Oopsie: “Impeach Donald Trump” Poll Doesn’t Go Quite The Way Tweeter Thought It Would 

File this under “Oopsie.” Or “epic face plant.”

The brain surgeon who runs Twitter’s “Impeach Donald Trump” account put up a poll recently. It didn’t quite turn out the way they thought it would. Here’s the account (@Impeach_D_Trump):

Here’s the poll:

Here’s Impeach Donald Trump’s Mach 4 back pedal:

Impeach Donald Trump put up another poll recently asking if you think Trump should be impeached. Available responses were Yes, No, and I Don’t Know. Last time I checked, the “Nos” were ahead by 92%. 

And just in case you’re wondering:

Have a Twitter account? You know what to do.


Washington Student Government Conference Raises Questions

Fall is a season of change. It’s when things get moving after summer. (See What I Did on My Summer Vacation – Sort Of.) Temperatures dip. School starts. If you’re part of student government in a community college within Washington state, this is also the season when you get to dive into some pretty nifty extracurricular stuff.

Like a statewide student government conference offering workshops on You’re not colorblind, you’re white! Understanding your Privilege and Targeting Ally/Accomplice Behaviors with an Anti-Racist Mindset. Understanding white privilege, white identity and white fragility. “Uncovering the harm that is done when white people say, ‘I don’t see color, I treat everyone the same.’” Whiteness as Property: Being Conscientious in Student Leadership. DACA Safe Spaces. (“A counselor will be available.”)

I kid you not.

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Grab Bag

It’s “Grab Bag” day. That’s when we throw a bunch of stuff into the hopper and see what comes out on top. Ready? Good! Let’s go, starting with…

DACA. This stroke of executive amnesty from Herr Obama should be discontinued and returned to Congress if for no other reason than it’s illegal. The executive branch doesn’t make law. The legislative branch does. Not that anyone’s counting or anything.

While we’re on the subject – sort of – is the Statue of Liberty about importing immigrants or exporting liberty? What say you?

Meanwhile, hasn’t it been interesting to watch Let’s Make a Label when it comes to immigration? It used to be “illegal aliens.” Then it was “illegal immigrants.” Followed by “undocumented immigrants.” Now the Label du Jour seems to be “undocumented citizens.”

Well, shoot. If we’re going to play Let’s Make a Label on this, can we at least be honest?  Wouldn’t “unregistered Democrats” be more accurate?

Speaking of Democrats,

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What I Did On My Summer Vacation (Sort Of)

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, OR*

First things first: What I Remember About Texas & How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims.


Well, doggone I said to myself as summer played out. I say that a lot when dealing with Leftistas. Or escapees from the House of Demlam. Which are pretty much the same thing.

Okay. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Well, doggone, I said. Sure as the San Francisco Giants are headed for the basement, the Summer of 2017 may go down in history as the summer when the Alt-Left lost its collective mind. (Yes, there’s a big assumption there. But roll with it for a min, okay?)

For example, take the Leftista meltdown over President Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Where were these dear hearts when President Obama commuted the sentence of FALN terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera?

Then there’s that summer chart-topper, Moon Over Mayhem. Brought to you by anarcho-fascist goons who are so brave, they won’t show their faces in public. Aka: Zombie Apocalypse flunkies. (For an interesting primer, check out: Antifa – Just Who Are They?)

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How to Fix Healthcare

Republicans are racing to meet a self-imposed deadline of passing “healthcare reform” before Congress heads into its July recess.

Pardon me if that doesn’t sound like sheer stupidity-ish. Here’s why.

Per the U.S. Constitution, healthcare is not a responsibility of the federal government. No. It’s. Not. Cuz I’ve read that puppy a few times. All the way through. Trust me. Healthcare isn’t in there. 

So if you want to “fix” or “reform” health care, job one is get the feds out of it. Period. That’s why I don’t support “repeal and replace,” but repeal. Besides. A federal one-size-fits-all inevitably results in two things right off the bat: 1) Costs go through the roof; 2) Quality goes through the floor. 


So let health care decisions be made closer to the people who are directly  effected by them. Like the states. 10th Amendment. Hello?

Speaking of which, here’s an idea: With Theftisas playing scare-the-tail-off-the-donkey, just steal their thunder by block granting Medicaid to the individual states.

Other idea: Let the individual consumer, not government bureurcrats, decide what kind of policy s/he wants and needs, and purchase accordingly on the open market. A la carte. 

Indeed, one of the most onerous parts of Obamacare is forcing healthy young people to pay through the nose to subsidize older, less healthy consumers. Not surprisingly, a lot of young people don’t appreciate having having their pockets picked by the feds and aren’t playing. For them, it’s cheaper to pay the penalty. Or be able to pick and choose the type of coverage they need and can afford.

Next, get rid of the individual mandate. Leave that up to the consumer. See above. (Funny how the party of “choice” doesn’t want you to have any when it comes to healthcare. Or schools. Firearms. Union membership….)

That’s for starters.

By the way, the GOP has it backwards when it comes to rolling out health care reform. (Like that’s never happened before, right?) Republicans should be focused on getting tax reform/cuts and infrastructure bills through first, followed by healthcare. Way it is now, with the process/priorities reversed, they’re looking at a rather rickety house of cards.


Exit questions Republicans should be asking:

  1. What’s the end game with “healthcare repeal”?
  2. What do we want to accomplish?
  3. What’s our message?

I’d pontificate further, but I have a lunch date. And I’m never late for tiramisu. So what would you add?

Why I’m No Longer a “Constitutional Conservative”

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time – say, 20 minutes or so – you may be aware that I’ve identified as a “constitutional conservative” since Ronaldus Maximus.

Not anymore.

The final epiphany occurred between the pages of Dinesh D’Souza’s Stealing America: What Criminal Gangs Taught Me About Obama, Hillary, and the Democratic Party  – 2015. (If you haven’t read that yet, now would be good.)

How did this epiphany take place? Well, remember “You didn’t build that?” How ‘bout “redistributing the wealth”? “Social justice”? “Paying their fair share” and similar lib/progressive/Democrat mantras? Where did they come from? How? Why? To what end?

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Why Alexandria Shooting Shouldn’t Surprise Us

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rep. Steve Scalise, his family, and those injured in yesterday’s shooting in Alexandria, Virginia.

But let’s get one thing straight. This was not a “senseless” shooting. When James Hodgkinson pulled the trigger during an early morning Wednesday baseball practice, his target selection was deliberate and calculated. According to eye witness reports, Hodgkinson wasn’t targeting “congressmen.” He was targeting Republican congressmen.

Hodgkinson was a Trump/Republican hater and a member of a Facebook group, Terminate the Republican Party. He apparently embraced the venomous vitriol Leftistas like Elizabeth Fauxahontas Warren, Maxine Waters, Rachel Maddow, Rose O’Donnell & a cast of thousands have been spewing toward Republicans in general and Trump in particular. And Hodgkinson apparently acted on that hate, whipped up to fever pitch by all of the above. And many more.

As horrifying as this attack was, it shouldn’t surprise us. It’s the natural outgrowth of a particular ideology. The maelstrom of hate and violence poured out by the Left on anyone who disagrees with them has reached stratospheric levels since January. (Kathy Griffin? New York City plays depicting the assassination of a Trump-like character? Washed-up recording artists saying they want to “blow up” the White House? Berkeley? Evergreen State College? I could go on, but you get the idea.)

In SAF: Scalise Shooting Is Result Of Democratic Hate Speech, Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation put it this way. Via the Business Journal:

“This hate speech that has been going on since Donald Trump was elected,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “It gets their voter base agitated and this is what happens as a result. Is this just a coincidence this happened on the president’s birthday?” …

“When liberal leftists support the assassination of President Trump on stage what do you expect to happen,” Gottlieb stated. “Hate speech and actions incite this kind of violence. It is time for Democrats like Reps. Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and many of the talking heads at CNN and MSNBC to shut up.”


Robert Romano of Americans for Limited Government  likewise observes:

Because of months of ceaseless propaganda, blaming Hillary Clinton’s election loss on supposed Russian hacking and blaming the Trump campaign, now rabid believers in this nonsense are taking matters into their own hands.

The Russia mass hysteria has now inspired real political violence, not just the imagined bit of political violence on the part of comedian Kathy Griffin. It’s a miracle the only person who was killed in this domestic terrorist attack was the shooter himself.

Indeed, while decrying “hate” in everyone else, Leftistas have made hatred a full-time career. It’s what energizes their base. And while conservatives and libertarians battle over ideas and issues, Leftista thugs and sycophants (aka: theftistas – more on that later) focus on battling you. Personally. Because they see you as evil. An impediment to the implementation of their ex cathedra agenda.

Continues Romano:

This is the predictable result of mass propaganda, but it also points to a more widespread problem, with the advent of violent groups like Antifoam (“Anti-fascists”) and Black Lives Matter. These leftist organizations are seizing upon a fertile environment for political extremism that has been fomented.

This extremism has become mainstream. And now it threatens to engulf this country.

Don’t think so? A brief review of select drops from the ‘Holy Grail’ of Leftism:

  • Trying to criminalize and/or terrorize honest differences of opinion. Brandish “racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe” and their ilk like rhetorical cudgels because they can’t come up with any decent, logical arguments or facts to support you flawed positions and failed policies.
  • Demanding free speech and freedom of expression for yourself but refuse to acknowledge same for your opponents. They decry “hate” in others while simultaneously spewing some of the most vile, vicious vocabulary imaginable at their ideological foes.
  • Launching into Pecksniffian sermonizing about “tolerance” and “love” but cudgel anyone into submission or silence who dares challenge or disagree with their views.
  • Heaping abuse and invective on anyone who doesn’t see things their way, then launch sanctimonious, self-serving lectures about “civility” in public discourse.

While Leftistas typically scoff at, deride, attack, or otherwise dismiss religion – specifically Christianity – Leftistas are not a-religious. Far from it. Their dual deities are the state and the collective. The typical Leftista catechism includes “social justice,” “wealth redistribution,” and “paying their fair share” (whatever that means). Disagree, and you’re not just someone on the other side of the political fence. You are attacking their sacred Articles of Faith. Therefore, you are eeeevil. A racist. A bigot. A (fill in the blank) phobe du juor.

So they start scouting up firewood, stakes, and the nearest match.

Moreover, Leftistas can’t wrap their heads around a loss at the ballot box. So when their failed politics and policies are rejected, they fall back on the only thing they have left: rage. Tragically – but not surprisingly – that rage spilled out onto a Virginia baseball field yesterday.

Sitting in for Mark Levin on the radio yesterday, former Secret Service agent, NYC police officer and congressional candidate Dan Bongino explained this with great eloquence. Pressing the point on Fox and Friends this morning, Bongino said “the other side” doesn’t care about ideas. The other side, he said, is part of a “sick political theory” that has infected academia, Hollywood, and “limousine liberals.” The other side, says Bongino, thinks they’re “fighting bad people…. They don’t care about your ideas. … They think you are a bad person”:

“This is insane,” opines Bongino. He also lambasts the galactic hypocrisy of the Nancy Pelosis and Chuck Schumers of the world saying, “You had an opportunity years ago to correct this (the insane political left)… you reap what you sow…. They (Democrat leadership) should’ve shut down this hateful rhetoric” years ago.

But they didn’t. Haven’t. Won’t. Many are part of it. And now some claim, straight-faced, that they’re “shocked” by the attack in Alexandria? (Yes, nut jobs exist on the right. But I’m pretty sure conservatives haven’t been rioting in the streets, demanding white college professors leave campuses, attacking speakers they dislike or disagree with, or chanting “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” lately. Also see: The Left Embraces Political Violence.)

I’d elaborate further. But I choose to limit my vocabulary to the bounds or proprietary. So I’ll let author and columnist Mark Steyn wrap up on the “political violence culture” and the “pansy Left”:

As ever, the core issue isn’t a “hardware issue,” much as Leftista Theftistas would have us believe. It’s a heart issue. And while conservatives pretty much police themselves, as noted by Bongino in the above clip, Leftistas have no such governor. Bereft of constitutional, moral, or most legal moorings, all rabid Leftistas have at the end of the day is rage. Like what we saw yesterday in Virginia.

Take heart. There’s a cure. It’s simple. It’s ground zero. You can read more about it here.