‘Grab Bag II,’ Conniption Fits, & Clueless Cassowaries

Holding tight to whatever? Good. Cuz we’re going to go fast today, covering a bunch of random stuff. You might want to buckle up.

First: Repealing Obamacare. I support Graham-Cassidy, basically for the same reasons the Family Research Council and the Susan B. Anthony List have endorsed Graham-Cassidy. Their September 15 press release reads in part:

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Grab Bag

It’s “Grab Bag” day. That’s when we throw a bunch of stuff into the hopper and see what comes out on top. Ready? Good! Let’s go, starting with…

DACA. This stroke of executive amnesty from Herr Obama should be discontinued and returned to Congress if for no other reason than it’s illegal. The executive branch doesn’t make law. The legislative branch does. Not that anyone’s counting or anything.

While we’re on the subject – sort of – is the Statue of Liberty about importing immigrants or exporting liberty? What say you?

Meanwhile, hasn’t it been interesting to watch Let’s Make a Label when it comes to immigration? It used to be “illegal aliens.” Then it was “illegal immigrants.” Followed by “undocumented immigrants.” Now the Label du Jour seems to be “undocumented citizens.”

Well, shoot. If we’re going to play Let’s Make a Label on this, can we at least be honest?  Wouldn’t “unregistered Democrats” be more accurate?

Speaking of Democrats,

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