Wouldn’t It Be a Shame if Washingtonians Did THIS?

Wouldn’t it be a shame if freedom-loving Washingtonians from across the state started taking Gov. Mao’s snitch line seriously as it relates to reporting “violators” of his Stay Home, Stay Healthy order and:

  • Used the on-line form to report all the “non-essential” activity erupting out of the governor’s office. (Which is pretty much everything at this point.)
  • Flooded the guv’s office with “violation” reports about his office as a non-essential business being open or as a business function performed that is non-essential by using the on-line form.
  • Used the guv’s snitch line to snitch on the governor. (Oh, the horror!)
  • People realized they could file a snitch report anonymously.

It’d also be a shame if Washingtonians flooded the governor’s phone lines at 360-902-4111 to protest the latest extension on his Stay Home order and politely told him to go jump in a lake.

And of course it’d be downright awful if Washingtonian’s started to realize what an empty suit this prez-wanna-be really is and reported him accordingly in November.

Oh, and when Jay and the usual suspects start braying about how we MUST!! have a state income tax because tax revenues have dropped through the floor, it would also be a shame to remember whose policies and asinine orders brought that drop about in the first place.

Yep. Real shame that. Tsk-tsk.

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