What’s REALLY Driving Dem Outrage Over Family Separations at Border?

Outrage over children being separated from their parents while attempting to cross the border illegally burst onto the national scene this week like a meteor falling from the heavens. The flames of righteous indignation have been running at fever pitch ever since, with Democrats pulling out all the stops to make political hay out of the issue.

While Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy on the matter may be a bridge too far, Barack Obama, patron saint of sleight of hand, did much the same. So why the Democratic outrage now? (For additional background, see the June 18 White House Press Briefing.)

Is this really about a “moral and humanitarian crisis” at the border? (Hillary Clinton decrying a “moral crisis”? Like she’d know?) Has the Party of Debt, Dependency and Detroit suddenly grown a conscience? The party of abortion on demand suddenly cares about babies? Wanna buy a beachfront bridge in Barstow?

The answer to all of the above is basically: give me a break. So what’s up with all the Pecksniffian sermonizing on the subject from the blue side of the aisle?

Well. Look at the timing. Doesn’t the fact that family detention centers, et.al. are just now coming under Democratic fire seem a teensy-weensy bit peculiar? Disingenuous?

At the risk of linking arms with rank cynicism, one must wonder if this sudden attack of conscience on the part of Democrats isn’t really an attempt to create a diversion? Focus attention away from something so potentially devastating to them and their patron saint that they’ve manufactured a “crisis” of epic proportions?

To wit: If Dems are really concerned about families being separated at the border, then where have they been for the last several years? (Pro tip: Whenever Democrats start a fire like this, look for what they’re trying to hide behind the smoke.)

Odd, isn’t it, that the Democratic Outrage Machine didn’t hit fever pitch until this week? Like, just a few days after the Justice Department’s IG report on Comey, the FBI, and the 2016 election came out?

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Also a coincidence: 1) Powering up outrage as the Mueller probe and the “Russian collusion” narrative fold like a cheap suit while Democrats try to run out the clock on congressional investigations into DOJ and FBI corruption; 2) Dems likewise maneuvering to retake the House in November and bring said investigations to a screeching halt. Especially since additional evidence and the IG’s 500-page report may have huge ramifications for the mid-terms, the 3D Party, and their patron saints.

When fully divulged, the truth about FBI Trump haters and the Obama regime may very well make Watergate look like a garden party and Tricky Dick look like a piker.

We can’t have anyone see through that smoke now, can we?

So while Democrats shed fake crocodile tears at an IG report hearing over kids at the border and sleazy snake oil salesmen like Chuck Schumer and Patty Murray pretend to care about same, remember that these same people rejected a legislative fix. Then ask why?

Finally, no sane person with an ounce of decency wants to see families torn apart at the border or anywhere else. Even worse, however, is watching Democratic hucksters use such heart-rending scenes and situations as a shell game to score cheap politcal points.

For shame.


2 thoughts on “What’s REALLY Driving Dem Outrage Over Family Separations at Border?

  1. Hit the nail on the head again.

    CPS “rips” more kids from their mother’s arms (who have committed no crime), than ICE takes away from criminals.

    I should note that a Democrat appointed judge in California is the one who ruled children could not be held longer than 20 days with their arrested illegally entered parents and MUST be removed from them.

    Obama is on several sites in a video telling those who want to enter illegally to not bring children as they often wind up in sex trafficking, often as pay to smugglers.
    Todays LIberal, Socialist Democrats make me ill. Glad I am a recovering democrat.


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