Oopsie: “Impeach Donald Trump” Poll Doesn’t Go Quite The Way Tweeter Thought It Would 

File this under “Oopsie.” Or “epic face plant.”

The brain surgeon who runs Twitter’s “Impeach Donald Trump” account put up a poll recently. It didn’t quite turn out the way they thought it would. Here’s the account (@Impeach_D_Trump):

Here’s the poll:

Here’s Impeach Donald Trump’s Mach 4 back pedal:

Impeach Donald Trump put up another poll recently asking if you think Trump should be impeached. Available responses were Yes, No, and I Don’t Know. Last time I checked, the “Nos” were ahead by 92%. 

And just in case you’re wondering:

Have a Twitter account? You know what to do.


Taking Off


Doing this blog and connecting with ya’ll is a hoot and a half. We may not agree on everything, but I enjoy hearing from you. Most of the time. 🙂

Anyway, Conservelocity hasn’t taken any real time off since 2013. And it’s time for a break. So unless Something Big happens – like winning the Ghirardelli’s for Life lotto – I’m taking the rest of the summer off.

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Thanks for reading and being part of the Conservelocity fam.

Stay safe and have a great summer. I may see you in the fall.


Updated Jail Medical Services Contract Pinches County Pockets

Grays Harbor County Commissioners Vickie Raines and Randy Ross approved modifications to a professional services contract for jail medical services today. Discussed last week, the modified contract with Dr. Yong Ki Shin was approved unanimously by Ross and Raines at today’s regular afternoon business meeting. The mods represent an additional $350K/year over what the county is now paying.

Commissioner Wes Cormier was out of town on county business.

Effective May 1 through December 31, 2017, the contract approved today changes the scope of work to include the ability to schedule nurses 16 hours a day, seven days a week. The monthly payment amount is $44,900. The contract will be reviewed on an annual basis. 

Before you have a heart attack, realize that the mods are required to meet updated state and federal standards for said services. Commissioner Raines observed that the county “has no choice” but to meet the updated state and federal standards. Funding options are being pursued.

Connect those dots. (That’s okay. I’ll  wait.) While  I’m  waiting, you may also want to con$ider three word$ and the impact they have on rural countie$ like Grays Harbor: “Unfunded $tate mandates.”

Commissioner Ross suggested revisiting/updating county job descriptions vis-a-vis union negotiations during conversations with Public Services department heads this morning. The goal is saving money. “We need to keep doing it (updating job descriptions)” said Ross. “We need to keep getting a little leaner.”

This and That

  • Local opioid use/base is being looked at. Ditto union negotiations a la Grays Harbor Transit.
  • 19th and 24th LD legislators have been made aware of issues related to the Mill Creek dam project in Cosmopolis, as has Rep. Derek Kilmer office.

Tip: The Red Velvet Bakery catered last week’s Habitat for Humanity Tea in Seabrook. I hear their sandwiches with roasted red pepper sauce and gouda cheese are to-die-for. Also, “Alice in Wonderland” is a scene stealer. 🙂


POLL: Should County Require Additional Deliverables in GGHI Contract?

Okay, peeps. Time for another totally subjective, 100% unscientific poll.

There’s been a fair amount of disagreement surrounding the proposed addition of specific “deliverables” – performance benchmarks – related to $88K of county support for Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. Some see this as “punishment” for… whatever. Others see it as responsible fiscal management of taxpayer bucks.

Here’s your chance to chime in.

Just click on the appropriate option in the poll below and hit “Vote.” All votes are confidential. All votes will be counted, but you can only vote once. The poll closes at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 24. Results will be announced soon thereafter.

Ready? Set? Go:


Commissioners Get Gold Stars for THIS!

If there’s one public facility that’s near and dear to my heart, it’s the library. The Carnegie Public Library in Hoquiam, to be exact. I live there. Well, not quite. But I spend so much time at that library, I’m thinking of setting up housekeeping to save time.

That’s why I was particularly delighted with County Commissioners Wes Cormier and Randy Ross today. As Clerk of the Board Jenna Amsbury noted per this morning’s agenda, the City of Hoquiam approached Commissioner Vickie Raines with a request to issue a letter of support to the state legislature regarding state $ for Carnegie library renovations. The capital budget request is for $250K to help complete the renovation project. 

Commissioners Cormier and Ross unanimously approved a letter of support for same at this morning’s regular meeting (Commissioner Raines was excused due to illness). “Anything we can do to help with that” commented Ross.

Remind me to get those guys a couple gold stars for their foreheads.

While we’re on the subject, I contacted state legislators in the 24th LD on the topic last week: Senator Kevin Van De Wege and Representatives Steve Tharinger and Mike Chapman. All Democrats. Rep. Chapman responded the next day with his “full support” for the capital budget request. Sen. Van De Wege typically responds within two weeks or so. The Golden Raspberry Award goes to Rep. Tharinger. He doesn’t respond to anything. Ever.

You might want to remember that in 2018.

Btw, “efficient” was the watch word at county today. Business moved briskly and well. Kind of like this first day of spring.

What Role Should County Play in Gateway Center?

Should Grays Harbor County own, manage, and/or operate the proposed Gateway Center in Aberdeen? When tenants are ready to sign a lease for space in the facility, from whom will they be leasing? 

These and other questions were on the table at this morning’s Board of County Commissioners meeting. No firm answers were provided just yet. But those engaged in the discussion – County Commissioners Vickie Raines, Wes Cormier and Randy Ross, Aberdeen Mayor Erik Larson and Greater Grays Harbor’s Dru Garson – all agreed it’s time to get the ball rolling on the matter.

Larson opened the discussion saying he thinks they “need to nail down ownership (of the proposed facility) in order to sign leases with potential tenants.” He said the easiest arrangement would be “some sort of lease agreement on a long-term basis.” Larson sees Greater Grays Harbor as an “anchor tenant of the facility,” possibly being the facility manager. He requested input from the commission “as a whole” on the subject.

Commissioner Ross asked for a “broad overview” of the organizations that have been approached or have expressed an interest in being part of the facility.

Larson responded with Greater Grays Harbor and possibly the GH Council of Governments, “depending on whether the county is a member of the Council at that point.” Garson included economic development orgs and the small business development center.

Raines said she wants to see a kiosk or space for the county in the facility “to promote tourism and visitor information.” Noting that she’s been a proponent of the gateway/enterprise concept for years (a decade), Raines expressed reservations regarding county ownership  or management of the facility. She also said conversations on potential county involvement – what and how much – need to occur.

Larson said possible county involvement is “not a monetary issue.” But “if you’re going to have county agencies housed there, it makes sense” that the county manage the facility. He said the city will “see the project through,” bring a new facility that allows these agencies to move there in exchange for the county taking on management.”Is that the route we want to go?” he asked the commishes. 

If the city can construct a facility to certain terms, Larson postulated,  can the county then take over management of certain tenants and agencies? Examples were economic development agencies. Larson added:

“I think this (the Center) is something that would benefit the area, otherwise I wouldn’t be going for it.”

Raines summed up the discussion  as a dialogue on how the county  “can lease the facility and be a landlord.” Larson indicated he wants the county to own the project.

Ross said it’s time to “vet who the  players will be” in the facility. “You can’t get anyone to sign a lease if they don’t know who they’re  signing to.”

Cormier said that while he appreciated Larson and Garson “coming to rhe table to talk,” he “doesn’t want to see the county own or operate this.” He’d rather see the city (of Aberdeen) own and maintain the facility.

The exchanges were cordial. Everyone played nice. Watch for that rolling ball.

What do you think?
Should the county have a role in the Gateway Center? If so, what?

Quickly at County…

Perhaps the weightiest topic on this morning’s agenda for the Board of County Commissioners focused on the Gateway Center in Aberdeen. Aberdeen Mayor Erik Larson and Dru Garson of Greater Grays Harbor were on hand to discuss possible ownership and/or management of the  facility by the county. More on that later. 

Meanwhile, here are a couple quicks from this morning before my battery goes the way of all flesh:

1) The county’s Internet access/email server was down on Friday. Don’t take it personal.

2) The atmosphere at these meetings has changed considerably since January. It’s as if a little black rain cloud has lifted. Go figure.

Stay tuned for more.