March for Life in Olympia is TOMORROW!

    The 2015 Washington State March for Life is set for Tuesday, January 20 at the State Capitol in Olympia. Details:
march for life
11:55 a.m. – Marching begins from the Winged Victory Monument and then goes for a short distance to fill the Capitol steps.
12:05 p.m. – Speaker presentations begin with the Pledge of Allegiance and Opening Prayer.
   Don’t forget to visit your state legislator after the march/rally. Tip: Apple pie. Remember your manners.
    For updates on some important pro-life legislation (like SB 5026) coming up this session, see below. Can you say, “Brian Hatfield”? I’ve even made it easy for you to call his office. Here’s his direct number: (360) 786-7636. The nice gentleman who answered the phone tells me it’s sunny in Olympia today. 🙂
    If you’re too shy to call, don’t worry. You can read the bill digest and comment online here. Remember your manners again. (Don’t make me use my Mommy voice.)


Employer Abortion Pill Mandate
SB 5026 – Declaring that it is an unfair practice for any employer who provides health insurance to its employees as part of an employee’s benefit package to not include contraceptive coverage as part of the benefit package, to fail to comply with federal rules adopted under the affordable care act relating to the provision of contraceptive coverage, or to discriminate against any employee based on that employee’s use of any reproductive health care service, drug, or device.
Summary: Would require employers in Washington State who the Supreme Court said could not be forced by the federal government to be forced to pay for contraceptives that violate their beliefs, to be forced by the Washington State government to pay for contraceptives that violate their beliefs. Read the bill.
  • Threatens rights of conscience and religious freedom.
  • Threatens federal funding for social services.
  • Doesn’t solve an actual problem.
  • Will lead to costly litigation.
  • Creates hostile business climate for pro-life businesses.

Status SB 5026: Referred to the Senate Law & Justice Committee.

conference call icon

ACTION: CALL 1 (800) 562-6000
# 1 – Let your Senator know you OPPOSE SB 5026, the Employer Abortion Pill Mandate, because employers should not be forced to pay for contraceptives that violate their beliefs.
# 2 – Is your Senator on this list: Pedersen, Ranker, Keiser, Kohl-Welles, Frockt, Habib, Hobbs, Nelson, Chase, Hatfield, Mullet, McAuliffe, Darneille, Hasegawa, McCoy, Conway, Cleveland, Liias, Jayapal, Billig, Rolfes, Fraser? If so:
Call your Senator’s direct line to let him or her know how deeply disappointed you are about their co-sponsorship of  SB 5026. Your Senator’s direct office number is listed here.
Thanks to our friends at the Family Policy Institute of Washington for providing this info.

Katy McLibby and EMILY’s List: Hand Me Another Brick

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I don’t usually chime in on Facebook-y discussions with brick walls. It’s a waste of time and bricks. But a Decemberish post by “Katy” on EMILY’s List was too good to pass up. (In case ya missed it, EMILY = Early Money Is Like Yeast. It’s a DemoLib PAC whose mission is to: “Elect pro-choice Democratic women to office.”)

Be still my heart.

The original brick is Community Post: 11 Best Worst Things Republicans Said In 2013. It goes like this:

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“… And Maybe Even a Little Miraculous?”

Some headlines are so monstrous, they lead the You Have GOT To Be Kidding category hands down. Like this one: 56 women have been killed in Afghanistan is 2013. Their crime? Giving birth to girls instead of boys. Nice to know that being female is a capital crime in some countries. Also:

“The birth of a boy is usually cause for celebration in Afghanistan, but girls are generally seen as a burden. Some women in Afghanistan are abused if they fail to give birth to boys.”

Like it’s her fault?!  Oh, and BTW, saying “killing” is “abuse” is like observing that Hurricane Hugo was a whisper in the wind.

Besides its sheer barbarism, this practice is just plain silly.  A little high school Biology here:

The baby’s sex is determined by two chromosomes, X and Y. A female is XX. A male is XY. Since women lack the Y chromosome, they always contribute an X – and only an X – chromosome to the baby. The father contributes either an X or a Y and is the determining factor in the sex of the baby.

Extending the convoluted reasoning of the headline: If anyone should be “punished” for the heinous “crime” of not producing a baby boy – and I’m not advocating this, mind you – why not blame the biologically responsible party – e.g., the father?

Here’s an idea:

Rather than viewing any baby as a “burden,” how ’bout seeing every child, male or female, as a gift from God? A blessing created in the Imago Dei.  Unique. Precious. And maybe even a little miraculous?