Constitution Defenders, 2A Champions Flood Olympia

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve. – Attributed to Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto regarding the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor

Driving rain that came down in sheets didn’t dampen the spirits of freedom-loving Washingtonians at Saturday’s Stand For Your Rights Rally in Olympia. Flooding the capitol steps under a downpour, Constitution and Second Amendment defenders spoke with one voice. And that voice was a giant roar (see video below). Via Americans for America – Washington:

It is time to stand up and be counted. We will not sit idly by and let our 2nd Amendment rights be taken away from us one inch at a time any longer.

The invitation includes:

“Our Constitution is under attack and we can no longer afford to remain on the sidelines. Come show your support for the liberties recognized and protected in the Constitution, especially the right that protects all other rights: the 2nd Amendment.”

Interests or groups on site included hunters, veterans, “III%-ers,” the American Legion, NRA members, and the Tacoma Narrows Tea Party. Also moms and dads. Teens and kids. Grandpas and grandmas. Petitions for I-1621 allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry on school campuses were also available.

Event Coordinator Khristopher Kord encouraged about 300 soggy stalwarts to engage in the culture war that includes defending God-given constitutional rights. “The time is now,” he said. “We’ve been keeping our mouths shut because we’re afraid of being judged when we talk about God and freedom. No more!”

Refering to anti-2A Leftista agitators, Kord asked,”What happened to the activist community that they’re literally marching to give up their rights?”

Regarding allowing teachers and administrators to arm themselves post-Parkland he said, “This is about rights and choices and being able to make decisions for themselves.”

Candidates on hand included Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer. He’s running against Maria Cantwell. “At what point do we say ‘Enough!’he asked. “We need a (peaceful) revolution in this state,” he said. Instead of seeing Washington as a “lost cause” – hopelessly Left-leaning – Gibson urged attendees to get active in the fight to protect our rights and prevent any further erosion of same. Instead of seeing Washington as a lost cause, “How about people see Washington as a beacon of hope and light and freedom for the rest of the country?”

Sen. Phil Fortunato (R-31st LD) delivered a fiery speech. Per the new Dem majority in the Senate, he said, “This year it was like the gates of hell opened.” Whenever he’s asked if he’s going to give back money he gets from the NRA, Fortunato said he responds, “Hell, no! I send them more money than they send me!”

About 300 activists stood in pouring rain for hours to rally for their rights.
Peggy Hutt of the Tacoma Narrows Tea Party talks to U.S. Senate candidate Joey Gibson.

“Everyone of us has a responsibility to stand up for our rights,” declared the senator. “You don’t have to be rude or nasty. Just ask (the other side,) ‘and then what?’ He also supports arming school teachers and administrators.

Hosted by the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans, the evening rally in Olympia was one of scores of similar events nationwide.

We arrived about 75 minutes prior to the 5:30 kick-off in Olympia. Holding umbrellas, American and other flags and signs, people were already gathering and circulating. Several open-carried.

And Nobody. Freaked. Out.

Local event organizer Kristopher Kord wrote on the group’s Facebook page:

We are not getting together to impress each other. We are showing up to demonstrate that we are regular people, who love our constitutional rights, and especially our 2nd Amendment rights, and exercise those rights in our daily lives, by “bearing arms.”

There were no “counter-protesters.” No legislators from Grays Harbor showed up.

Voter registration drives, networking, education, outreach, and other strategies were discussed.

Responsible gun owners are clearly sick and tired of being blamed for every deranged lunatic who goes on a shooting spree. Ditto being demonized, pilloried and condemned for committing the heinous act of – gasp! – legal gun ownership. They’re also sick of the foaming-at-the-mouth anti-NRA vitriol and venom spewed by no-nothing punks and haters like David Camera Hogg and his sidekick Emma Gonzalez.

Another Olympia rally is scheduled for next Saturday, April 21, at the capitol.

The ‘sleeping giant’ is awake. And believe you me, it is resolute. Like this guy.

Mark Robinson wasn’t in Olympia today. But his comments reflect the sentiments of most rally attendees. This guy is seriously AWESOME! Make it go viral:


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  1. Thank you my friend for attending and writing so wonderfully on our event! Great to see you and hubby too…as always…but we must do it more often!


  2. Sorry I could not make it, tyring to recover from pnuemonia and thought getting soaked would not be a good idea. I was there in spirit though.


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