What I Learned From Washington’s Senators on Brett Kavanaugh

Following today’s Senate cloture vote on the Kavanaugh confirmation – finally – I called and emailed the offices of Senators Tweedledee and Tweedledum urging a Yes vote for the most unjustly-maligned judicial nominee in history. (See: The Maleficent Ten and #tome)

Here’s Tweedledum’s D.C. phone number:

Senator Patty Murray
154 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-2621

Finding a valid phone number for Sen. Tweedledee is like going on safari in the Serengeti. But I found it. Here ya go:

Senator Maria Cantwell

511 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: (202) 224-3441

I’ve contacted both senators repeatedly since Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to the Supreme Court in July. Haven’t had a response from either one. Zip. Zero. Nada.

Color me surprised.

When I called Sen. Murray’s D.C. office today, I got voice mail. Not a staffer. Not a real person. A recorded message. So I left a message urging her to confirm Kavanaugh.

At least a real person answered the phone in Cantwell’s office.  I made my views known and urged a Yes vote for Brett Kavanaugh.

The second I went on record supporting Kavanaugh, the line to Cantwell’s office turned to ice. I mean, you could practically hear the glacier form.

Color me surprised again.

The staffer asked for my zip code, even though I had already identified myself and my place of residence. She said “thank you” and started to hang up. “Wait I minute,” I butted in, “I’m not finished yet.”

She got an earful regarding the shameful, despicable treatment the Clown Party and its ideological allies have thrown at this good man.

What I (re)learned? Washington’s U.S. senators don’t care. (Color me surp…. oh, never mind.) They don’t have to. They’re in a deep blue state. Their re-election is secure into the next millennium.

Or is it?

Remember that ‘sleeping giant’ I mentioned earlier this week?:

A Force Awakens: GOP Voter Intensity Comes Roaring Back Amid Kavanaugh Firestorm

Poll: Kavanaugh Hearing Galvanized Republicans, Erasing Dem Enthusiasm Edge

Yeah, baby!


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Why ‘Proposal’ to Close GH Libraries STINKS!

The Timberland Regional Library is facing a budget shortfall. (Here’s some background.) So it has proposed *closing* four of eight local libraries within Grays Harbor, including my library. You know. Where I spend half my life.

I practically live at the Hoquiam library. It’s my favorite place in town. So when I heard there was a “proposal” afoot to close this library and others, I was a wee bit miffed.

Naw. Not really. I hit the roof.

I contacted all seven members of the Timberland Regional Board of Trustees saying, among other things, “I can’t believe you’re even considering closing this exceptionally valuable community asset!” I also asked if they are intentionally targeting facilities in economically depressed regions for closure? Cuz it kinda looks that way.

You can weigh in too. Here’s the link for the TRL Board of Trustees and their email. Here’s the screenshot:

I also contacted my elected officials at the local, county and state level. That’s kind of what a “roof” looks like in this context.

And no, I am not gonna go to Aberdeen to pick up my books. Or do anything else library-ish. 98% of my trips to the local library are on foot. Been that way for years. The Hoquiam library is about eight pedestrian minutes away. But making a special trip to that brick-and-mortar monster in Aberdeen? Are you kidding me? And have you ever tried to park there?

Additionally, the way this news was sprung on the community – out of the blue – really stinks. See Proposal to Close Libraries Catches Patrons By Surprise.

I attended an all-day library workshop/seminar at Grays Harbor College in May. There wasn’t a whiff of this in the air. I also attended a recent TRL Board meeting held at the Hoquiam library. Not a word. Hoquiam library staff I spoke with today noted that they just had a staff training day on September 12. Zip. Zero. Nada on this.

What the heck?

So I have some questions. Like:

  • How many members of the TRL Board of Trustees actually live or have lived in Grays Harbor (one, at last count)?
  • Are any of these board members aware of how few free, quality resources are available in this community, libraries being at the top of the heap?
  • What’s the point in spending $1M on renovating the Hoquiam library only to have it on the chopping block later?
  • While Grays Harbor may have more library branches than other counties, does closing half of them – 4 out of 8 – make any real sense? Does it occur to anyone that one of the reasons this county has several library branches is because it’s a rural county, and spread out all over the place? Hello?
  • Is it fair or reasonable to ask/expect a rural, economically depressed county and its residents to bear the brunt of financial issues facing the entire district?
  • What kinds of financial demands are unions making on the TRL budget, and how is that contributing to the shortfall?
  • Are any TRL union “collective bargaining sessions” open to the public?

Also, the Hoquiam Timberland Library is part of the five-county Timberland Regional Library system. It includes 27 libraries in Grays Harbor, Pacific, Lewis, Thurston and Mason counties. How many libraries in bigger, more metropolitan areas are expected to tighten their belts to help close the projected shortfall? By how much? If not, why not? Is a disproportionate amount of the $ burden falling on Grays Harbor? Why?

While ensconced in my favorite Hoquiam library reading cubby hole today, I heard one patron after another voice concern over this “proposal.” People are not happy.

I know, I know. It’s “complicated.” It’s about “sustainability.” Yada, yada, yada. And TRL is looking for input. Here’s mine: Since Hoquiam voted to annex into TRL, how ‘bout we vote to un-annex out of it?

Oh, wait. Facing a huge public backlash, TRL back-pedaled furiously, saying  the closure “proposal” is “…just that, a proposal. It was created for the TRL Facilities Committee to review and evaluate to help shape the future of Timberland Regional Library.”

Fine. Here’s the deal: Hands off my library.

What say you?

The Maleficent Ten and #tome

WARNING: Epic rant in progress. Proceed with caution.

(Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

I am ANGRY. Outraged. Nauseated. Utterly incensed at what Democrats and their ideological allies are trying to do to Brett Kavanaugh.

I’ve deliberately avoided weighing in on this shameful Democrat-fueled sleazefest for four main reasons:

  • We’ve been out on a multi-day hiking trip.
  • It makes me sick.
  • I’ve seen better behavior on a preschool playground. Smarter, too.
  • The keyboard would’ve melted. (It may still do that.)

Attention keyboard: you’re just gonna have to suck it up. Cuz here goes:

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An Open Letter to Kavanaugh Hearing Hecklers

Sens. Durbin, Feinstein, Booker and Leahy take a break during the Kavanaugh confirmation circus.

Dear Kavanaugh Hearing Hecklers:

We see you. We hear you. And we’re laughing at you.

Because you’re hilarious. Because your attempts to smear an eminently qualified jurist and disrupt a Senate committee hearing put you and your agenda on full display as bankrupt, desperate, and in dire need of a nanny.  Because you’ve also provided beaucoup reasons why not to take you or your ideologies seriously.

Missing your coloring books and nap time much?

(I’m not going to include a video link or anything else chronicling your rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth antics. Your off-the-rails lunacy. Because you don’t rate it. After all, you got paid for your fifteen seconds of fame. Frankly, that’s about $49.99 more than your performance is worth.)

Let us guess, heckleristas. You eat tofu. Drive a Prius. Haven’t figured out that the bearded, bereted Cuban on your T-shirt was a mass murderer. Have never heard of Solzenhitsyn. The old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Think Venezuela is a model economy. That someone else will pay for all your “free” stuff. That the First, Second, Fourth and Tenth Amendments are suggestions. That government gets to pick winners and losers instead of ensuring a level playing field for equal competition. You can’t define “essential principles” with a dictionary. Can’t find a real job so you show up at Senate hearings. You blame it on a bad video. Think you can still “keep your doctor.” (Oh, and Sen. Booker? According to Senate rules, the consequences for releasing committee confidential documents include losing your seat. Please God.)

This crap is your best shot? Really, hecklers? Cuz you’re pathetic. Laughable. And possibly the best comedy act since Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First?

So thanks, losers. Thanks for showing us how easy it is to out-class Dick Durbin & Co. What ignorance and intolerance really look like. That you and your allies in the Party of Debt, Dependency and Decay haven’t had a new idea since Woodrow Wilson.

Thanks for showing us the utter hypocrisy and bigotry of the Democratic Party. What Christophohia and originalism-obia look like. Ditto bad manners, sore losers, too much tofu and sheer stupidity. Aka in Lefty quarters: “Thursday.”

Thanks for showing the whole world your true colors. How Leftista looney tunes look and sound. Again.

Thank you for giving thinking Americans more reasons to boot your ideological cronies out of office in November.

And thanks for giving Brett Kavanaugh the chance to shine. To show that he knows his stuff backwards and forwards and upside down. That he’s a profile in courage who keeps his cool under pressure. Which is a whole lot more than we can say of you. Because he’s not going to get Borked. Deal with it.

Now. Go pick up your room and take out the trash. By the way, we’re cutting your allowance. And you’re going to need to move out of the basement. So start looking for a real job.


Mom and Dad

Primary Perspective

As my old boss used to say, “Half of life is just showing up.” Early Primary returns indicate that far too many Republican and Independent voters didn’t get that memo as Republican incumbents and challengers in both the 19th and the 24th legislative districts under-performed on election night.

In the 19th, Republican incumbent Jim Walsh struggled in his first re-election bid. He got 48.43% of the vote on election night to Democrat challenger Erin Fraser‘s 51.57% district-wide. Walsh tightened the race but was still behind in Grays Harbor, 49.2% to 50.8%. Douglas Dwightman also trailed U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer:

Incumbent Brian Blake easily out-distanced Republican challenger Joel McEntire, 60.02% to 21.38%. McEntire spent most of the campaign season deployed to Kuwait.

Early results in the 24th were similarly uninspiring for Republicans challenging Democrat Representatives Mike Chapman and Steve Tharinger. Challengers Jodi Wilke and Jim McEntire snagged 38.55%and 40.03% of the vote, respectively. Both Republicans posted better numbers in Grays Harbor. But weak district-wide results are unlikely to draw as much GOP attention or funding as anticipated heading into November.

The Auditor’s race provided a lone bright spot on Tuesday night. Republican challenger Joe MacLean advanced to the General, leading a three-way race with 43.68% of the vote. Whether that’ll stand up in November against Jasmine Dickhoff remains uncertain.

Also in Grays Harbor, only about a third of registered voters bothered to return their ballots. Ballots are still coming in. But these early results are pretty underwhelming.

Meanwhile, what’s up with the “Republican base”? Why did do so many Rs and Is apparently choose to stay home? Will the No Show Trend reverse in November? Can Republicans turn it around?

What say you?

My Primary Picks 2018

Primary season is upon us! I’ll get to my primary picks in a minute. But first, a brief word of explanation regarding this year’s ballot:

  1. If there’s only one horse in a particular race and said “horse” is running under the Big Government Socialist Party of Debt, Dependency & Desperation banner, I leave the bubble blank or go write-in rather than vote for a Dem.
  2. I don’t vote Big Government Socialist 3D Party. Period. But I’m making an exception this year in one race: County Clerk. The negatives surrounding incumbent Janice Louthan could choke a camel. Time for a change. That’s why I’m voting Kym Foster. See her Facebook page here.  (If Foster turns out to be a lemon, we vote her out next election. But it’s time to give Louthan the boot.)
  3. Nice to see Sheriff Rick Scott finally lose the “D” and run as No Party Preference. (Why is sheriff a partisan office?)


Here are my ballot picks:


Our family was split on this one. Half voted for Art Coday. Half voted for Joey Gibson. Go figure.

Regarding support for Susie Cream Cheese Hutchison in the primary, I have just two words: No. Way. Here’s why (short version): WA Primary Stirs Up ‘Trick Memory,’ Cream Cheese.


Douglas Dightman


I’m keeping especially close tabs on these two races. Why in the world would anyone give The Blue Ghost of Grays Harbor – calcified, ivory-towered, unengaged and disconnected incumbent Steve Tharinger – another term to screw up rural western Washington? No thanks!

Jodi Wilke – Pos. 1

Jim McEntire – Pos. 2


Vickie Raines


Joe MacLean


With the exception of MacLean, not a single Republican filed to run for any of the eight county partisan offices on the ballot. Why is that? It appears that filing No Party Preference or Non Partisan is preferable to running under the “R” banner in this county. Why is that again? (I have my opinions on this. What are yours?)



Looking for a race not listed here? That’s probably because I either don’t live in that district or I don’t care. If you have a candidate you want to recommend, holler. Tell me why you’re supporting him or her and I may add them to my picks.

Ballots are due back on August 7.

5 REAL Reasons Democrats Oppose Brett Kavanaugh

Dontcha love the smell of Democrat meltdowns in the morning? Why, the hysterics and histrionics Democrats and their ideological soul mates are launching at Brett Kavanaugh are priceless. I haven’t had this much fun since Lucy and Ethel and:

Indeed, the Dem meltdown over Brett Kavanaugh says more about Dems than it does the high court nominee*. As usual, the Leftista rule of thumb regarding any Republican nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court goes like:

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