WA Primary Stirs Up ‘Trick Memory,’ Cream Cheese

I have one of those ‘trick memories.’ I can remember a conversation from five years ago word-for-word without breaking a sweat. Or every ingredient on the back of a cereal box. In alphabetical order. Other times I can’t remember what I had for lunch.

Filing week is history. It stirred up that there ‘trick memory’ a la races at the county and U.S. Senate level. Like:

Grays Harbor County Commissioner, District 3.

Incumbent Vickie Raines is running unòpposed for a second term.

Both local parties did the smart thing for once, resisting the temptation to throw challengers into this race whose main qualification is the ability to fog a mirror. Nothing like wasting time, money, and effort running the equivalent of a cart pony against Secretariat.

PCO Filings

Got the list from Scott Turnbull at County Elections yesterday. Looks like Grays Harbor Rs and Ds both fielded a whopping 17 PCO candidates this cycle, with very little new blood.

U.S. Senate

One of these days incumbent Maria Can’twell (that’s not a typo) may get a real job. But don’t count on it.

What makes this race interesting – or amusing, depending on how you look at it – is the field heading into the August primary. I mean, have you seen the filings for this seat? I’m waiting for Rod Serling to show up.

Former WSRP Chair Susan Hutchison filed to run against Can’twell late last Friday, the last day to file. Doubtless Suze will advance to the General. (That ambassadorship appointment didn’t pan out?)

No one needs to be unseated like Can’twell. But Susie Cream Cheese? She’s no Conservative. In fact, SCC is as ‘Establishment’ as they come.

Don’t think so? All you gotta do is remember, among other things, how Cream Cheese Babe treated Cruz delegates at the 2016 RNC convention in Cleveland. Or how this idiot treated Ted Cruz at same.

I do.

We may be stuck with Cream Cheese Babe in November. But Primaries are sweet. Unlike the General, where you’re often stuck with Tweedledee or Tweedledum as options, you can vote your conscience – and your memory – in the Primary.

Which is why I won’t be voting for Cream Cheese Babe in August.

How’s your breakfast cereal?


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