Winners & Whiners

It’s that time again. Time for another round of awards.  (We may even beat out the Emmy’s when it comes to ratings. Not that that’s a high bar to begin with. But. Well. Anyway…)

Our thanks to an alert reader in Ocean Shores for nominating the following:

Today’s Soaring Eagle Award goes to the Cajun Navy, “a bunch of good old boys from Louisiana who loaded up their boats, trailered them to Texas and rescued many people without regard to race or ethnicity.”

An informal network of good Samaritans, this volunteer civilian group with small watercraft rescues those hard hit by hurricanes and such. They do so without a government program or funding because it’s the Right. Thing. To. Do. And because they can.

Formed 12 years ago after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the Cajun Navy was in Texas post-Hurricane Harvey. They were off to Florida, too, after Irma. If you want to know more about the Cajun Navy, check out their Facebook page.

Today’s Braying Jackass Award goes to Black Lives Matter, “who was unable or unwilling to do anything to help the black people they claim to represent in either Texas or Florida.  Trump gave $1M of his own money and actually personally paid for water and food he handed out in Florida.  Who is doing more to help African-Americans?”

Don’t make me explain this.

Here’s our award criteria. Want to nominate someone or something? Leave a comment, or email at:


Braying & Soaring

Our second Braying Jackass award is pretty much a no-brainer.

Donald Trump and congressional Republicans won big last fall in part because they promised to undo many of the most egregious policies of the Obama administration. Like Repealing Obamacare. Defunding Planned Parenthood. DACA. Apology tours. Also doing something about tax reform  and beefing up national security.

Give us House and Senate majorities, said Republicans. And we’ll get to work and implement the Trump agenda. Or at least some of it. Or… something.

So far, Republicans have fumbled the football. Over and over.

Trump won the White House with virtually no support from the GOP establishment, largely because his campaign promises and “America first” message resonanted with a sizeable chunk of the electorate and because people are frustrated to death with same old, same old. And because the alternative was unthinkable. (To be clear, I did not vote for either Trump or the Marquise de Corruptocratia. I voted my conscience and went write-in. However, I support much of Trump’s agenda per the above.)

And while Republicans benefited from the “Trump train,” most have yet to demonstrate the political will or spine needed to move the Trump ball down the track. If House and Senate Republicans get shellacked in 2018, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.

For that reason, today’s Braying Jackass award goes to the GOP.

Meanwhile, you just can’t keep a good sister down in post-Irma Miami-Dade. After the hurricane hit Florida and neighboring states last weekend, a nun chipped in to clear trees in her neighborhood:

Today’s Soaring Eagle Award goes to Sister Margaret Ann. She’s the principal of Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School, southwest of downtown Miami. She saw a need, grabbed a chainsaw, and got to work.
Not even a hurricane can stop this nun. Rock on, sister!

Another Soaring Eagle goes to 11 year-old “Frank, from Falls Church, VA,” who volunteered to mow the White House lawn. Bless his heart:

The Braying Jackass and Soaring Eagle Awards may become a regular feature if it they catch on. That’s up to you. Submit your nominee(s) via comment or at A sentence or two explaining your nomination  is appreciated but not required. Winners will be ‘drawn’ at random and are up to the sole discretion of Yours Truly.
Nominations for both are now open.

And The Winners Are…

Wikimedia Commons

Bray v.t. brayed, bray-ing. -n. 1. the loud, harsh cry of a donkey.

It’s no secret that Lefty lunacy has vaulted into the stratosphere lately. So I figured it may be time to launch a new feature: The Braying Jackass Awards.

Honorees must demonstrate galactic buffoonery, epic classlessness, hypocrisy, and/or sheer stupidity on a regular basis. Not necessarily in that order. Evidence of serial Foot-in-Mouth disease and poltroonery a plus.

Winners may include public officials from any party, at any level: local, state, or federal. Winners may be nominated from a wide variety of venues and options, including, but not limited to:

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