Grays Harbor Not Buying What Democrats Are Selling

Smell that sweetness? It’s a breath of freedom. Choice. Competition. It’s the refreshing, invigorating scent of a red wind blowing through Grays Harbor.

Once upon a time in the not-so-long ago, Grays Harbor was a deep blue county. Marched lock-step to the Democrat tune. Any candidate running as anything other than a D was doomed.

Not anymore. Those days are gone.

The sea change started with Herb Welch’s election to the county commission in 2010. This was the first crack in the blue wall at the county level. It was followed by Republican Wes Cormier’s defeat of Dem incumbent Terry Willis two years later. Along with Welch, Cormier’s victory secured a Republican majority on the county commission for the first time since the 1930s. This was followed by Cormier’s successful re-election bid in 2014.


– Democrats have been shut out of the county commission in the last couple of elections, when Vickie Raines ran and won as an Independent/No Party Preference in 2014. Democrats were shut out again two years later when Independent Randy Ross unseated Democrat incumbent Frank Gordon.

– In 2018, Grays Harbor Democrats failed to field a candidate to challenge Raines, who ran and won unopposed.

– After prior runs under the Democrat banner, incumbent Sheriff Rick Scott apparently saw the hand writing on the wall and quietly switched to No Party Preference.

– In 2018, Republican challengers Jodi Wilke and Jim McEntire (24th LD) lost in Clallam and Jefferson Counties. But they both won in Grays Harbor.

– In this year’s County Auditor race, Republican Joe MacLean eked out a win over Democrat incumbent Chris Thomas.

– Although losing statewide, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Susan Hutchison carried Grays Harbor.

Democrat-endorsed judicial incumbent Ray Kahler appears to have been unseated by challenger David Mistachkin.

– On ballot initiatives, Harbor voters delivered a major slapdown to Democrats, rejecting initiatives 1639, 1631, and 940 while approving I-1634.

Tally those Republican wins. Now. Can you say “Epic Smackdown”? How ’bout “Red Wave”?

The Party of Debt, Dependency, and Detroit has turned increasingly ridiculous and vicious as Desperation Fever takes hold. Seeing Grays Harbor voters increasingly reject their failed policies and bankrupt ideologies, Grays Harbor Democrats are becoming more and more puerile and petty. They’re reduced to trolling Facebook pages. Filing frivolous lawsuits. Trashing their opponent’s signs.

They’re in trouble. And they know it.

No surprises here. These are desperation tactics. They’re trotted out every time the empty suit Democrat agenda is exposed as an empty suit. They’re the predictable result of failed policies, mob rule, and collective group think from the party that thinks More Government and higher taxes are the solution to every problem. (Newsflash: “Resist” isn’t a solution. It’s a stupid slogan that’d give any three year-old a run for their money.)

Expect Grays Harbor Dems to get kookier as they keep losing ground. More shrill. Lurch further left.

Maybe we can sell tickets?


FRIDAY FUN: PC Police Hit Blogosphere


Skimming my handy-dandy blog administrator page the other day, I came across a list of Personal Options on the Users page. Supplied by the good folks at WordPress, the list includes a section titled Proofreading. This includes “grammar and style rules” for posts and pages. It goes like this

Proofreading English Options

Enable proofreading for the following grammar and style rules when writing posts and pages:

Bias Language
Complex Phrases
Diacritical Marks
Double Negatives
Hidden Verbs
Passive Voice
Phrases to Avoid
Redundant Phrases

Learn more about these options.

I get double negatives, hidden verbs, jargon, redundant phrases and the like. I even get split infinitives and dangling participles. But just what, exactly, constitutes “bias language”? Ditto “phrases to avoid”?

So I clicked on “Learn more.” You know. Just for fun. Here’s what came up:

English Grammar and Style Options
The proofreader applies many of its grammar rules by default. These extra options find patterns of poor writing style:

  • Bias language may offend or alienate different groups of readers.
  • Clichés are overused phrases with little reader impact.
  • Complex phrases are words or phrases with simpler every-day alternatives.
  • Diacritical marks are accents and marks attached to letters in some nouns and words borrowed from other languages. This option helps restore these marks in your writing.
  • A double negative is one negative phrase followed by another. The negatives cancel each other out, making the meaning hard to understand.
  • A hidden verb is a verb made into a noun. These often need extra verbs to make sense.
  • Jargon phrases are foreign words and phrases that only make sense to certain people.
  • Passive voice obscures or omits the sentence subject. Frequent use of passive voice makes your writing hard to understand.
  • Phrases to avoid are wishy-washy or indecisive phrases.
  • Redundant phrases can be shortened by removing an unneeded word.

It seems the PC Police are everywhere these days. Even on my blog hosting platform. Which is why I plan on ignoring pretty much the whole kit and caboodle above. Just for fun again. Again. That pesky First Amendment and all. (With any luck, I just ran afoul of the WordPress PC Police on at least three counts with this paragraph).

How ‘bout you?

10 Tips for Inauguration Protestistas

Meryl, John, and Rosie welcome Donald Trump to Washington, D.C. – Flickr

Dear Protestistas:

You’re upset about a Donald Trump presidency, aka: the end of Western Civilization as we know it. So you’re boycotting Friday’s inauguration. You’re descending on D.C. in droves to protest … what? A caricature of a shadow of a cartoon of a straw man? The latest drivel out of  Mark Lamont Hill?

I mean, c’mon Rep. John Lewis and Company. Just how, exactly, does pitching a collective temper tantrum and boycotting the inauguration help your constituents?  Because here’s the deal: You’re not “boycotting” an inauguration. You’re boycotting America. Kind of like the Party of Debt, Dependency and Detroit has been doing for years. It’s one reason you got shellacked in November.

And what’s up with Team Love, the dear folks who are so busy “loving” everyone, they want to destroy those who don’t agree with them?  Ditto the Tolerance Nazis who work over-time to crush any viewpoint other than the Great Leftista Monolithic Worldview. Tinseltown “free” thinkers who specialize in Stifling Conformity and Reverse McCarthyism? Death threats. What’s up with that?

Anyway, you’re desperate to be taken seriously. So if you’re going to protest, why not go Big? Bold? Fresh? None of this garden-variety screeching, howling, weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. No siree, Bob! You want to make a splash!

Fine. We’d like to help. So here are Ten Tips for Making the Most of Your *Inauguration* Day Doin’s. At no extra charge:

  • Protest au naturel. If you want to get attention, chugging around D.C. in January in your birthday suit oughtta do it.
  • Have Sister Betrille parachute in as your Grand Marshal. A sure-fire show stopper.
  • Take Joy Behar with you. Please.
  • Have Shannon Watts demand… something.
  • Get Meryl Streep to shut up (now there’s a headline in the making).
  • Burn your coloring books.
  • Make Patty Murray your mascot.
  • Invite Vladimir Putin to join you.
  • If you’re serious about making your point –whatever the h-e- double hockey sticks that is – go on a hunger strike until Chuck Schumer says something coherent. Or Maxine Waters graduates from junior high.
  • Pass out free plane tickets to some place where you’ll fit right in. Like Venezuela.

If all else fails, be polite. Respectful. Lucid. Chris Matthews won’t recognize you and Richard Fowler won’t have anything to bloviate about for maybe 20 minutes.

Have a nice trip,

Mom and Dad*


Wait! Exclusive undercover footage of Meryl Streep, Rep. John Lewis, and Rosie O’Donnell rehearsing their Trump inauguration act has just surfaced:

*P.S.: You left your binkies at home. Call if you want delivery. Don’t forget to gas up the car before you come home.

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor…

You didn’t know we had ‘sponsors’? Well, we do. (Sort of.) One in particular is quite lovely. Sharp as a tack. Faithful and furry. Hilarious.

Now seems like a good time to take a break from the Political Carnivale. So I thought I’d introduce you to this little lady. Her name is Kimber. She’s our newest. Just over four months old. Isn’t she a beauty?

Yes, I’ve read Cesar’s Way cover-to-cover. Twice.

Kimber was quite the nipping machine when she joined us in late August. She’s calmed down quite a bit since then. But she’s a puppy and excitable. If you come visit, I can pretty much guarantee she’ll think the sun rises and sets on you. And greet you accordingly. (I’d bring treats ‘fize you.)

Part Golden Retriever. Part Lab. Part Border Collie. All heart. Way smarter than me. I’m thinking of re-naming her. How does “Einstein” sound? Also in the running: “Senate.” Or “Typhoon.”

FRIDAY FUN: ‘Where There’s Pride In Ev’ry American Heart…’

Regular readers know we have a thing for the Piano Guys around here. They’re just Too. Much. Fun. But we’re not Piano Guy exclusive. No siree, Bob!  We know a good thing when we hear it. That’s why we also love Home Free Vocal Band.

Never heard of this a capella quintet? Well, shoot. Home Free is only the most happenin’ country vocal band around. Their version of an old Lee Greenwood classic is, IMHO, better than the original. You’ll recognize the locale – unless, perhaps, you’re playing second string QB for a certain NFL team. Or your initials are Ward Churchill.

Speaking of which, hey Nameless San Francisco 49er QB: This one’s especially for you, sweetie. You might try it. For a change.

For the grown-ups among us, this is “For veterans everywhere”:



Have a great weekend!

FRIDAY FUN: 10 Good Things About Grays Harbor

Ocean Shores
Ocean Shores

Time to take a break from Ms. “I did not send or receive any classified email,” The Donald and Co. Today we’re offering “What’s good in Grays Harbor.”

You know you can’t help yourself. So let’s dive in with the latest and greatest (in no particular order). Don’t forget to chime in with your choices in the Comments section.

  • Johns River Wilderness Area: A favorite local hiking spot that may be one of Grays Harbors’ best-kept secrets. Located near the Ocean Spray cranberry plant off Highway 105, nestled between Markham and Ocosta. Don’t miss the old pioneer cemetery.


  • Humdingers. Best onion rings in town. Note: Eating these puppies sans fry sauce is a federal crime. Or should be. Tip (throwin’ this in for free): Reese’s peanut butter cup Polar or banana splits with double hot fudge. If you’re weight-conscious, hold the banana. Located in Hoquiam at 104 Lincoln Street. Click here for more.
  • Damon Point, Ocean Shores. Four miles of beachfront walking. Water on three sides.
  • Sunset Memorial Park. This Hoquiam site probably won’t top most normal people’s “good things” list, for obvious reasons. But if you’re looking for a quiet, contemplative spot to soak up some rays (in season) and recharge, this is the place. It’s almost always deserted, ‘cept for a few meandering deer. Don’t drive. That’s cheating. Walk. It’s a good cardio work-out. The park also offers a splendiferous view of the harbor as you crest Sunset Loop. A peaceful place to scarf down some o-rings with fry sauce. Just sayin’.
  • Hoquiam Library staff. You already know that I live at the library. Or pretty close. After all, some of my favorite dead people reside there. On the shelves. (If you didn’t get that, see me after class.) Anyway, Hoquiam library staff are ever-cheerful, responsive, and incredibly efficient. They offer a unique blend of thoroughly professional and thoroughly friendly at the same time. Always available and ready to answer dumb questions without making you feel dumb (trust me on this one). Mary, Sarah, Christine and Laurie know all my favorite authors and keep an eye out for “just published.” Remind me to get them a medal.
  • Makarenko Park, Cosmopolis. I love this park. Not sure why. I just do. Probably has something to do with that Spanish Riding School thing. Find out more here.


  • Harbor Rescue: “Saving people, one dog at a time.” Have never been a big feline fan. (There’s a reason no one ever describes a cat as “man’s (or woman’s) best friend.” Duh.) But this outfit, which I connected with recently, does good work rescuing dogs. Check ‘em out.
  • The Burton C. Ross Memorial Rose Garden. Lilliputian in size, this garden pours out sweet fragrances by the truckload, lighting up the site like neon signs when the rose bushes are blooming. (That would be now, folks.) A beautiful spot. Located on the grounds of the Polson Museum at 1611 Riverside Avenue in Hoquiam.
  • A secret. Okay, so it’s not exactly a secret now that I’m telling you. But here it is: A quiet little hillside deck offering killer views of the landscape, plenty of shade, and “front row seating” for some of the most spectacular off-the-river sunsets ever. A great place to enjoy a good book and a sasparilla. Or Ghirardelli’s. Perched on the hillside above the Polson Museum, beyond the first landing with the Really Big Tree and up the wooden stairs (don’t tell anyone).

What good things about Grays Harbor can you add?

This post originally published on August 21, 2015.


FRIDAY FUN 2Fer: ‘Master;’ 6-6-6 at County


It’s a Friday Two-Fer: A Grays Harbor County Commission Reminder + a little Master & Commander.

First things first:

Tired of not knowing what’s going on in county government? Wringing your hands in despair cuz the Monday afternoon Board of County Commssion business meetings are smack in the middle of your work day and your boss would go nuclear if you took time off to attend?

Have we got a deal for you.

The first 2016 evening meeting of the Grays Harbor County Commission commences on Monday night, June 6, at 6:00 p.m. in the large meeting room of the county admin building, 100 W. Broadway Avenue, Montesano. Think 6-6-6.

This is your chance to dive into the local political scene after work hours. Evening meetings will continue on a once-a-month trial basis through November. Monday morning meetings remain on the calendar at the regular time: 9:00 a.m.

So stop whining. Put on your Big Boy/Girl Pants and get yerself over to the county admin building at 6:00 Monday night, June 6.

Got that? Good. Cuz here’s part 2 of this week’s Friday Fun. From Master and Commander. (If you missed that, you missed a darn good flick with a stand-out performance by Russell Crowe). Throwin’ this in for free. Just cuz it’s fun:

One last-ish thing on The Fun Front. According to the County Auditor’s Office, a career corruptocrat edged out a bonafide socialist in the DemoLib presidential beauty contest here on the Harbor – by ten whole votes. Why is that?