Why “We’re All in This Together” is Bogus


“We’re all in this together” is the China virus refrain du jour . But is it true? Valid? Well, that depends.


The answer may be “yes” if “We’re all in this together” is an expression of:


  • Solidarity and unity with first responders, public health workers, and those racing to find a cure or vaccine.
  • Joint frustration regarding the challenges and difficulties associated with the virus and government action stemming from same.
  • “Rally around the flag” patriotism similar to Americans’ response to 9/11 and other tragedies and challenges.


“We’re all in this together” goes off the rails when it slides into a “one-size fits all” kind of soggy slush. When it promotes collectivism rather than individualism. When it paints with a broad brush instead of fine lines. When it’s an expression of smug elitism.


Example: Texas is not Georgia. Kansas isn’t Kalifornia (that’s not a typo). Oklahoma City, OK and Honolulu, HI aren’t Poughkeepsie, NY or Hackensack, NJ. And Olympia isn’t Hartford. Or Salem. Or Sacramento, thank you very much.


Each state is different. With unique demographics. Population centers. Lifestyles. Housing. Transportation. Economies. Why are New York and New Jersey the “epicenter” of the coronavirus outbreak? One reason is because these states are densely populated and residents rely heavily on public transit. Another densely populated city, Seattle, was at the heart of the virus’s first outbreak in the U.S


But we’re not all New Yorkers. Nor Seattle-ites. Although we may sympathize with those hit hard in said regions, why are governors like Jay Inslee issuing Stay Home orders statewide? If you really wanted to nip the coronavirus in the bud, how ‘bout quarantining King or Snohomish Counties, pronto?


Another way to look at it: As of April 23, several Washington counties report confirmed coronavirus cases in either single digits or none at all. The virus hits urban centers harder than it hits rural areas, for obvious reasons.


So why are Lincoln, Skamania and Garfield Counties subject to the same draconian gubernational orders as King and Snohomish?


In this context, we are clearly notall in this together.”


On a related note, the response of blue state governors to the China virus was predictable. They’re effectively trying to “ban” it by banning and/or effectively shuttering pretty much everything else. You know the drill.


This is no accident. The action stems from the typical Leftista mindset: there’s a government solution to every ill (pun intended). Leftistas think it’s up to government to protect the peasants from themselves and their collective stupidity. It’s one reason why Democrat governors from Washington, Oregon and California were the first to impose draconian “stay home” orders and the like. It’s also why they are likely to be among the last to rescind, substantively revise, or otherwise lift said orders and prohibitions.


They just have to protect us from ourselves, okay? Because We, The People are obviously too stupid, selfish, or otherwise irresponsible to do so on our own. Ergo, Big Brother has to step in and do it for us. Like that’s not patronizing or anything.


Then there’s this idiot, eating gourmet ice cream out of a $24K freezer while other families are struggling to keep up with rent and peanut butter and jelly:


Among others, Steve Guest tweeted in response:

While Nancy Pelosi sits in her ivory tower in San Francisco, eating $13 dollar a pint ice cream out of her $24,000 fridge, she is cheering on Democrats for blocking coronavirus relief aid that has so far been distributed to 1.3 million small businesses that is about to run out. 

Consistent with the above, many of those suffering from Democratitis are also actively resisting lifting economy-crippling orders and getting people back to work and out of the house until 100% “safety” is ensured.


Good luck with that one, bub and bubbettes. Cuz there ain’t no such animal. Except in La La Land.


Meanwhile, average, every-day, hard-working Washingtonians continue to suffer, bearing the brunt of closed businesses and “non-essential” adjudications.


By the way, who decides what is and isn’t an “essential” business? Based on what? Because I’m pretty sure that every business owner and employee of same deems their business and job “essential.” It’s kind of how they pay the bills. Unless, of course, Big Brother comes along and makes staying home and collecting unemployment more financially attractive than going to work.


So, No, we’re not “all in this together.” At least not until we “get out” of this. A clear plan – with real numbers, timelines, measurements of success, and such would be a good place to start. (Hi, Jay.) When that will occur remains to be seen.



2 thoughts on “Why “We’re All in This Together” is Bogus

  1. Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives. ` Ronald Reagan… Well I hate to disagree with this great man and I can think of very few times where I have, but this is one of them. Government’s first duty is to protect our rights, not the people. That is our job. As long as we Americans look to government to protect us from every potential harm, then we must be OK with nation wide 5 mile an hour speed limits, no sports whatsoever, no planes and the list is endless. Crazy you say! Why are these types of banns any different then what we have now? We could save almost every single traffic death if we would just use reasonable precautions like 5 mph nation wide, right? The number of deaths per year of traffic deaths is comparable to the pandemic, why are those lives any less valuable?
    All that is to make a point, when Democrats have control of both house of congress and the presidency, how can anyone that supports what Jay and silent Bob are doing in this state argue that The Green New Deal is too extreme? Democrats will argue that Gore-Bull warming is an existential threat to all mankind, so the measures they take will be justified, right? If you agree with what Jay and Silent Bob are doing here, then you haven’t got a leg to stand on.
    So I will just say that for people to voluntarily take precautions to protect themselves from a pandemic is a very good thing, the problem comes in when we cannot trust our government or our media to tell us the truth. How does one know who to believe?
    To me, “better safe than sorry” is anathema to The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave. The former leads to The Land of The Free and The Home of Take Care of Me Sorry to rant, but I could go on and on on this one, I just have to get back to work.