan Wood ‘Cease and Vacate’ Letter to KD&S – 05 January 2018, page 1

Dan Wood ‘Cease and Vacate’ Letter to KD&S – 05 January 2018, page 2

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12 thoughts on “City of Montesano Issues ‘Decision Letter’ on KD&S ‘Cease & Desist’ Appeal

      1. I misspoke. I think maybe a blog post. The one talking about health issues, neighbors health issues, the daycare closing.


      2. Please see two prior posts: “Mysterious Maladies in Monte?” (Dec. 30) and “What’s Up in Monte Today?” (Jan. 5). Both appear as links in the first paragraph of this post.


  1. I’ve been reading them. I am the daycare owner that is being discussed. My daycare is still open! Just at a bigger location. We moved to house that was bigger. Not because of any illness. There was NEVER any illness.


    1. Yes. Thank you. That point was made at the conclusion of the Jan. 5 post, “What’s Up in Monte Today?” Perhaps it needs to be reiterated. Loudly.


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