Race for 24th State House Seat Heats Up; Wilke Taking on Chapman

Jodi Wilke is throwing her hat into the ring for state representative in the 24th legislative district. The Jefferson County Republican is facing off against one-term incumbent Rep. Mike Chapman, a Democrat. The 24th LD includes Clallam and Jefferson Counties and parts of Grays Harbor.

A community activist and leader of Jefferson County’s successful No on Prop 1 campaign, Wilke announced her candidacy today at various events in Port Angeles, Port Hadlock, and Hoquiam. She spoke about her plans to make public policy “work better” for the people of Jefferson County and the Olympic Peninsula as a whole at an open meeting at The Jitter House this evening.

“Here it is. I’m officially announcing my candidacy for the Washington State House of Representatives, Position 1,” Wilke said tonight at The Jitter House. She called herself “a proud member of the Republican Party” that “represents the hopes and dreams of the American people.”

Citing her “dedicated leadership” in last year’s Goliath vs. David fight to defeat a pricey Prop. 1, Wilke said she hopes to bring that same kind of dedicated leadership to the State House.

A single mother of two sons, Wilke said she understands and appreciates struggle and hard work. She returned to school at age 50 to be a nurse.

She told the crowd, “Together we’re embarking on a journey not only to win this election, but to discover the dreams and hopes of our district” and expose those who are holding us back. “We need a new Renaissance revival,” Wilke continued. “But when will it come? No family, community, or individual shoud be left behind.”

Wilke said she supports “inventive, smart growth policies,” and getting broadband for the coast and rural communities. Also reducing “undue regulatory scrutiny” and steep taxes faced by businesses.

She criticized her opponent’s support for “budget-busting tax hikes” and the machinations surounding the recent passage of the state budget, which she dubbed a “game of smoke and mirrors.” She also decried the raiding of the state rainy day fund. “My opponent voted for this Ponzi scheme,” she said.

She disagrees with the marbled murrlet issue being handed off to unelected DNR bureaucrats, saying legislators who are accountable to the people should be in charge.

Wilke also expressed disappointment in Chapman’s vote against funding for school resource officers. “That seems despicable to me,” Wilke said. “My opponent has voted to leave these children vulnerable. I’m all for lowering taxes,” she added, “but some things we must fund. I find this vote shameful.”

Responding to a question from a female high school student, Wilke said, “I don’t think you should go to school and be afraid of what may happen that day. You should know that someone has your back.”

Wilke’s track record as a “bridge builder” who can work effectively across the aisle were emphasized.

For more information: electjodiwilke@gmail.com. 360.301.9460. Web site: http://www.electjodiwilke.com


Where Washington State Republicans Need to Focus in the Mid-Terms

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The train wreck that was the 2018 Washington State legislative session finally adjourned last week. Thank God.

Barf Alert

I’ve heard a lot of huffing and puffing about the Leftista-leaning legislation Democrat majorities predictably ram-rodded through Olympia this year. If I hear any more, I’m going to barf. Cuz here’s the deal, peeps: Next year will be more of the same – or worse – unless Republicans “belly up to the bar” and get majorities.

I’ve also heard that Washington State Big Government, Cradle-to-Grave Nanny State Socialists … er… Democrats (sorry, Freudian slip) are running candidates for every state office.

Oh, really? 

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Commissioner Vickie Raines Announces Re-Election Bid

Grays Harbor County Commissioner Vickie Raines will be running for re-election. The press release formally announcing Raines’ plans to run for re-election was received earlier today.

Featuring the words Solving Problems – Managing Limited Resources – Developing Partnerships for our Future, the March 13 announcement says Raines is very proud of “some specific projects and collaborative achievements we have experienced in the last three years.” Achievements cited include:

  • A more balanced budget
  • Felony drug court
  • Dedicated funding for criminal justice
  • North Beach sewage treatment improvements
  • Ongoing flood and mitigation and reduction projects “that significantly affect not only Grays Harbor, but the entire Chehalis River Basin.”

Raines notes that while she’s “proud of our accomplishments so far, there is still much work to be done.” That includes industrial development, new infrastructure and employment opportunities. “I continue to be an active part of these collaborative efforts to strengthen our communities,” she adds, concluding with:

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your representative on important issues that impact our future. It has been an honor and a privilege. With your continued support, I formally announce my intent to run for re-election as your District 3 Commissioner. I will keep working hard, for you and with you. I will continue to be your voice, as we work together to strengthen our County, our communities and our citizens.

Raines bested three opponents, all men, in a hotly contested 2014 race. She was sworn in to her four-year term in January 2015.


For additional info., see: Vickie Raines Grays Harbor County Commissioner, District 3.

‘Global Discontents’ Gather in Hoquiam, Gripe About… Something

“A rambling anti-American, anti-capitalist, pro-collectivist rant” is how one attendee described tonight’s lecture on Global Discontents: Conversations on the Rising Threats to Democracy. Held at Events on Emerson in Hoquiam, the presentation was sponsored by the Grays Harbor Institute as part of its 2018 Speaker Series. It featured “radio broadcaster, social critic, investigative journalist, and political activist” David Barsamian. The founder and director of Alternative Radio, Barsamian’s publishing credits include books with Noam Chomsky, Eqbal Ahmad, Howard Zinn, and Tariq Ali.

Introduced by GHI President Gary Murrell, Barsamian opened his remarks with, “Good evening brothers and sisters, comrades and friends.”

A slight, elderly man who was generally soft-spoken, Barsamian is clearly unhappy with the state of the country, the world, and what he perceives to be the egregious inequities of life, power, and income evident in America today.

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City of Montesano Issues ‘Decision Letter’ on KD&S ‘Cease & Desist’ Appeal

There has been much fooforah surrounding a parcel of Montesano property located at S. 10th Street and W. Pioneer. Complaints about health, safety, and the environment have been raised. See: Mysterious Maladies in Monte?.  For additional background, see: What’s Up in Monte Today?

The City of Montesano recently issued a “Decision Letter” to the property owner, KD&S Environmental. Dated January 5, 2018, the letter is signed by Dan Wood in his capacity as Mayor Pro Tem. Obtained via public record request today, a copy of the letter appears below.

Here are the salient portions:

Based on the zoning of the parcels that are the subject of this decision, and the current use of those parcels, City staff has determined the current use of the parcels in question is not consistent with MMC 17.20. As such, you are hereby notified to cease and desist all non-conforming uses of the above referenced parcels no later than February 8, 2018. In addition, you must immediately cease any nuisances (such as noise and odor) that may be caused by non-conforming uses.

Wood notes that this action “specifically addresses compliance with the City zoning code,” and that complaints related to health, safety, and the environment “do not fall under the jurisdiction of the City zoning code.” He also points out that “many, if not all of the complaints have been investigated by applicable local and state agencies.”

Here’s the full text of the January 5 letter:

Dan Wood ‘Cease and Vacate’ Letter to KD&S – 05 January 2018, page 1

Dan Wood ‘Cease and Vacate’ Letter to KD&S – 05 January 2018, page 2

What say you?

What’s Up in Monte Today?

Some Montesano residents are sounding the alarm over health concerns ostensibly related to a light industrial work site located near 10th Street and W. Pioneer Avenue. Whether or not cause for major alarm is warranted or the situation has been blown out of proportion (again) by a local blogger is open to question.

The site in question, lots on Wynoochee and Pioneer, is/are owned by KD&S Environmental. Neighbors within a two-block radius of the site are or have allegedly complained about a variety of mysterious illnesses. Symptoms include “Upper respiratory problems, severe congestion, spontaneous deep nose bleeding and more.” Also “Pets coming home with fur falling off and open sores.”

See: Frederiksen – Reading you in – 13 July 2017

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Mysterious Maladies in Monte?

I recently received something related to “possible exposure of illness to a large group of children that attended the now closed day care center” in Montesano. Also possible stonewalling by the mayor’s office, et.al., on the subject. Per a December 29 email to Mayor Vini Samuel:

From: montesanotoday [mailto:montesanotoday@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, December 29, 2017 7:48 AM
To: vsamuel@montesano.us
Cc: editor@thevidette.com; Doug Barker; …
Subject: Health of Children in Montesano

29 Dec 2017 Mayor – city of Montesano,  I am writing for the entire neighborhood.   I am not bothering to write your staff as they don’t return emails anymore on the subject.  They are waiting for your lead.   I and my neighbors have direct knowledge of the possible exposure of illness to a large group of children that attended the now closed day care center in our neighborhood.  As you know, we are at over 80% sickness rate here in our two neighborhoods with reported upper respiratory, digestive issues, and severe spontaneous deep nose bleeding.   Since they were part of our neighborhood it isn’t a stretch to think their parents might want to know.

Your city staff and departments refuses to notify the parents of those children.  I have been threatened in writing If I talk about what is going on.  Police report on file.

I have filed a request with both the DA office as well as the Sheriff Department to investigate and inform those parents.  Everyone points back and says that it is your responsibility.

When you took your oath of office you swore to look out for this town.   I assume that includes the children. We even have people that used to live in this neighborhood that have volunteered to come back over this.  As far away as New Mexico.   They both got sick too with the same things.

It is my understanding that you have recused yourself from our health issues.  If you have direct knowledge of what is making us sick or possible causes we ask you to tell us.  We need to know what to tell our doctors.  The parents of the children need to know as well.  None of us know if we are going to have long term health problems.

This is serious and it is starting to look like the city is hiding something.  What possible explanation would your city have for not telling us or the parents of those children and the surrounding neighborhoods?  Every single house has been in and out of doctor offices and emergency rooms.  Thousands and thousands of dollars.

There is sickness in your town and it appears that the city is doing everything they can to hush it up.

I was visiting one of my neighbors and let me tell you, I’m no doctor but I am extremely worried that he isn’t going to make it.  The County Health Department points back to you.

So tell me, what am I, we, supposed to do?  Cross our fingers and hope it just all goes away?   Just go to bed and forget about the kids of that daycare center?  None of us here are that callous.  Why are private citizens being put into this position?  This is your job. The media isn’t going to touch this and risk their access to you down the road.  You know that.

Do you really think I want to write letters like this?  I’m at the point where I don’t care about the retaliation anymore.  I have a sick wife upstairs over this and my neighbors are keeling over.

I have one neighbor ready to take out ads in the newspaper.  An entire section of your town is asking for your help and the City of Montesano is hiding behind closed doors afraid to talk about it.

End this.

PDF version:Health of Children in Montesano

In another missive* dated December 28, 2017, the same individual writes:

We don’t know if the sickness has spread,  as the city is trying to cover it up.  The newspaper won’t touch it as it would kill their access to public officials, you know how it works.  We know why.

Yes, we do:




* I have that email. And more. If you want ’em, holler.

Image credit: Flickr – CC