What’s Up With Democrat Meltdown Over Next SCOTUS Pick?

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The Democrat Gal Pal Outrage Machine kicked into overdrive following last week’s announcement that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring. Where these people are on the Marquise de Corruptocratia’s cozy relationship, et.al., with serial swine Harvey Weinstein remains unclear. Why they haven’t made Bill Clinton the honorary chair of a #ToMe campaign is equally unclear.

But I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah.

As you know, much of the Lefty Collectivist meltdown surrounding an upcoming Supreme Court nominee a la The Donald focuses on the possible reversal – gasp! – of Roe v. Wade.

Well, folks. That “landmark abortion rights” ruling was bad law in 1973. Based on a lie, it’s still bad law. But to Leftists and weak-kneed “Republican” senators like Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins who worship at the “pro-choice” altar, Roe is their patron saint.

I mean, really. Between Mad Max Waters and Elizabeth Pretendian Warren, the Leftivist Mother of All Hissy Fits over the possibility of an actual originalist on the high court is like watching grainy re-runs of Creature From the Black Lagoon. With bad lighting.

Why so shrill? Because they know what’s at stake. Failing at the legislature, Leftistas have turned to the courts to implement their agendas instead. For years. The mere notion that an orginalist on the high court might spoil their fun or rain on their ideological parade has them in full-on, four-alarm meltdown mode. Because an originalist will base decisions on, um, the actual text of the Constitution based on the intent of its authors, etc., instead of tea, leaves, tarot cards, or shadowy “penumbra.” (Hi, Harry Blackmun.)

For a Leftista, the prospect is terrifying. Hence the frothing-at-the-mouth histrionics all across the fruited plain.

Since Roe is now front and center in the firestorm over a Trump SCOTUS nominee, now seems like a good time to revisit the following post. From March 2017. You may recall that the House failure to repeal Obamacare was big news then. But it wasn’t and isn’t the seminal issue of the day. (This post is somewhat longish. But it’s important, especially in light of the current political landscape a la the Kennedy retirement.)

So, what’s the seminal issue of the day? Read on to find out:

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Turning Up the Heat on Left-Wing Media Bias

Sick and tired of left-wing media bias? How ‘bout non-stop smear campaigns against conservatives? What about, lies, distortions, vitriol and personal animus disguised as “reportage” (Hi, CNN, MSNBC & Co.)?

Yesterday I told you how you can fight back with the Media Equality Project. (For background, see: Media Equality Project Fights Fire With Fire, Targets Maddow. Hashtag: #StopTheScalpings.)

One of the worst offenders in the Media Bias and Buffoonery category is Rachel Maddow. If you’re sick to death of Maddow’s serial hatred for all things conservative, fight back by voicing your opposition to her advertisers. Hit them where it counts – their bottom line. Like:

Dear (Surname of contact):

I am writing to ask you to please stop backing the Rachel Maddow show with your advertising dollars. Ad buys on her show are embarrassing to you. Do you really want to support a world champion tin foil hat conspiracy theorist and serial hater?

We work hard for our money. We refuse to purchase or use any of your products or services until you pull your support for Rachel Maddow’s hateful, biased and untruthful “reporting.”

Thank you,

Each contact is customized to the individual recipient/product. You get the idea.

Want to join the fun? Here’s a list of advertisers and sponsors for the Rachel Maddow Show, per the Media Equality Project. Contact information is included.

If an eddress is unavailable, as in the case of Kraft/Velveeta, you can use the handy-dandy contact form on their corporate web site. Keep it short and to the point. Here’s what I said:

Please rest assured that NO Kraft/Velveeta products will cross my family’s threshold until you pull ALL advertising support from the Rachel Maddow show.

See? Simple.

Not the email/phone call/raise a ruckus type, but still want to join the party? Don’t fret. You can still help the Media Equality Project fight fire with a donation. A PayPal link for that purpose is included at the bottom of this page.

Visit StopTheScalpings on Facebook

Media Equality Project co-founders Melanie Morgan and Brian Maloney appeared on the May 31 edition of Sean Hannity’s show. The segment relevant to the current groundswell of support for the project begins at about 16:40:

While you’re at it:

Speaking of speaking up and speaking out, guess how many responses I received from Rep. Steve Tharinger (D-24th) to numerous contacts with his office during this legislative session? Aw, come on. Guess.

Well, okay. I’ll tell you. Ready? Zero. That’s right.  Zip. Zilch. Nada. Not a single response to any call or email.

Isn’t Tharinger up for re-election next year?


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How to Melt a Snowflake in 5 Easy Steps

There are about a million ways to melt a snowflake. All it takes is about two seconds and half a brain. Here are five options:

  1. Use something other than mono-syllabic sentences.
  2. Stand respectfully and remove your hat during the National Anthem. Bonus points: place your hand over your heart and belt out the rockets red glare at nose bleed volume.
  3. Disagree
  4. Disagree using facts.
  5. Invite a common sense conservative to speak on a college campus, aka: free speech-free zones. Like David Horowitz.

In an April 13 email to supporters, Unbelievable: I Was Censored at Berkeley, Horowitz describes how the snowflake brigade reacted when College Republicans – gasp ! – invited him to speak at UC Bigotry on April 12:

In my case, the administration insisted that the speech take place at 1 pm, when most students are in class, and at a site a half mile away from the campus itself. But that wasn’t enough. UC Campus Police Chief Yao, in a moment that called up Lewis Carroll as well as Kafka and Orwell, told me that College Republicans could announce the event but not tell people where it would take place.

But the administration wasn’t through. Two days before the event, the College Republicans were summoned to a meeting with Vice Chancellor Sutton and UCPD Captain Yao to be told that in addition to the other burdens their club was going to be charged $5,778 for “security” and an additional $2,000 for rental on the room that was half a mile from campus.

Doubtless Chuck Schumer and Rachel Maddow would receive similar treatment, right?

Horowitz continues:

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Did ‘Conservatives’ Miss the Boat on Healthcare Bill?

Obamacare Lite. Obamacare 2.0. Ryan Care. Furious that the latest House GOP attempt to repeal Obamacare, the American Health Care Act, didn’t go far enough toward that end, “conservatives” spent the last few weeks torching the bill. Despite last-minute arm-twisting by the White House, the AHCA was yanked from the House floor on Friday because it lacked the votes to pass.

Just what, exactly, does this mean?

Answer: That depends.

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Democrats on Gorsuch: Giving ‘Proud Extremists’ Hope, One Stupid Talking Point at a Time

Senate Democrats caucus to discuss ‘confirmation hearing’ talking points. Or… Tuesday.

Don’tcha love watching Democrats be Democrats? Especially on the Senate Judiciary Committee, where they’re supposedly participating in “hearings” on President Trump’s pick for the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s some of the best entertainment in town. Especially watching partisan political hacks like Senators Dianne “witch burning” Feinstein, Patrick “Anita Hill” Leahy and Co. trying to sound like anything other than partisan political hacks.

It’s like Amateur Night at the Bijou with Larry, Moe, and Curly.

But seriously. There is a silver lining. Sort of. If today’s confirmation hearings have shown us anything, it’s how utterly vacuous, inane, and koo-koo for cocoa puffs the Democratic Party is on just about everything. Ditto how “open-minded” they are. Think stainless steel vise.

Yea, verily. The galactic hypocrisy of the party that routinely touts itself as a paragon of diversity, inclusivity and tolerance is on full display in these hearings as anything but. At least they all got the same talking points and are staying on script. (We wouldn’t want any actual, original thought to disrupt their pre-fab agenda now, would we?)

For example, I received the following email this afternoon from the DNC. The subject line was, re: Neil Gorsuch. It goes like:

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Conservative Women Co-Opt Lib ‘Day Without A Woman’

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Was your workplace and/or home woman-less yesterday? Did your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, daughter, associate or Aunt Bertha go on strike?

Liberal women pitched another hissy fit on Wednesday, when pro-abortion Women’s March organizers co-opted the day to hold a “Day Without a Woman” strike protesting gender discrimination. They also railed against “patriarchy” in America by not showing up for work. Or something.

A couple questions:

Where were the marches and rallies protesting Sharia law? And since we’re all up in arms over ‘gender discrimination,’ what about the 750 million girl babies aborted since 1980?

As Margot Cleveland wrote for The Federalist this week:

 “Today, then, while our privileged sisters enjoy their pity party over the election of Donald Trump—which is really what the strike is about—the rest of us can pause and pray for the women the world is really without, and for those whose lives are worse off because of their absence.”

Cleveland noted research from the Guttmacher Institute indicating that approximately 750 million girls have been aborted worldwide since 1980.

While the usual suspects spent Wednesday trotting out the gender card, playing the blame game and diving neck-deep into Victimhood 101, conservative women were having none of it. They took to social media in response. In fact, the grown-ups in the room – conservative women – not only showed up for work on Wednesday, we co-opted the #DayWithoutAWoman hashtag with a few of our own: #NotMyProtest and #WeShowUp.

Here’s a sampling of some of the tweets conservative women posted to remind America that screaming liberal meemies don’t represent us. Not now. Not ever:

Jenn @PossNBoots

While feminists protest & demand respect, the women on the right continue to work hard & earn it. #WeShowUp #ADayWithoutAWoman

7:05 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Sherri Hayes @Boobear0905

This is what I do, all day, every day – saving lives!! This is how I honor International Women’s Day! #weshowup

5:10 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Beth Plybon @BethPlybon

I’m a woman & I’m marching today…marching right into my classroom to do my job because I’m a responsible adult. #NotMyProtest #WeShowUp

5:32 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Denise4Trump🇺🇸 @MemphisGrits2

#WeShowUp Teaching our daughters responsibility, teachers who take off don’t care about kids, just union paychecks.

6:55 AM – 8 Mar 2017

🍀Amy Curtis🍀 @VLRAmyCurtis

They need me. Far more than I need feminism to get government to run my life. #WeShowUp #daywithoutawoman

5:21 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Vetters @ManzanoYvette

#WeShowUp because I am the role model for my kids not #feminist wannabes. My kids will know true results with hard work, not tantrums.

7:03 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Emma @politics_n_prep

#WeShowUp because neglecting your responsibilities has nothing to do with female empowerment.

7:03 AM – 8 Mar 2017


DizzyBritches @BelmarCPA

#WeShowUp I’m retired now. But I had a serious job, and I always showed up to do it. Serious women take responsibility.

7:23 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Shauna Johnson @ShaunaJ1776

#weshowup Men are not the enemy, work is not, Republicans are not. Self-obsessed victimhood is the enemy. Don’t paralyze our girls with it.

7:12 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Ann Thomas @Deibliane1

I’m ready for a busy day of work in this amazing Free Country that promote and value women #weshowup

6:56 AM – 8 Mar 2017


Liberals typically treat women as a one-size-fits-all monolith that marches lockstep with their government-centric, pro-abortion agenda.

Like that’s not patronizing or anything.

Meanwhile, I have an idea. Can we launch a “#YearWithoutAWoman” project if it includes Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Elizabeth Fauxahontas Warren, Rosie O’Donnell and Vini ‘Free’ Wi Fi/Rest Stop/Roundabout Samuel?



H/T: Constitution.com

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An Open Letter to Donald Trump & Friends

Public Domain
Public Domain

Dear Friends:

You missed the Big Dance on Wednesday. The chance to “unify” the party. Grasp the art of subtlety. Show some class. Do something other than pitch a collective fit because you didn’t get your way.

At least you’re consistent.

So Ted Cruz didn’t utter the “e word” for Donald Trump during his speech in Cleveland. Big freakin’ deal. Did you really expect a passionate, principled conservative to suddenly jettison his passion and principles for the sake of political convenience?

Get real.

No, the Texas senator didn’t accuse Trump’s dad of helping Lee Harvey Oswald shortly after the Kennedy assassination. Drag Trump through National Enquirer mud. Fire up another venomous hashtag campaign. Brutally savage his family. Launch vile, vicious personal attacks like black flies dive-bombing a summer picnic.

In short, Ted Cruz wasn’t Donald Trump.  Thank God.

By the way friends, did you miss the content of Cruz’s speech? Were you so fixated on hearing a single word that you missed what was easily the best, most substantive convention speech thus far?

For those who are “blasting” Cruz for not “endorsing” Trump, get a grip. Give a listen to New Gingrich’s comments following the senator’s address. In case you missed the substance, Gingrich points it out for you. Too bad you’re too busy swinging the “unity” sledgehammer to catch that subtlety. Pity.

While we’re on the subject, kindly spare me the sanctimonious pledge breaking” caterwauling. Herr Trump beat everyone to the punch on that one.

Meanwhile, some of us are old enough to remember the 1976 Republican convention when Ronald Reagan very nearly snatched the nomination from incumbent Gerald Ford. Trying to draw comparisons between then and now, some allege that Reagan “endorsed” Ford during his August 19 speech. Except for one thing. It never happened. But thanks again for demonstrating the difference between a three year-old and a Trump supporter: You can reason with a three year-old.

Speaking of which, I remember that convention. I remember that speech. I remember Gerald Ford. And Donald, darlin’, You Are No Gerald Ford. Heck, you’re barely a “Republican.” Whatever that means. No one seems to know anymore. (Remember how 1976 panned out for Gerry?)

Sanctimonious caterwauling and Trumper Tantrums aside, something remarkable was on display at Quicken Loan Arena on Wednesday night. In a political landscape too often littered with caving, rudderless compromise and spineless jellyfish, courage and integrity took center stage.

For those who paid attention, Ted Cruz did exactly what he’s been doing for years: Stare down the political establishment. Stick to his guns. Refuse to kneel before the altar of political expediency. Instead, he encouraged constitutional conservatives to turn out in November and vote their conscience. (Translation for Branch Trumpidians: turn out in November and vote your conscience.)

No, Ted Cruz did not do the easy thing on Wednesday night. But he did the right thing. Going toe-to-toe with the haters, he refused to back down and dump his core convictions, stooping to the level of “endorsing” a New York carnival barker. In so doing, Cruz emerged as the undisputed leader of the modern conservative movement.

Ted, ya done good.