The Great Divide: Is a “Great” America also “Good”?

I don’t spend much time responding to political-ish Facebook posts for two main reasons: 1) Facebook is a lousy forum for any substantive debate; 2) It usually takes about a nano-second until the conversation devolves into snide remarks and vitriol, neither of which “move the ball down the field” if persuasion is your end game.

Once in a great while, however, I make an exception. Like when someone posts something per the following screen shots.

Recently posted by a friend – let’s call her “Beatrice – the meme below is based on an episode from The West Wing. It features a quote from Rep. Matthew Vincente Santos (D-Texas), played by Jimmy Smits.

The scene referenced in the meme is from a November 6, 2005 episode entitled “The Debate.” Said debate is between presidential candidates Congressman Matt Santos (D-TX) and Republican Senator Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda).

Vinick asks when Democrats changed their tagline from “liberals” to “Progressives.” Santos responds with a question of his own before launching into the following.

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5 REAL Reasons Democrats Oppose Brett Kavanaugh

Dontcha love the smell of Democrat meltdowns in the morning? Why, the hysterics and histrionics Democrats and their ideological soul mates are launching at Brett Kavanaugh are priceless. I haven’t had this much fun since Lucy and Ethel and:

Indeed, the Dem meltdown over Brett Kavanaugh says more about Dems than it does the high court nominee*. As usual, the Leftista rule of thumb regarding any Republican nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court goes like:

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What Did Rep. Derek Kilmer Say About This Dem?

Sorry to disappoint you. But I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the latest version of Chicken Little, aka: the Leftista meltdown over Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.* Except this: If Chuck Schumer and Pals are going to plant their opposition flag in stare decisis a la Roe, they may want to consider, to name a few:

Here are some more: 15 Supreme Court Decisions That Shredded the Constitution.

In other words, you Pecksniffian hypocrites, be careful what you wish for. And where you plant your flag.

That being said, I want to touch on something else today. Like Rep. Maxine Waters’ recent comments about harassing Trump supporters/administration officials:

I decided to ask my representative about that. So I sent this email to Rep. Derek Kilmer:

“When are you going to condemn Rep. Maxine Waters’s incendiary rhetoric, specifically her Saturday comments at a Los Angeles rally and during an MSNBC interview later the same day?

Here’s the screen shot of my June 27 email:

June 27, 2018 email to Rep. Kilmer

One sentence. One question.

I didn’t expect much in the way of a substantive response. Rep. Kum-By-Yah Kilmer never disappoints on that score. Here’s his July 9 response:

– or –

Kilmer Response on Waters 07.09.18

A Few Observations:

  • Dontcha love undated form letters addressed to “Dear Friend”? This often means the rep. has been contacted so many times on a given subject, he resorts to Fall Back Position #1: Boiler Plate Form Letter.
  • Democratic republic”? Really? (See para. 2.)
  • Nice dodge.
  • He never answered the question, did he? (I know. I’m shocked, too.)

As for the political theater regarding Brett Kavanaugh, grab some fried chicken. Cuz remember: The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

We know this is so because every Looney Lefty in the country says it is. And, hey. If you can’t trust a Leftista, who can you trust?

Take these college students, for example. These brain surgeons were against an imaginary nominee the president hadn’t even named yet. (Also known as “Monday” in Leftista circles.)

Reactionary group think. Also known as Who’s on First? Or in Leftista circles: Every day.

One last thing. The next time you hear some Leftista caterwauling about a Republican prez appointing a “right wing ideologue” – whatever that is – to the high court, just remember:



*I already did that at What’s Up With Democrat Meltdown Over Next SCOTUS Pick?

What’s REALLY Driving Dem Outrage Over Family Separations at Border?

Outrage over children being separated from their parents while attempting to cross the border illegally burst onto the national scene this week like a meteor falling from the heavens. The flames of righteous indignation have been running at fever pitch ever since, with Democrats pulling out all the stops to make political hay out of the issue.

While Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy on the matter may be a bridge too far, Barack Obama, patron saint of sleight of hand, did much the same. So why the Democratic outrage now? (For additional background, see the June 18 White House Press Briefing.)

Is this really about a “moral and humanitarian crisis” at the border? (Hillary Clinton decrying a “moral crisis”? Like she’d know?) Has the Party of Debt, Dependency and Detroit suddenly grown a conscience? The party of abortion on demand suddenly cares about babies? Wanna buy a beachfront bridge in Barstow?

The answer to all of the above is basically: give me a break. So what’s up with all the Pecksniffian sermonizing on the subject from the blue side of the aisle?

Well. Look at the timing. Doesn’t the fact that family detention centers, are just now coming under Democratic fire seem a teensy-weensy bit peculiar? Disingenuous?

At the risk of linking arms with rank cynicism, one must wonder if this sudden attack of conscience on the part of Democrats isn’t really an attempt to create a diversion? Focus attention away from something so potentially devastating to them and their patron saint that they’ve manufactured a “crisis” of epic proportions?

To wit: If Dems are really concerned about families being separated at the border, then where have they been for the last several years? (Pro tip: Whenever Democrats start a fire like this, look for what they’re trying to hide behind the smoke.)

Odd, isn’t it, that the Democratic Outrage Machine didn’t hit fever pitch until this week? Like, just a few days after the Justice Department’s IG report on Comey, the FBI, and the 2016 election came out?

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Also a coincidence: 1) Powering up outrage as the Mueller probe and the “Russian collusion” narrative fold like a cheap suit while Democrats try to run out the clock on congressional investigations into DOJ and FBI corruption; 2) Dems likewise maneuvering to retake the House in November and bring said investigations to a screeching halt. Especially since additional evidence and the IG’s 500-page report may have huge ramifications for the mid-terms, the 3D Party, and their patron saints.

When fully divulged, the truth about FBI Trump haters and the Obama regime may very well make Watergate look like a garden party and Tricky Dick look like a piker.

We can’t have anyone see through that smoke now, can we?

So while Democrats shed fake crocodile tears at an IG report hearing over kids at the border and sleazy snake oil salesmen like Chuck Schumer and Patty Murray pretend to care about same, remember that these same people rejected a legislative fix. Then ask why?

Finally, no sane person with an ounce of decency wants to see families torn apart at the border or anywhere else. Even worse, however, is watching Democratic hucksters use such heart-rending scenes and situations as a shell game to score cheap politcal points.

For shame.

WA Primary Stirs Up ‘Trick Memory,’ Cream Cheese

I have one of those ‘trick memories.’ I can remember a conversation from five years ago word-for-word without breaking a sweat. Or every ingredient on the back of a cereal box. In alphabetical order. Other times I can’t remember what I had for lunch.

Filing week is history. It stirred up that there ‘trick memory’ a la races at the county and U.S. Senate level. Like:

Grays Harbor County Commissioner, District 3.

Incumbent Vickie Raines is running unòpposed for a second term.

Both local parties did the smart thing for once, resisting the temptation to throw challengers into this race whose main qualification is the ability to fog a mirror. Nothing like wasting time, money, and effort running the equivalent of a cart pony against Secretariat.

PCO Filings

Got the list from Scott Turnbull at County Elections yesterday. Looks like Grays Harbor Rs and Ds both fielded a whopping 17 PCO candidates this cycle, with very little new blood.

U.S. Senate

One of these days incumbent Maria Can’twell (that’s not a typo) may get a real job. But don’t count on it.

What makes this race interesting – or amusing, depending on how you look at it – is the field heading into the August primary. I mean, have you seen the filings for this seat? I’m waiting for Rod Serling to show up.

Former WSRP Chair Susan Hutchison filed to run against Can’twell late last Friday, the last day to file. Doubtless Suze will advance to the General. (That ambassadorship appointment didn’t pan out?)

No one needs to be unseated like Can’twell. But Susie Cream Cheese? She’s no Conservative. In fact, SCC is as ‘Establishment’ as they come.

Don’t think so? All you gotta do is remember, among other things, how Cream Cheese Babe treated Cruz delegates at the 2016 RNC convention in Cleveland. Or how this idiot treated Ted Cruz at same.

I do.

We may be stuck with Cream Cheese Babe in November. But Primaries are sweet. Unlike the General, where you’re often stuck with Tweedledee or Tweedledum as options, you can vote your conscience – and your memory – in the Primary.

Which is why I won’t be voting for Cream Cheese Babe in August.

How’s your breakfast cereal?

State Legislative Scorecard: The Good, The Not-So-Good, and the MIA

The Chinese water torture session that’s been going on in Olympia is finally winding down. Not surprisingly, individual liberty, religious freedom, Second Amendment rights, and pretty much anything relating to common sense have taken a beating during Washington’s 2018 legislative session.

Once again, the so-called party of “choice” showed itself to be anything but, with Democrats showing their true colors as the Party of Eugenics and Big Brother Thuggery.

Rep. Matt Shea explains:

You can also watch at this link.

For those of us stuck in the 24th LD (Clallam and Jefferson Counties and parts of Grays Harbor), the 2018 legislative session has been – also not surprisingly – like stumbling around the dance floor a la the Beautiful Blue Wall (with profound apologies to Johann Strauss).

This year I’ve made dozens of contacts by phone, email, and personal visit with Reps. Mike Chapman, Steve Tharinger, and Senator Kevin Van De Wege of the 24th LD. Every contact was firm but polite. No flame-throwing. I requested responses from all.

From one day:

Here’s my Response SCORECARD for 24th LD legislators:

The Good: Rep. Mike Chapman

I received the most responses from Rep. Chapman’s office, by a wide margin. It may have taken some time, but Rep. Chapman generally got back to me. On occasion, his office also included external links to additional material or sources per my request.

To be clear, I don’t agree with Rep. Chapman on much of anything. But at least he makes constituent communications a priority. That’s certainly more than can be said of either Thoughtless Tharinger or Van De Wege.

The Not-So-Good: Sen. Kevin Van De Wege

From January through today, I’ve received a total of two responses from Sen. Kevin Van De Wege, usually a month to six weeks after my initial contact. In both instances, he seemingly waited until after a bill cleared the Senate and was on its way to the House before responding. Like: “Well, golly gee whillikiers. Thanks for contacting me, but that ship has already sailed.”


The MIA: Rep. Steve Thoughtless Tharinger

Guess which state legislator gets the Big Raspberry Award?

Tharinger’s office posted a total score of zero in the response category for 2018. Zero. Zip. Nada. As in, I haven’t receive a single response from Tharinger on anything during the entire legislative session to date. Not one. This, despite specifically requesting responses with each contact. That includes hand-written notes from outside the House chamber in Olympia.

In fact, I can’t recall ever receiving any response from Thoughtless Tharinger on anything. Ever. And he’s been in office for four terms.

Who keeps voting for this guy?

Incidentally, all three 24th LD legislators – Chapman, Thoughtless Tharinger and Van De Wege – voted for SB 6617, which explicitly exempts state lawmakers from the state’s Public Records Act. Here’s the roll call vote.

Meanwhile, some of the worst Yea votes from “Larry, Moe, and Curly” include votes:

  • For the Abortion Insurance Mandate bill, SB 6219, which passed without a single amendment to protect religious freedom or conscientious objections or prohibit abortions based on the sex of the child.
  • For SB 6037, the paid surrogacy bill also known as “rent-a-womb,” allowing the commercialization of childbirth. Democrats refused every amendment, including the release of medical records to the child so s/he can have a full medical and genetic history. (See Shea video, above.)
  • For SB 5722, the “conversion therapy ban” bill. This bill essentially bans Christian counselors from practicing according to the tenets of their faith.

So much for “choice…” I call cow pucky!

Biggest Take-Away From The 2018 Session: If you’re a conservative, forget trying to lobby these guys. Your time, effort, and energy would be much better spent on getting them un-elected.

The good news: Chapman and Thoughtless Tharinger are up for re-election in November. I say it’s time for a change.

Who’s with me?

***UPDATE on SB 6219, 8:34 p.m.:

While the bill did pass the House, an amendment was attached. Not a conscience-related amendment or any kind of protection related amendment. BUT this means SSB 6219 (that’s not a typo) has to go back to the Senate for reconciliation. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SENATOR ASAP and tell them to vote against the bill, especially if you’re in the 24th and your Senator is Van De Wege:


Olympia office: (360) 786-7646

Cell: (360) 477-0548

***UPDATE: March 23, 5:00 p.m.

The state legislature adjourned on March 8. To date, I have not received a single response from Thoughtless Tharinger’s office on anything. Not once. For the entire session.

Go figure.

Year-End Wrap Up

Hello Friends and Happy New Year!

The ball is about ready to drop in the Big Apple. Merry-makers everywhere will soon ring in the new year. Time for a quick look at our top posts and most popular topics of 2017, followed by a word about Twitter.

Nutshell: a total of 88 posts over eight active months. The most popular post reading day is Friday (30% of views). The most popular hour is 6:00 p.m. 

The Top 12 Conservelocity posts of 2017 were, in descending order:

  1. Is Aberdeen Mayor Courting Conflict of Interest in Tesla Deal? (picked up by Teslarati,
  2. Russ Burke Lawsuit Over
  3. State Legislator$ Talk $, ‘Vexacious’ at County
  4. GUEST AUTHOR: Montesanoans Chime In On Roundabout, Rest Stop
  5. GUEST AUTHOR: Stop the Train Wreck in Montesano!
  6. Dear “Women’s March”-ers: No, You Don’t
  7. Mayor to Montesanoans on Roundabout, Rest Stop: ‘Sit Down and Shut Up’?
  8. “TNT” at County Commission
  9. Why I’m No Longer a “Constitutional Conservative”
  10. GUEST AUTHOR: Mayor or Monarch in Montesano?
  11. Remembering Ray Brown
  12. Is Patty Murrary an Idiot?

Most Clicks:

Most Frequent Commenters:

Em, Kent, and pst4USA

One last thing. As you know by now, President Trump signed the historic tax overhaul bill just before Christmas. It includes a repeal of probably the most odious portion of Obama’s signature legislation, the individual mandate. About time.

Note to “Full Repealers”: Folks, full repeal wasn’t gonna happen. It was a nice idea, but “full repeal” was a pipe dream right out of the gate. Not gonna say “I told you so,” but I did tell you so… (See: Did ‘Conservatives’ Miss the Boat on Healthcare Bill?)

Did I say “one last thing”? Okay. I fibbed. Second last thing: Twitter Dump.

Did you hear about the latest Twitter purge? It began on December 18. Lots of Conservative tweeters jumped ship to The Other Platform.

Explains Truth Revolt:

In anticipation of the Twitter purge, some users have switched to using Gab — a competitive social media outlet which states it “champions free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of information online.”

The Other Platform (TOP) welcomes everyone. Including those I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. It’s miniscule compared to the Twitter behemoth. But the TOP playing field is level. And rather than some Lefty bigot determining which account/content clears posting muster, The Other Platform puts the responsibility for muting, unfollowing, or otherwise dumping objectionable accounts/users on The Individual User.  You’re also allowed 300 characters per message, more than twice the usual Twitter limit.

Notes Squawker:

It will take time for this daring young platform to catch up with Twitter’s numbers, but it’s clear that people are giving up on Twitter and their outlandish rules of self conduct.

“Daring young platform.” I’m likin’ the sound of that. How ’bout you?  

 Best Wishes for a Healthy, Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2018!