Where Washington State Republicans Need to Focus in the Mid-Terms

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The train wreck that was the 2018 Washington State legislative session finally adjourned last week. Thank God.

Barf Alert

I’ve heard a lot of huffing and puffing about the Leftista-leaning legislation Democrat majorities predictably ram-rodded through Olympia this year. If I hear any more, I’m going to barf. Cuz here’s the deal, peeps: Next year will be more of the same – or worse – unless Republicans “belly up to the bar” and get majorities.

I’ve also heard that Washington State Big Government, Cradle-to-Grave Nanny State Socialists … er… Democrats (sorry, Freudian slip) are running candidates for every state office.

Oh, really? 

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State Legislative Scorecard: The Good, The Not-So-Good, and the MIA

The Chinese water torture session that’s been going on in Olympia is finally winding down. Not surprisingly, individual liberty, religious freedom, Second Amendment rights, and pretty much anything relating to common sense have taken a beating during Washington’s 2018 legislative session.

Once again, the so-called party of “choice” showed itself to be anything but, with Democrats showing their true colors as the Party of Eugenics and Big Brother Thuggery.

Rep. Matt Shea explains:

You can also watch at this link.

For those of us stuck in the 24th LD (Clallam and Jefferson Counties and parts of Grays Harbor), the 2018 legislative session has been – also not surprisingly – like stumbling around the dance floor a la the Beautiful Blue Wall (with profound apologies to Johann Strauss).

This year I’ve made dozens of contacts by phone, email, and personal visit with Reps. Mike Chapman, Steve Tharinger, and Senator Kevin Van De Wege of the 24th LD. Every contact was firm but polite. No flame-throwing. I requested responses from all.

From one day:

Here’s my Response SCORECARD for 24th LD legislators:

The Good: Rep. Mike Chapman

I received the most responses from Rep. Chapman’s office, by a wide margin. It may have taken some time, but Rep. Chapman generally got back to me. On occasion, his office also included external links to additional material or sources per my request.

To be clear, I don’t agree with Rep. Chapman on much of anything. But at least he makes constituent communications a priority. That’s certainly more than can be said of either Thoughtless Tharinger or Van De Wege.

The Not-So-Good: Sen. Kevin Van De Wege

From January through today, I’ve received a total of two responses from Sen. Kevin Van De Wege, usually a month to six weeks after my initial contact. In both instances, he seemingly waited until after a bill cleared the Senate and was on its way to the House before responding. Like: “Well, golly gee whillikiers. Thanks for contacting me, but that ship has already sailed.”


The MIA: Rep. Steve Thoughtless Tharinger

Guess which state legislator gets the Big Raspberry Award?

Tharinger’s office posted a total score of zero in the response category for 2018. Zero. Zip. Nada. As in, I haven’t receive a single response from Tharinger on anything during the entire legislative session to date. Not one. This, despite specifically requesting responses with each contact. That includes hand-written notes from outside the House chamber in Olympia.

In fact, I can’t recall ever receiving any response from Thoughtless Tharinger on anything. Ever. And he’s been in office for four terms.

Who keeps voting for this guy?

Incidentally, all three 24th LD legislators – Chapman, Thoughtless Tharinger and Van De Wege – voted for SB 6617, which explicitly exempts state lawmakers from the state’s Public Records Act. Here’s the roll call vote.

Meanwhile, some of the worst Yea votes from “Larry, Moe, and Curly” include votes:

  • For the Abortion Insurance Mandate bill, SB 6219, which passed without a single amendment to protect religious freedom or conscientious objections or prohibit abortions based on the sex of the child.
  • For SB 6037, the paid surrogacy bill also known as “rent-a-womb,” allowing the commercialization of childbirth. Democrats refused every amendment, including the release of medical records to the child so s/he can have a full medical and genetic history. (See Shea video, above.)
  • For SB 5722, the “conversion therapy ban” bill. This bill essentially bans Christian counselors from practicing according to the tenets of their faith.

So much for “choice…” I call cow pucky!

Biggest Take-Away From The 2018 Session: If you’re a conservative, forget trying to lobby these guys. Your time, effort, and energy would be much better spent on getting them un-elected.

The good news: Chapman and Thoughtless Tharinger are up for re-election in November. I say it’s time for a change.

Who’s with me?

***UPDATE on SB 6219, 8:34 p.m.:

While the bill did pass the House, an amendment was attached. Not a conscience-related amendment or any kind of protection related amendment. BUT this means SSB 6219 (that’s not a typo) has to go back to the Senate for reconciliation. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SENATOR ASAP and tell them to vote against the bill, especially if you’re in the 24th and your Senator is Van De Wege:

1-800-562-6000; Kevin.VanDeWege@leg.wa.gov;

Olympia office: (360) 786-7646

Cell: (360) 477-0548

***UPDATE: March 23, 5:00 p.m.

The state legislature adjourned on March 8. To date, I have not received a single response from Thoughtless Tharinger’s office on anything. Not once. For the entire session.

Go figure.

Rep. Derek Kilmer Responds on FISA Memo

I’m old enough to remember the Watergate break-in, Tricky Dick & Co., and eighteen minutes of missing tape, etc. (Don’t tell anyone.) I saw All The President’s Men. Read the book. Twice. Ditto The Pentagon Papers.

So you may understand why I’ve spent the last week or so on the floor, laughing my head off over Democrat spin related to what may be the biggest political scandal in years a la The Dreaded FISA Memo. (Russian bots? Seriously?)

This thing makes Magruder, Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell, Dean & Co. look like a bunch of pikers. It’s like Saturday Night at the Bijou. Only with bad lighting.

Watching Democrats launch into all-out panic mode over The Dreaded FISA Memo was falling-down hilarious. Adam Schiff? He reminds me of Gilligan. Only without the Skipper.

Meanwhile, just how stupid does the Bijou think we are?

Pretty stupid, apparently. Take Representative Kum Ba Yah. Remember him? He’s made a career out of wagging his finger at the other side of the aisle over “political games.” If I hear one more Pecksniffian sermon from Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-6th CD) on that subject, I’m going to barf.

Barf alert (don’t say I didn’t warn you)

Enter Rep. Derek Kilmer, affectionately dubbed Rep. Kum Ba Yah.

I phoned Kilmer’s office on Monday morning, January 29, hours before the House Permanent Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) was set to vote on releasing The Dreaded FISA Memo. I later read the memo on-line, by the way. It’s pretty straight-forward. Democrat Chicken Little-ing about “the sky is falling” on national security issues per this memo is a bunch of hooey.

Flip side: After being MIA on “national security” for the last eight years-ish, Democrats have suddenly discovered the topic! Oh, happy day!

Anyway, I told the nice lady who answered the phone in Kilmer’s office that I had a three-word message for Rep. Kum Ba Yah (I used his real name): Release. The. Memo. She took down my contact information because “the representative will want to follow up with you.”

Fine. Here’s The Representative’s response (dontcha love “responses” that begin with “Dear Friend”? Can you say, “boiler plate?” Kilmer’s response is undated, but arrived in my email this afternoon):

Can’t read that? Not to worry. I’ve got you covered. Here it is in PDF: Kilmer Response on FISA Memo – PDF

Got your air sick bag handy? Good. Yea, verily. How someone can take so long to say so little is the stuff of legend. By the way, it has everything to do with the Mueller investigation. Hello?

Surely the 6th CD can do better than this? Cuz guess what? Rep. Kum Ba Yah is up for re-election this year. Yeah, baby!

Know what else I remember? Castle Grande.Whitewater. Cattle futures. Travelgate. Rose Law Firm billing records. Madison Guaranty. Jim McDougal. Webb Hubbell, Vince Foster, Johnny Chung, and a cast of thousands. An unsecured private email server. Tip toe down Memory Lane with: A Brief Guide to Clinton Scandals From Travelgate to Emailgate.

… and the beat goes on…

Meanwhile, with regard to the apparent collusion between Obama’s FBI, the DOJ, and the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign per the memo: How high does it go? Should someone be going to jail? Who and why?

Maybe they can blame it on a bad You Tube video?

BOOM! D’Souza’s Latest Destroys Well-Worn Lefty Narrative

He’s baaaaack.

Fresh off Stealing America: What Criminal Gangs Taught Me About Obama, Hillary, and the Democratic Party (2015), Dinesh D’Souza is loaded for bear. His latest, The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left, takes aim at some of the Left’s most cherished fictions – like the Democratic Party is the party of emancipation, equality and civil rights, and the Republican Party is made up of “racists,” “Nazis” and “fascists.”

D’Souza round-files that horse hooey faster than you can say “Yvette Felacra.”  (But really. Why would you? Side note: The Screeching Gnome of Berkeley has no idea what “fascist” even means. Not that that really matters…)

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Senator Cantwell Responds on Antifa (Sort Of)

Ever wonder just how stupid some elected officials think you are?

Pretty darn stupid, if the *responses* I get from Senators Cantwell and Murray are any indication.

Last month I told you I contacted both senators in August asking about their stance on Antifa:

Your Message

Choose an issue category from the drop-down list which most resembles your issue of concern.*

Message Of Subject*

Text Of Message*

Where do you stand on ANTIFA?

I Would Like To Subscribe To The Newsletter

I Would Like A Response

Heard back from Sen. Maria Cantwell’s office today. Sort of. A snippet:

Dear Ms. Lowder,

Thank you for contacting me about white supremacy and President Trump’s response to the domestic terror attack in Charlottesville, Virginia. I appreciate hearing from you on this urgent issue.

President Trump’s reluctance to quickly and directly condemn the hate, bigotry, and racism of white supremacists and members of the Ku Klux Klan that gathered at Charlottesville was deeply alarming and disturbing.

Here’s the full response Cantwell Response 10.06.17

Oh, I dunno. I could say I find it “deeply alarming and disturbing” that Cantwell & Co. obviously didn’t even read my original email. (No, I’m not surprised. This is par for the Cantwell Course. Morons everywhere should be insulted.)

Okay, senator and staffers: What part of “Where do you stand on ANTIFA?” do you not understand? Can you not figure out spell check? Or are you so eager to crank out the standard Trump-bashing boilerplate *response* that you never bother to actually read anything?

Altogether now:


Thanks, Dems! Some Harborites May Soon Be Without Healthcare

Remember “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”? How ‘bout, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan?”

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the political landscape for any length of time – say, 20 minutes or so – knows what a crock those two Obamanian lines turned out to be (not that anyone’s counting or anything).

But wait. It’s about to get better. Especially in Grays Harbor.

According to a June 8 story in CNN Money, More Insurers Drop Obamacare, Even in State With a Healthy Exchange, Grays Harbor will have the dubious distinction of being one of two Washington counties to be without any Obamacare insurers next year. As in, Zip. Zero. Nada.  Via CNN Money:

Two (Washington) counties won’t have any insurers participating in the individual market — either on the state’s Obamacare exchange or off of it — next year unless another company steps in, the Washington insurance department said Wednesday.

This could be trouble for the more than 3,300 people in those counties, Klickitat and Grays Harbor, who buy their own coverage. This includes the more than 2,100 residents who signed up for policies through the exchange.

Washington would become the third state to have locales without any Obamacare insurers. Enrollees in the Kansas City, Missouri, area and in parts of Ohio also won’t have any options on their exchanges next year unless other carriers join.(Emphasis added.)

Insurers who are pulling out cite the expenses of “setting up doctor and hospital networks or the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Obamacare’s future.”  Sure as night follows day, the other side of the aisle is trying to pin blame on President Trump and Republicans.

Not so fast.

Remember who put the ACA in place. Hint: It wasn’t Republicans.  Nor did Republicans force the individual mandate, coercing free citizens to engage in commerce and purchase a product whether you wanted/needed it or not. (Doesn’t that qualify as “slavery”? Askin’ for a friend.)  Continues CNN Money:

Even though the bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is working its way through the Senate, Obamacare still remains the law of the land. Insurers are now telling state regulators whether they’ll participate for 2018 and the rates they want to charge consumers.

How Obamacare is faring nationwide really depends on the state — and even the county. Insurers are pulling out of some areas, leaving a growing number of places with only one carrier on the exchange. Humana (HUM), Aetna (AET) and several Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans, which specialize in the individual market, have announced their departures.

While we’re taking a trudge down memory lane, remember that Obamacare passed without a single Republican vote. You may also want to remember that the next time you fill out your ballot. Or need to see a doctor.

Indeed, the handwriting on the wall regarding Obamacare was obvious to anyone with two functional brain cells from Day 1.  Democrats deployed a variety of  smoke and mirrors to sell Obama’s magical health elixir.

And now you know “what’s in it.”

Obamacare was never designed to improve access to anything. (Remember Jonathan Gruber?) In fact, Obamacare is doing exactly what it was intended to do – fail – as a precursor to single payer. (See Obamacare: A Trojan Horse for Single Payer.) So Americans can have healthcare that’s just as lousy as Canadians and Brits.

If you’re upset about losing your health insurance, remember which party dumped that monstrosity on you in the first place. (Don’t even get me started on the difference between “health coverage” and “health care.” Because that’s night and day. As in, Great! You’ve got insurance through the exchange. Good luck getting anyone who’ll accept it.)

Speaking of “luck,” if you’re over 50 and fall into the demographic outlined above, good luck getting decent healthcare. Can you say “rationing”? Unfortunately, some Americans have become so addicted to government-provided “healthcare” since 2010, they can’t imagine a world without it.


In the meantime, Harborites, don’t get sick, injured, or otherwise in need of medical care next year, courtesy of the Party Debt, Dependency, and Duplicity.

You might also want to remember that per the next election.


Why Yanking Federal $ from ‘Sanctuary Cities’ is a Dumb Idea (I Have a Better One)

President Donald Trump issued an executive order in January that included threatening to slash federal funding from sanctuary cities if they refuse to cooperate with immigration authorities and continue giving safe haven to criminal illegal aliens.  Some “sanctuary city” mayors, including Seattle’s Ed Murray, are vowing to continue shielding illegal aliens accused of crimes from federal immigration authorities.

Murray even said he’d be willing to sacrifice “every single penny” of federal money, including $10 million for the Seattle Police Department, if keeping it meant cooperating with federal immigration authorities to deport illegal aliens accused or convicted of committing further crimes in the U.S.

Fine. Because threatening to yank federal funds from these cities is a dumb idea. For one thing, it makes the Trump administration look like it’s as sensitive as a brick, willing to ‘rip families apart’ that arguably shouldn’t be here in the first place, and – sniff – probably doesn’t even leave cookies and milk out for Santa on Christmas Eve. Also, such action faces an uphill legal battle. Mr. Ed and every elected bleeding heart lib in the country is or soon will be queuing up at the nearest courthouse to file suit to avoid compliance with Trump’s E.O. And legal precedent suggests that fed “defunding” sanctuary cities would be difficult, if not impossible. (Hello, 9th Circuit?)

Besides, we all know that jurisdictions that resist cooperating with federal immigration enforcement experience lower crime rates and are “safer for everyone,” with stronger economies, right? Because if you  enter the country illegally, you have such high regard for the law?

So why not let such communities continue to welcome illegal criminal aliens? I mean, criminal illegal aliens offer so many benefits to these municipalities, yes?  So why are big meanies like Trump and Jeff Sessions threatening to cut off federal funds from these Shangri-Las? Can we all hold hands around the campfire and sing Kum-By-Yah?

By the way, dear mayors, if you’re going to pick and choose which federal laws you comply with and which ones you ignore, does that include federal laws related to child porn, drug enforcement, illegal weapons possession…. Bah-dah-bing, bah-dah-boom? Where does it stop? Just wondering.

I have a better idea. Rather than complying with Trump’s “mean-spirited and unrealistic executive order,” how ‘bout Donald Trump issue something like:

Dear Seattle, San Francisco, New York, et.al.:

You’re right. Rather than pulling federal money from you over your sanctuary city policies, please be advised that I am hereby directing all ICE officials to remove themselves from your jurisdiction, effective thirty (30) days from today’s date. To wit:

  • All Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices in your jurisdiction will be closed.
  • All ICE activities in your jurisdiction will cease and desist.
  • Any matters related to criminal illegal aliens will be handled wholly and solely by local law enforcement, on your dime. (This shouldn’t be a problem, seeing as how you have plenty of money to file suit against the Trump administration.)

If you persist in retaining your “sanctuary city” status at the end of ninety (90) days, all federal law enforcement authorities and operations will cease and desist within your jurisdiction. This includes, but is not limited to, all responsibilities and operations conducted by:

Additionally, all United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) personnel will also vacate your jurisdiction as long as your “sanctuary” status remains in effect. This will include, but is not limited to, the cessation of all operations and reassignment of personnel per:

All of the above operations previously conducted by said federal law enforcement authorities will be conducted at the local level, on your dime, for as long as you persist in retaining your “sanctuary city” status. Should you care to reconsider such status, please be advised that the reinstatement of such federal officials, offices and operations may require six months to a year.

Because illegal immigrants are such a boon to the local economy and ‘sanctuary city’ jurisdictions have less crime than their counterparts, we figured you won’t mind.

Have a nice day.



P.S.: Dear illegal criminal aliens: You are now free to move to any “welcoming” sanctuary city you choose, so you can help boost its economy and reduce the crime rate. The line forms to the Left.