An Open Letter to Kavanaugh Hearing Hecklers

Sens. Durbin, Feinstein, Booker and Leahy take a break during the Kavanaugh confirmation circus.

Dear Kavanaugh Hearing Hecklers:

We see you. We hear you. And we’re laughing at you.

Because you’re hilarious. Because your attempts to smear an eminently qualified jurist and disrupt a Senate committee hearing put you and your agenda on full display as bankrupt, desperate, and in dire need of a nanny.  Because you’ve also provided beaucoup reasons why not to take you or your ideologies seriously.

Missing your coloring books and nap time much?

(I’m not going to include a video link or anything else chronicling your rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth antics. Your off-the-rails lunacy. Because you don’t rate it. After all, you got paid for your fifteen seconds of fame. Frankly, that’s about $49.99 more than your performance is worth.)

Let us guess, heckleristas. You eat tofu. Drive a Prius. Haven’t figured out that the bearded, bereted Cuban on your T-shirt was a mass murderer. Have never heard of Solzenhitsyn. The old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Think Venezuela is a model economy. That someone else will pay for all your “free” stuff. That the First, Second, Fourth and Tenth Amendments are suggestions. That government gets to pick winners and losers instead of ensuring a level playing field for equal competition. You can’t define “essential principles” with a dictionary. Can’t find a real job so you show up at Senate hearings. You blame it on a bad video. Think you can still “keep your doctor.” (Oh, and Sen. Booker? According to Senate rules, the consequences for releasing committee confidential documents include losing your seat. Please God.)

This crap is your best shot? Really, hecklers? Cuz you’re pathetic. Laughable. And possibly the best comedy act since Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First?

So thanks, losers. Thanks for showing us how easy it is to out-class Dick Durbin & Co. What ignorance and intolerance really look like. That you and your allies in the Party of Debt, Dependency and Decay haven’t had a new idea since Woodrow Wilson.

Thanks for showing us the utter hypocrisy and bigotry of the Democratic Party. What Christophohia and originalism-obia look like. Ditto bad manners, sore losers, too much tofu and sheer stupidity. Aka in Lefty quarters: “Thursday.”

Thanks for showing the whole world your true colors. How Leftista looney tunes look and sound. Again.

Thank you for giving thinking Americans more reasons to boot your ideological cronies out of office in November.

And thanks for giving Brett Kavanaugh the chance to shine. To show that he knows his stuff backwards and forwards and upside down. That he’s a profile in courage who keeps his cool under pressure. Which is a whole lot more than we can say of you. Because he’s not going to get Borked. Deal with it.

Now. Go pick up your room and take out the trash. By the way, we’re cutting your allowance. And you’re going to need to move out of the basement. So start looking for a real job.


Mom and Dad


Primary Perspective

As my old boss used to say, “Half of life is just showing up.” Early Primary returns indicate that far too many Republican and Independent voters didn’t get that memo as Republican incumbents and challengers in both the 19th and the 24th legislative districts under-performed on election night.

In the 19th, Republican incumbent Jim Walsh struggled in his first re-election bid. He got 48.43% of the vote on election night to Democrat challenger Erin Fraser‘s 51.57% district-wide. Walsh tightened the race but was still behind in Grays Harbor, 49.2% to 50.8%. Douglas Dwightman also trailed U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer:

Incumbent Brian Blake easily out-distanced Republican challenger Joel McEntire, 60.02% to 21.38%. McEntire spent most of the campaign season deployed to Kuwait.

Early results in the 24th were similarly uninspiring for Republicans challenging Democrat Representatives Mike Chapman and Steve Tharinger. Challengers Jodi Wilke and Jim McEntire snagged 38.55%and 40.03% of the vote, respectively. Both Republicans posted better numbers in Grays Harbor. But weak district-wide results are unlikely to draw as much GOP attention or funding as anticipated heading into November.

The Auditor’s race provided a lone bright spot on Tuesday night. Republican challenger Joe MacLean advanced to the General, leading a three-way race with 43.68% of the vote. Whether that’ll stand up in November against Jasmine Dickhoff remains uncertain.

Also in Grays Harbor, only about a third of registered voters bothered to return their ballots. Ballots are still coming in. But these early results are pretty underwhelming.

Meanwhile, what’s up with the “Republican base”? Why did do so many Rs and Is apparently choose to stay home? Will the No Show Trend reverse in November? Can Republicans turn it around?

What say you?

My Primary Picks 2018

Primary season is upon us! I’ll get to my primary picks in a minute. But first, a brief word of explanation regarding this year’s ballot:

  1. If there’s only one horse in a particular race and said “horse” is running under the Big Government Socialist Party of Debt, Dependency & Desperation banner, I leave the bubble blank or go write-in rather than vote for a Dem.
  2. I don’t vote Big Government Socialist 3D Party. Period. But I’m making an exception this year in one race: County Clerk. The negatives surrounding incumbent Janice Louthan could choke a camel. Time for a change. That’s why I’m voting Kym Foster. See her Facebook page here.  (If Foster turns out to be a lemon, we vote her out next election. But it’s time to give Louthan the boot.)
  3. Nice to see Sheriff Rick Scott finally lose the “D” and run as No Party Preference. (Why is sheriff a partisan office?)


Here are my ballot picks:


Our family was split on this one. Half voted for Art Coday. Half voted for Joey Gibson. Go figure.

Regarding support for Susie Cream Cheese Hutchison in the primary, I have just two words: No. Way. Here’s why (short version): WA Primary Stirs Up ‘Trick Memory,’ Cream Cheese.


Douglas Dightman


I’m keeping especially close tabs on these two races. Why in the world would anyone give The Blue Ghost of Grays Harbor – calcified, ivory-towered, unengaged and disconnected incumbent Steve Tharinger – another term to screw up rural western Washington? No thanks!

Jodi Wilke – Pos. 1

Jim McEntire – Pos. 2


Vickie Raines


Joe MacLean


With the exception of MacLean, not a single Republican filed to run for any of the eight county partisan offices on the ballot. Why is that? It appears that filing No Party Preference or Non Partisan is preferable to running under the “R” banner in this county. Why is that again? (I have my opinions on this. What are yours?)



Looking for a race not listed here? That’s probably because I either don’t live in that district or I don’t care. If you have a candidate you want to recommend, holler. Tell me why you’re supporting him or her and I may add them to my picks.

Ballots are due back on August 7.

5 REAL Reasons Democrats Oppose Brett Kavanaugh

Dontcha love the smell of Democrat meltdowns in the morning? Why, the hysterics and histrionics Democrats and their ideological soul mates are launching at Brett Kavanaugh are priceless. I haven’t had this much fun since Lucy and Ethel and:

Indeed, the Dem meltdown over Brett Kavanaugh says more about Dems than it does the high court nominee*. As usual, the Leftista rule of thumb regarding any Republican nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court goes like:

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What Did Rep. Derek Kilmer Say About This Dem?

Sorry to disappoint you. But I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the latest version of Chicken Little, aka: the Leftista meltdown over Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.* Except this: If Chuck Schumer and Pals are going to plant their opposition flag in stare decisis a la Roe, they may want to consider, to name a few:

Here are some more: 15 Supreme Court Decisions That Shredded the Constitution.

In other words, you Pecksniffian hypocrites, be careful what you wish for. And where you plant your flag.

That being said, I want to touch on something else today. Like Rep. Maxine Waters’ recent comments about harassing Trump supporters/administration officials:

I decided to ask my representative about that. So I sent this email to Rep. Derek Kilmer:

“When are you going to condemn Rep. Maxine Waters’s incendiary rhetoric, specifically her Saturday comments at a Los Angeles rally and during an MSNBC interview later the same day?

Here’s the screen shot of my June 27 email:

June 27, 2018 email to Rep. Kilmer

One sentence. One question.

I didn’t expect much in the way of a substantive response. Rep. Kum-By-Yah Kilmer never disappoints on that score. Here’s his July 9 response:

– or –

Kilmer Response on Waters 07.09.18

A Few Observations:

  • Dontcha love undated form letters addressed to “Dear Friend”? This often means the rep. has been contacted so many times on a given subject, he resorts to Fall Back Position #1: Boiler Plate Form Letter.
  • Democratic republic”? Really? (See para. 2.)
  • Nice dodge.
  • He never answered the question, did he? (I know. I’m shocked, too.)

As for the political theater regarding Brett Kavanaugh, grab some fried chicken. Cuz remember: The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

We know this is so because every Looney Lefty in the country says it is. And, hey. If you can’t trust a Leftista, who can you trust?

Take these college students, for example. These brain surgeons were against an imaginary nominee the president hadn’t even named yet. (Also known as “Monday” in Leftista circles.)

Reactionary group think. Also known as Who’s on First? Or in Leftista circles: Every day.

One last thing. The next time you hear some Leftista caterwauling about a Republican prez appointing a “right wing ideologue” – whatever that is – to the high court, just remember:



*I already did that at What’s Up With Democrat Meltdown Over Next SCOTUS Pick?

What’s Up With Democrat Meltdown Over Next SCOTUS Pick?

Wikipedia Commons

The Democrat Gal Pal Outrage Machine kicked into overdrive following last week’s announcement that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring. Where these people are on the Marquise de Corruptocratia’s cozy relationship,, with serial swine Harvey Weinstein remains unclear. Why they haven’t made Bill Clinton the honorary chair of a #ToMe campaign is equally unclear.

But I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah.

As you know, much of the Lefty Collectivist meltdown surrounding an upcoming Supreme Court nominee a la The Donald focuses on the possible reversal – gasp! – of Roe v. Wade.

Well, folks. That “landmark abortion rights” ruling was bad law in 1973. Based on a lie, it’s still bad law. But to Leftists and weak-kneed “Republican” senators like Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins who worship at the “pro-choice” altar, Roe is their patron saint.

I mean, really. Between Mad Max Waters and Elizabeth Pretendian Warren, the Leftivist Mother of All Hissy Fits over the possibility of an actual originalist on the high court is like watching grainy re-runs of Creature From the Black Lagoon. With bad lighting.

Why so shrill? Because they know what’s at stake. Failing at the legislature, Leftistas have turned to the courts to implement their agendas instead. For years. The mere notion that an orginalist on the high court might spoil their fun or rain on their ideological parade has them in full-on, four-alarm meltdown mode. Because an originalist will base decisions on, um, the actual text of the Constitution based on the intent of its authors, etc., instead of tea, leaves, tarot cards, or shadowy “penumbra.” (Hi, Harry Blackmun.)

For a Leftista, the prospect is terrifying. Hence the frothing-at-the-mouth histrionics all across the fruited plain.

Since Roe is now front and center in the firestorm over a Trump SCOTUS nominee, now seems like a good time to revisit the following post. From March 2017. You may recall that the House failure to repeal Obamacare was big news then. But it wasn’t and isn’t the seminal issue of the day. (This post is somewhat longish. But it’s important, especially in light of the current political landscape a la the Kennedy retirement.)

So, what’s the seminal issue of the day? Read on to find out:

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What’s REALLY Driving Dem Outrage Over Family Separations at Border?

Outrage over children being separated from their parents while attempting to cross the border illegally burst onto the national scene this week like a meteor falling from the heavens. The flames of righteous indignation have been running at fever pitch ever since, with Democrats pulling out all the stops to make political hay out of the issue.

While Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy on the matter may be a bridge too far, Barack Obama, patron saint of sleight of hand, did much the same. So why the Democratic outrage now? (For additional background, see the June 18 White House Press Briefing.)

Is this really about a “moral and humanitarian crisis” at the border? (Hillary Clinton decrying a “moral crisis”? Like she’d know?) Has the Party of Debt, Dependency and Detroit suddenly grown a conscience? The party of abortion on demand suddenly cares about babies? Wanna buy a beachfront bridge in Barstow?

The answer to all of the above is basically: give me a break. So what’s up with all the Pecksniffian sermonizing on the subject from the blue side of the aisle?

Well. Look at the timing. Doesn’t the fact that family detention centers, are just now coming under Democratic fire seem a teensy-weensy bit peculiar? Disingenuous?

At the risk of linking arms with rank cynicism, one must wonder if this sudden attack of conscience on the part of Democrats isn’t really an attempt to create a diversion? Focus attention away from something so potentially devastating to them and their patron saint that they’ve manufactured a “crisis” of epic proportions?

To wit: If Dems are really concerned about families being separated at the border, then where have they been for the last several years? (Pro tip: Whenever Democrats start a fire like this, look for what they’re trying to hide behind the smoke.)

Odd, isn’t it, that the Democratic Outrage Machine didn’t hit fever pitch until this week? Like, just a few days after the Justice Department’s IG report on Comey, the FBI, and the 2016 election came out?

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Also a coincidence: 1) Powering up outrage as the Mueller probe and the “Russian collusion” narrative fold like a cheap suit while Democrats try to run out the clock on congressional investigations into DOJ and FBI corruption; 2) Dems likewise maneuvering to retake the House in November and bring said investigations to a screeching halt. Especially since additional evidence and the IG’s 500-page report may have huge ramifications for the mid-terms, the 3D Party, and their patron saints.

When fully divulged, the truth about FBI Trump haters and the Obama regime may very well make Watergate look like a garden party and Tricky Dick look like a piker.

We can’t have anyone see through that smoke now, can we?

So while Democrats shed fake crocodile tears at an IG report hearing over kids at the border and sleazy snake oil salesmen like Chuck Schumer and Patty Murray pretend to care about same, remember that these same people rejected a legislative fix. Then ask why?

Finally, no sane person with an ounce of decency wants to see families torn apart at the border or anywhere else. Even worse, however, is watching Democratic hucksters use such heart-rending scenes and situations as a shell game to score cheap politcal points.

For shame.