Rep. Derek Kilmer Responds on FISA Memo

I’m old enough to remember the Watergate break-in, Tricky Dick & Co., and eighteen minutes of missing tape, etc. (Don’t tell anyone.) I saw All The President’s Men. Read the book. Twice. Ditto The Pentagon Papers.

So you may understand why I’ve spent the last week or so on the floor, laughing my head off over Democrat spin related to what may be the biggest political scandal in years a la The Dreaded FISA Memo. (Russian bots? Seriously?)

This thing makes Magruder, Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell, Dean & Co. look like a bunch of pikers. It’s like Saturday Night at the Bijou. Only with bad lighting.

Watching Democrats launch into all-out panic mode over The Dreaded FISA Memo was falling-down hilarious. Adam Schiff? He reminds me of Gilligan. Only without the Skipper.

Meanwhile, just how stupid does the Bijou think we are?

Pretty stupid, apparently. Take Representative Kum Ba Yah. Remember him? He’s made a career out of wagging his finger at the other side of the aisle over “political games.” If I hear one more Pecksniffian sermon from Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-6th CD) on that subject, I’m going to barf.

Barf alert (don’t say I didn’t warn you)

Enter Rep. Derek Kilmer, affectionately dubbed Rep. Kum Ba Yah.

I phoned Kilmer’s office on Monday morning, January 29, hours before the House Permanent Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) was set to vote on releasing The Dreaded FISA Memo. I later read the memo on-line, by the way. It’s pretty straight-forward. Democrat Chicken Little-ing about “the sky is falling” on national security issues per this memo is a bunch of hooey.

Flip side: After being MIA on “national security” for the last eight years-ish, Democrats have suddenly discovered the topic! Oh, happy day!

Anyway, I told the nice lady who answered the phone in Kilmer’s office that I had a three-word message for Rep. Kum Ba Yah (I used his real name): Release. The. Memo. She took down my contact information because “the representative will want to follow up with you.”

Fine. Here’s The Representative’s response (dontcha love “responses” that begin with “Dear Friend”? Can you say, “boiler plate?” Kilmer’s response is undated, but arrived in my email this afternoon):

Can’t read that? Not to worry. I’ve got you covered. Here it is in PDF: Kilmer Response on FISA Memo – PDF

Got your air sick bag handy? Good. Yea, verily. How someone can take so long to say so little is the stuff of legend. By the way, it has everything to do with the Mueller investigation. Hello?

Surely the 6th CD can do better than this? Cuz guess what? Rep. Kum Ba Yah is up for re-election this year. Yeah, baby!

Know what else I remember? Castle Grande.Whitewater. Cattle futures. Travelgate. Rose Law Firm billing records. Madison Guaranty. Jim McDougal. Webb Hubbell, Vince Foster, Johnny Chung, and a cast of thousands. An unsecured private email server. Tip toe down Memory Lane with: A Brief Guide to Clinton Scandals From Travelgate to Emailgate.

… and the beat goes on…

Meanwhile, with regard to the apparent collusion between Obama’s FBI, the DOJ, and the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign per the memo: How high does it go? Should someone be going to jail? Who and why?

Maybe they can blame it on a bad You Tube video?


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  1. And you kept it down? I ate lunch 4 hours ago and could feel it rising! I to wrote the good Rep and have heard nothing, but then I didn’t expect I would. Guess next time I will call. His email today was so full of blame–Nunes, etc so he had to find several problems to lay blame on all of them.


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