Rep. Derek Kilmer Responds on FISA Memo

I’m old enough to remember the Watergate break-in, Tricky Dick & Co., and eighteen minutes of missing tape, etc. (Don’t tell anyone.) I saw All The President’s Men. Read the book. Twice. Ditto The Pentagon Papers.

So you may understand why I’ve spent the last week or so on the floor, laughing my head off over Democrat spin related to what may be the biggest political scandal in years a la The Dreaded FISA Memo. (Russian bots? Seriously?)

This thing makes Magruder, Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell, Dean & Co. look like a bunch of pikers. It’s like Saturday Night at the Bijou. Only with bad lighting.

Watching Democrats launch into all-out panic mode over The Dreaded FISA Memo was falling-down hilarious. Adam Schiff? He reminds me of Gilligan. Only without the Skipper.

Meanwhile, just how stupid does the Bijou think we are?

Pretty stupid, apparently. Take Representative Kum Ba Yah. Remember him? He’s made a career out of wagging his finger at the other side of the aisle over “political games.” If I hear one more Pecksniffian sermon from Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-6th CD) on that subject, I’m going to barf.

Barf alert (don’t say I didn’t warn you)

Enter Rep. Derek Kilmer, affectionately dubbed Rep. Kum Ba Yah.

I phoned Kilmer’s office on Monday morning, January 29, hours before the House Permanent Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) was set to vote on releasing The Dreaded FISA Memo. I later read the memo on-line, by the way. It’s pretty straight-forward. Democrat Chicken Little-ing about “the sky is falling” on national security issues per this memo is a bunch of hooey.

Flip side: After being MIA on “national security” for the last eight years-ish, Democrats have suddenly discovered the topic! Oh, happy day!

Anyway, I told the nice lady who answered the phone in Kilmer’s office that I had a three-word message for Rep. Kum Ba Yah (I used his real name): Release. The. Memo. She took down my contact information because “the representative will want to follow up with you.”

Fine. Here’s The Representative’s response (dontcha love “responses” that begin with “Dear Friend”? Can you say, “boiler plate?” Kilmer’s response is undated, but arrived in my email this afternoon):

Can’t read that? Not to worry. I’ve got you covered. Here it is in PDF: Kilmer Response on FISA Memo – PDF

Got your air sick bag handy? Good. Yea, verily. How someone can take so long to say so little is the stuff of legend. By the way, it has everything to do with the Mueller investigation. Hello?

Surely the 6th CD can do better than this? Cuz guess what? Rep. Kum Ba Yah is up for re-election this year. Yeah, baby!

Know what else I remember? Castle Grande.Whitewater. Cattle futures. Travelgate. Rose Law Firm billing records. Madison Guaranty. Jim McDougal. Webb Hubbell, Vince Foster, Johnny Chung, and a cast of thousands. An unsecured private email server. Tip toe down Memory Lane with: A Brief Guide to Clinton Scandals From Travelgate to Emailgate.

… and the beat goes on…

Meanwhile, with regard to the apparent collusion between Obama’s FBI, the DOJ, and the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign per the memo: How high does it go? Should someone be going to jail? Who and why?

Maybe they can blame it on a bad You Tube video?


City of Montesano Issues ‘Decision Letter’ on KD&S ‘Cease & Desist’ Appeal

There has been much fooforah surrounding a parcel of Montesano property located at S. 10th Street and W. Pioneer. Complaints about health, safety, and the environment have been raised. See: Mysterious Maladies in Monte?.  For additional background, see: What’s Up in Monte Today?

The City of Montesano recently issued a “Decision Letter” to the property owner, KD&S Environmental. Dated January 5, 2018, the letter is signed by Dan Wood in his capacity as Mayor Pro Tem. Obtained via public record request today, a copy of the letter appears below.

Here are the salient portions:

Based on the zoning of the parcels that are the subject of this decision, and the current use of those parcels, City staff has determined the current use of the parcels in question is not consistent with MMC 17.20. As such, you are hereby notified to cease and desist all non-conforming uses of the above referenced parcels no later than February 8, 2018. In addition, you must immediately cease any nuisances (such as noise and odor) that may be caused by non-conforming uses.

Wood notes that this action “specifically addresses compliance with the City zoning code,” and that complaints related to health, safety, and the environment “do not fall under the jurisdiction of the City zoning code.” He also points out that “many, if not all of the complaints have been investigated by applicable local and state agencies.”

Here’s the full text of the January 5 letter:

Dan Wood ‘Cease and Vacate’ Letter to KD&S – 05 January 2018, page 1

Dan Wood ‘Cease and Vacate’ Letter to KD&S – 05 January 2018, page 2

What say you?

What’s Up in Monte Today?

Some Montesano residents are sounding the alarm over health concerns ostensibly related to a light industrial work site located near 10th Street and W. Pioneer Avenue. Whether or not cause for major alarm is warranted or the situation has been blown out of proportion (again) by a local blogger is open to question.

The site in question, lots on Wynoochee and Pioneer, is/are owned by KD&S Environmental. Neighbors within a two-block radius of the site are or have allegedly complained about a variety of mysterious illnesses. Symptoms include “Upper respiratory problems, severe congestion, spontaneous deep nose bleeding and more.” Also “Pets coming home with fur falling off and open sores.”

See: Frederiksen – Reading you in – 13 July 2017

Continue reading “What’s Up in Monte Today?”

Year-End Wrap Up

Hello Friends and Happy New Year!

The ball is about ready to drop in the Big Apple. Merry-makers everywhere will soon ring in the new year. Time for a quick look at our top posts and most popular topics of 2017, followed by a word about Twitter.

Nutshell: a total of 88 posts over eight active months. The most popular post reading day is Friday (30% of views). The most popular hour is 6:00 p.m. 

The Top 12 Conservelocity posts of 2017 were, in descending order:

  1. Is Aberdeen Mayor Courting Conflict of Interest in Tesla Deal? (picked up by Teslarati,
  2. Russ Burke Lawsuit Over
  3. State Legislator$ Talk $, ‘Vexacious’ at County
  4. GUEST AUTHOR: Montesanoans Chime In On Roundabout, Rest Stop
  5. GUEST AUTHOR: Stop the Train Wreck in Montesano!
  6. Dear “Women’s March”-ers: No, You Don’t
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Most Clicks:

Most Frequent Commenters:

Em, Kent, and pst4USA

One last thing. As you know by now, President Trump signed the historic tax overhaul bill just before Christmas. It includes a repeal of probably the most odious portion of Obama’s signature legislation, the individual mandate. About time.

Note to “Full Repealers”: Folks, full repeal wasn’t gonna happen. It was a nice idea, but “full repeal” was a pipe dream right out of the gate. Not gonna say “I told you so,” but I did tell you so… (See: Did ‘Conservatives’ Miss the Boat on Healthcare Bill?)

Did I say “one last thing”? Okay. I fibbed. Second last thing: Twitter Dump.

Did you hear about the latest Twitter purge? It began on December 18. Lots of Conservative tweeters jumped ship to The Other Platform.

Explains Truth Revolt:

In anticipation of the Twitter purge, some users have switched to using Gab — a competitive social media outlet which states it “champions free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of information online.”

The Other Platform (TOP) welcomes everyone. Including those I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. It’s miniscule compared to the Twitter behemoth. But the TOP playing field is level. And rather than some Lefty bigot determining which account/content clears posting muster, The Other Platform puts the responsibility for muting, unfollowing, or otherwise dumping objectionable accounts/users on The Individual User.  You’re also allowed 300 characters per message, more than twice the usual Twitter limit.

Notes Squawker:

It will take time for this daring young platform to catch up with Twitter’s numbers, but it’s clear that people are giving up on Twitter and their outlandish rules of self conduct.

“Daring young platform.” I’m likin’ the sound of that. How ’bout you?  

 Best Wishes for a Healthy, Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2018!

Mysterious Maladies in Monte?

I recently received something related to “possible exposure of illness to a large group of children that attended the now closed day care center” in Montesano. Also possible stonewalling by the mayor’s office,, on the subject. Per a December 29 email to Mayor Vini Samuel:

From: montesanotoday []
Sent: Friday, December 29, 2017 7:48 AM
Cc:; Doug Barker; …
Subject: Health of Children in Montesano

29 Dec 2017 Mayor – city of Montesano,  I am writing for the entire neighborhood.   I am not bothering to write your staff as they don’t return emails anymore on the subject.  They are waiting for your lead.   I and my neighbors have direct knowledge of the possible exposure of illness to a large group of children that attended the now closed day care center in our neighborhood.  As you know, we are at over 80% sickness rate here in our two neighborhoods with reported upper respiratory, digestive issues, and severe spontaneous deep nose bleeding.   Since they were part of our neighborhood it isn’t a stretch to think their parents might want to know.

Your city staff and departments refuses to notify the parents of those children.  I have been threatened in writing If I talk about what is going on.  Police report on file.

I have filed a request with both the DA office as well as the Sheriff Department to investigate and inform those parents.  Everyone points back and says that it is your responsibility.

When you took your oath of office you swore to look out for this town.   I assume that includes the children. We even have people that used to live in this neighborhood that have volunteered to come back over this.  As far away as New Mexico.   They both got sick too with the same things.

It is my understanding that you have recused yourself from our health issues.  If you have direct knowledge of what is making us sick or possible causes we ask you to tell us.  We need to know what to tell our doctors.  The parents of the children need to know as well.  None of us know if we are going to have long term health problems.

This is serious and it is starting to look like the city is hiding something.  What possible explanation would your city have for not telling us or the parents of those children and the surrounding neighborhoods?  Every single house has been in and out of doctor offices and emergency rooms.  Thousands and thousands of dollars.

There is sickness in your town and it appears that the city is doing everything they can to hush it up.

I was visiting one of my neighbors and let me tell you, I’m no doctor but I am extremely worried that he isn’t going to make it.  The County Health Department points back to you.

So tell me, what am I, we, supposed to do?  Cross our fingers and hope it just all goes away?   Just go to bed and forget about the kids of that daycare center?  None of us here are that callous.  Why are private citizens being put into this position?  This is your job. The media isn’t going to touch this and risk their access to you down the road.  You know that.

Do you really think I want to write letters like this?  I’m at the point where I don’t care about the retaliation anymore.  I have a sick wife upstairs over this and my neighbors are keeling over.

I have one neighbor ready to take out ads in the newspaper.  An entire section of your town is asking for your help and the City of Montesano is hiding behind closed doors afraid to talk about it.

End this.

PDF version:Health of Children in Montesano

In another missive* dated December 28, 2017, the same individual writes:

We don’t know if the sickness has spread,  as the city is trying to cover it up.  The newspaper won’t touch it as it would kill their access to public officials, you know how it works.  We know why.

Yes, we do:




* I have that email. And more. If you want ’em, holler.

Image credit: Flickr – CC

‘In Other News…’

I’ll be taking a break from political blogging through New Year’s to focus on family and friends during this season of celebration. 

So unless something Really Big breaks between now and then – like Washington State Republicans figure out a way to avoid gettting steamrolled in the upcoming legislative session or you catch a confirmed Rudolph sighting – you can visit Kimber and me at our other site, Pawpourri

May your days be merry and bright!

Image credit: Creative Commons license  

Flying Pigs? What Conyers, Franken Bye-Byes REALLY Mean

So Dem debauchees John Conyers (D-MI) and Al Franken (D-MN) have retired/resigned. Or said they’ll resign. Whatever that means.


But don’t pop the Krugs just yet. While the swamp smells slightly less rancid with the exits of Tweedledee and Tweedledum, it’s far from drained. And there’s likely a catch. Probably a big one.

Consider: Did the party of Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Bob Filner, JFK, and the Chappaquiddick Kid – to name a few – have a sudden attack of conscience related to sexual harassment and misconduct charges? Did Conyers and Franken fall on their swords out of some newly discovered respect for women?

Seen any flying pigs lately?

Prediction: Heading into 2018, Democrats will use the Franken and Conyers departures to position themselves as the party of women’s rights and equality. Desperate to reverse their downward spiral, rudderless Democrats will try to position themselves as the party that takes women seriously – be still my heart – while simultaneously trying to taint Republicans as the party of predators and pedophiles a la Donald Trump and Roy Moore. (Frankly, if Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Jessica Tarlov and this idiot (hi, Emily Lindin) are poster children for the I am Woman, Hear Me Roar Left, I’ll pass.)

Dead giveaway: Patty Murray, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer and Tom Perez piling onto the Franken step down wagon. Ditto Sen. Fauxahontas Warren.

If it pans out, this move is quite clever. In fact, if Franken had a little more self-discipline – cough-  he would’ve kept mum about this possible tactic in his December 7 swan song on the Senate floor. Instead, Franken apparently couldn’t resist telegraphing it by taking swipes at Trump and Moore as Al headed out the door.

Second dead giveaway: Timing. Rumors about these two swamp dwellers aren’t new. So why resign now, with the mid-terms looming on the horizon?

Short answer: Because it works. Remember Herman Cain? How ’bout Clarence Thomas?

Sadly, “presumptive innocence” has gone the way of the Dodo far too often these days. Once the “misconduct” label has been plastered on just about any Republican, it’s nigh unto impossible to remove it. And it puts the accused on defense like nobody’s business.

The Left and its willing lackeys in the mainstream media know this. They also know that Republican or conservative voters – which aren’t necessarily the same thing – are far more likely to jump ship over accusations such as those leveled at Moore as Dem voters are over accusations leveled at Conyers and Franken.

The Left also knows that in this era of guilty until proven innocent, trotting out serial accusers, especially those joined at the hip with Gloria Allred – even decades after an alleged incident(s) – resonates with a particular segment of the electorate and is likely to keep them away from the polls.

By the way, the ‘Pence rule’ that was so widely mocked, sneered at and ridiculed? It’s lookin’ pretty darn sensible these days, huh?

Make no mistake. Democrat resignations over behavior that your average first grader knows is beyond the pale aren’t an end in themselves. Something’s afoot in Demville. Wait for the other shoe to drop.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for aerial swine.