What Did Rep. Derek Kilmer Say About This Dem?

Sorry to disappoint you. But I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the latest version of Chicken Little, aka: the Leftista meltdown over Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.* Except this: If Chuck Schumer and Pals are going to plant their opposition flag in stare decisis a la Roe, they may want to consider, to name a few:

Here are some more: 15 Supreme Court Decisions That Shredded the Constitution.

In other words, you Pecksniffian hypocrites, be careful what you wish for. And where you plant your flag.

That being said, I want to touch on something else today. Like Rep. Maxine Waters’ recent comments about harassing Trump supporters/administration officials:

I decided to ask my representative about that. So I sent this email to Rep. Derek Kilmer:

“When are you going to condemn Rep. Maxine Waters’s incendiary rhetoric, specifically her Saturday comments at a Los Angeles rally and during an MSNBC interview later the same day?

Here’s the screen shot of my June 27 email:

June 27, 2018 email to Rep. Kilmer

One sentence. One question.

I didn’t expect much in the way of a substantive response. Rep. Kum-By-Yah Kilmer never disappoints on that score. Here’s his July 9 response:

– or –

Kilmer Response on Waters 07.09.18

A Few Observations:

  • Dontcha love undated form letters addressed to “Dear Friend”? This often means the rep. has been contacted so many times on a given subject, he resorts to Fall Back Position #1: Boiler Plate Form Letter.
  • Democratic republic”? Really? (See para. 2.)
  • Nice dodge.
  • He never answered the question, did he? (I know. I’m shocked, too.)

As for the political theater regarding Brett Kavanaugh, grab some fried chicken. Cuz remember: The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

We know this is so because every Looney Lefty in the country says it is. And, hey. If you can’t trust a Leftista, who can you trust?

Take these college students, for example. These brain surgeons were against an imaginary nominee the president hadn’t even named yet. (Also known as “Monday” in Leftista circles.)

Reactionary group think. Also known as Who’s on First? Or in Leftista circles: Every day.

One last thing. The next time you hear some Leftista caterwauling about a Republican prez appointing a “right wing ideologue” – whatever that is – to the high court, just remember:



*I already did that at What’s Up With Democrat Meltdown Over Next SCOTUS Pick?

5 thoughts on “What Did Rep. Derek Kilmer Say About This Dem?

    1. Check the link to the PDF Works fine for me. If you have issues, holler. I’ll forward you his response.


  1. Obviously, you were not on Kilmer’s list of “talking to the folks down home” monthly tour of the 6th district. His two year (every two years) campaign tours are about all he does unless bragging about his co-sponsoring another anti-freedom bill counts. When will the people wake up to this worthless self-promoter of hot air?


  2. i ALSO AM SHOCKED HE DID NOT ANSWER YOU! They left out the original intrusion on the Constitution by the court, Marbury vs. Madison? (I an taking your word that he did not answer you, I was not able to read his response).


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