What Dem Response to ‘Controversial’ Mailer Really Says

‘Those Wascally Wepublicans!’

The older I get, the less patience I have with stupid. (Not that I had a lot to begin with.) But there’s a lot of stupid out there, especially during election season.

Take the Leftista response to a mailer recently circulated in select races for the Washington State Legislature. The Dreaded Mailer urges “progressive” voters in the 6th and 19th and 26th Legislative Districts to write in a third candidate, according to the Seattle Times. More background: From The News Tribune.

The regressive “progressive” hissy-fit that ensued is instructive, if not amusing.

For example, an October 27 email from info@fusewashignton.org, The Real Progressive Voter’s Guide for the 24th district, huffed:

Dear Friend,

This week, Republican operatives here in Washington sent fake Fuse-branded mailers, trying to intentionally mislead voters into voting for write-in candidates in close races.1 That’s why it’s more important than ever for us to get the real Progressive Voters Guide into the hands of as many voters as possible. (Emphasis in original.)

More than 400,000 Washingtonians have already filled out their ballot and thousands more will do it today. Whether you’re voting for living wages, racial justice, women’s health, our environment, or our kids’ future, the choices we make will impact our state for years to come.

Democrats and their ideological cronies like the Far Left folks at Fuse kicked up quite a fuss over The Dreaded Mailers. So much so that one must wonder:

  • Do they really think Democratic voters can’t figure out how to locate a Voter’s Pamphlet and open it?
  • That Leftista voters are unable to engage in independent analysis or think for themselves? (Hope springs eternal….)
  • That their base needs baby-sitting and hand-holding and is incapable of making an intelligent ballot choice sans Big Brother oversight?
  • Urging a write-in vote for a third option is “suppression”? Seriously?
  • What are they afraid of?

Meanwhile, trying to make hay out of… something, others gave new meaning to the word incoherent (see middle comment in screen shot):

Yea, verily. Watching the collective Leftista meltdown in response to The Dreaded Mailer is almost good as Amateur Night at the Bijou. Without the popcorn. It’s also a pretty good indicator of the Leftista view of the role and function of government, you peon citizen, you.

Maybe we can sell tickets?



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Rep. Derek Kilmer Responds on FISA Memo

I’m old enough to remember the Watergate break-in, Tricky Dick & Co., and eighteen minutes of missing tape, etc. (Don’t tell anyone.) I saw All The President’s Men. Read the book. Twice. Ditto The Pentagon Papers.

So you may understand why I’ve spent the last week or so on the floor, laughing my head off over Democrat spin related to what may be the biggest political scandal in years a la The Dreaded FISA Memo. (Russian bots? Seriously?)

This thing makes Magruder, Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell, Dean & Co. look like a bunch of pikers. It’s like Saturday Night at the Bijou. Only with bad lighting.

Watching Democrats launch into all-out panic mode over The Dreaded FISA Memo was falling-down hilarious. Adam Schiff? He reminds me of Gilligan. Only without the Skipper.

Meanwhile, just how stupid does the Bijou think we are?

Pretty stupid, apparently. Take Representative Kum Ba Yah. Remember him? He’s made a career out of wagging his finger at the other side of the aisle over “political games.” If I hear one more Pecksniffian sermon from Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-6th CD) on that subject, I’m going to barf.

Barf alert (don’t say I didn’t warn you)

Enter Rep. Derek Kilmer, affectionately dubbed Rep. Kum Ba Yah.

I phoned Kilmer’s office on Monday morning, January 29, hours before the House Permanent Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) was set to vote on releasing The Dreaded FISA Memo. I later read the memo on-line, by the way. It’s pretty straight-forward. Democrat Chicken Little-ing about “the sky is falling” on national security issues per this memo is a bunch of hooey.

Flip side: After being MIA on “national security” for the last eight years-ish, Democrats have suddenly discovered the topic! Oh, happy day!

Anyway, I told the nice lady who answered the phone in Kilmer’s office that I had a three-word message for Rep. Kum Ba Yah (I used his real name): Release. The. Memo. She took down my contact information because “the representative will want to follow up with you.”

Fine. Here’s The Representative’s response (dontcha love “responses” that begin with “Dear Friend”? Can you say, “boiler plate?” Kilmer’s response is undated, but arrived in my email this afternoon):

Can’t read that? Not to worry. I’ve got you covered. Here it is in PDF: Kilmer Response on FISA Memo – PDF

Got your air sick bag handy? Good. Yea, verily. How someone can take so long to say so little is the stuff of legend. By the way, it has everything to do with the Mueller investigation. Hello?

Surely the 6th CD can do better than this? Cuz guess what? Rep. Kum Ba Yah is up for re-election this year. Yeah, baby!

Know what else I remember? Castle Grande.Whitewater. Cattle futures. Travelgate. Rose Law Firm billing records. Madison Guaranty. Jim McDougal. Webb Hubbell, Vince Foster, Johnny Chung, and a cast of thousands. An unsecured private email server. Tip toe down Memory Lane with: A Brief Guide to Clinton Scandals From Travelgate to Emailgate.

… and the beat goes on…

Meanwhile, with regard to the apparent collusion between Obama’s FBI, the DOJ, and the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign per the memo: How high does it go? Should someone be going to jail? Who and why?

Maybe they can blame it on a bad You Tube video?

Senator Cantwell Responds on Antifa (Sort Of)

Ever wonder just how stupid some elected officials think you are?

Pretty darn stupid, if the *responses* I get from Senators Cantwell and Murray are any indication.

Last month I told you I contacted both senators in August asking about their stance on Antifa:

Your Message

Choose an issue category from the drop-down list which most resembles your issue of concern.*

Message Of Subject*

Text Of Message*

Where do you stand on ANTIFA?

I Would Like To Subscribe To The Newsletter

I Would Like A Response

Heard back from Sen. Maria Cantwell’s office today. Sort of. A snippet:

Dear Ms. Lowder,

Thank you for contacting me about white supremacy and President Trump’s response to the domestic terror attack in Charlottesville, Virginia. I appreciate hearing from you on this urgent issue.

President Trump’s reluctance to quickly and directly condemn the hate, bigotry, and racism of white supremacists and members of the Ku Klux Klan that gathered at Charlottesville was deeply alarming and disturbing.

Here’s the full response Cantwell Response 10.06.17

Oh, I dunno. I could say I find it “deeply alarming and disturbing” that Cantwell & Co. obviously didn’t even read my original email. (No, I’m not surprised. This is par for the Cantwell Course. Morons everywhere should be insulted.)

Okay, senator and staffers: What part of “Where do you stand on ANTIFA?” do you not understand? Can you not figure out spell check? Or are you so eager to crank out the standard Trump-bashing boilerplate *response* that you never bother to actually read anything?

Altogether now:


‘Grab Bag II,’ Conniption Fits, & Clueless Cassowaries

Holding tight to whatever? Good. Cuz we’re going to go fast today, covering a bunch of random stuff. You might want to buckle up.

First: Repealing Obamacare. I support Graham-Cassidy, basically for the same reasons the Family Research Council and the Susan B. Anthony List have endorsed Graham-Cassidy. Their September 15 press release reads in part:

Continue reading “‘Grab Bag II,’ Conniption Fits, & Clueless Cassowaries”

Winners & Whiners

It’s that time again. Time for another round of awards.  (We may even beat out the Emmy’s when it comes to ratings. Not that that’s a high bar to begin with. But. Well. Anyway…)

Our thanks to an alert reader in Ocean Shores for nominating the following:

Today’s Soaring Eagle Award goes to the Cajun Navy, “a bunch of good old boys from Louisiana who loaded up their boats, trailered them to Texas and rescued many people without regard to race or ethnicity.”

An informal network of good Samaritans, this volunteer civilian group with small watercraft rescues those hard hit by hurricanes and such. They do so without a government program or funding because it’s the Right. Thing. To. Do. And because they can.

Formed 12 years ago after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the Cajun Navy was in Texas post-Hurricane Harvey. They were off to Florida, too, after Irma. If you want to know more about the Cajun Navy, check out their Facebook page.

Today’s Braying Jackass Award goes to Black Lives Matter, “who was unable or unwilling to do anything to help the black people they claim to represent in either Texas or Florida.  Trump gave $1M of his own money and actually personally paid for water and food he handed out in Florida.  Who is doing more to help African-Americans?”

Don’t make me explain this.

Here’s our award criteria. Want to nominate someone or something? Leave a comment, or email at: Conservelocity@gmail.com.

Braying & Soaring

Our second Braying Jackass award is pretty much a no-brainer.

Donald Trump and congressional Republicans won big last fall in part because they promised to undo many of the most egregious policies of the Obama administration. Like Repealing Obamacare. Defunding Planned Parenthood. DACA. Apology tours. Also doing something about tax reform  and beefing up national security.

Give us House and Senate majorities, said Republicans. And we’ll get to work and implement the Trump agenda. Or at least some of it. Or… something.

So far, Republicans have fumbled the football. Over and over.

Trump won the White House with virtually no support from the GOP establishment, largely because his campaign promises and “America first” message resonanted with a sizeable chunk of the electorate and because people are frustrated to death with same old, same old. And because the alternative was unthinkable. (To be clear, I did not vote for either Trump or the Marquise de Corruptocratia. I voted my conscience and went write-in. However, I support much of Trump’s agenda per the above.)

And while Republicans benefited from the “Trump train,” most have yet to demonstrate the political will or spine needed to move the Trump ball down the track. If House and Senate Republicans get shellacked in 2018, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.

For that reason, today’s Braying Jackass award goes to the GOP.

Meanwhile, you just can’t keep a good sister down in post-Irma Miami-Dade. After the hurricane hit Florida and neighboring states last weekend, a nun chipped in to clear trees in her neighborhood:

Today’s Soaring Eagle Award goes to Sister Margaret Ann. She’s the principal of Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School, southwest of downtown Miami. She saw a need, grabbed a chainsaw, and got to work.
Not even a hurricane can stop this nun. Rock on, sister!

Another Soaring Eagle goes to 11 year-old “Frank, from Falls Church, VA,” who volunteered to mow the White House lawn. Bless his heart:

The Braying Jackass and Soaring Eagle Awards may become a regular feature if it they catch on. That’s up to you. Submit your nominee(s) via comment or at Conservelocity@gmail.com. A sentence or two explaining your nomination  is appreciated but not required. Winners will be ‘drawn’ at random and are up to the sole discretion of Yours Truly.
Nominations for both are now open.

Oopsie: “Impeach Donald Trump” Poll Doesn’t Go Quite The Way Tweeter Thought It Would 

File this under “Oopsie.” Or “epic face plant.”

The brain surgeon who runs Twitter’s “Impeach Donald Trump” account put up a poll recently. It didn’t quite turn out the way they thought it would. Here’s the account (@Impeach_D_Trump):

Here’s the poll:

Here’s Impeach Donald Trump’s Mach 4 back pedal:

Impeach Donald Trump put up another poll recently asking if you think Trump should be impeached. Available responses were Yes, No, and I Don’t Know. Last time I checked, the “Nos” were ahead by 92%. 

And just in case you’re wondering:

Have a Twitter account? You know what to do.