Independence Day and a Rare, Rich Treasure

There’s just something about Independence Day. Maybe it’s the summer sun. The chance to get outside and soak up some rays after a long, gloaming winter. Getting together with friends and the fam. Breaking out the barbecue – if you can find it. Fireworks. History. Patriotism. Pride.

Whatever else Independence Day may be, it’s a uniquely American holiday.  I love it!

Independence Day is like Christmas, Veterans/Memorial Day, the first day of summer, Thanksgiving, and a ginormous birthday party all rolled into one. To me, Independence Day means:

  • Parades and patriotism
  • Fifty stars and 13 stripes
  • Rockets’ red glare, bombs bursting in air
  • Apple pie, potato salad, hot dogs
  • Baseball! (sorry ‘bout that, soccer fans. Naw. Not really.)
  • Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Washington and Franklin
  • J.P. Sousa and The Stars and Stripes Forever
  • A statute in New York Harbor
  • Lexington and Concord. Gettysburg. Belleau Wood. Iwo Jima. Tarawa. The Chosin Reservoir. Khe San and Hue City. Fallujah. Mosul.
  • Telling King George III to go jump in a lake.
  • Margaret Corbin. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Harriet Tubman. Joshua Chamberlain and Ulysses S. Grant. Mary Walker (Medal of Honor winner). Sergeant York. John Basilone. Audie Murphy. Carl Brashear. Lewis B. Chesty Puller. Chester Nez. Angie Fox.
  • The biggest “I’m proud to be an American” party of the whole year.
  • Semper Fi!

Indeed, Independence Day is a day to pull out all the stops and celebrate this great, good country of ours. To reflect on our national history. To humbly remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of liberty.

Our family tradition is to take turns reading the entire Declaration of Independence out loud. On our tippy-toes.

If I had to sum up “Independence Day” in one word, however, I’d probably choose “sunshine.” This may seem self-evident to those of you in the Sun Belt. And I’m insanely jealous. But for those of us who reside in the Pacific Northwest’s Rust Belt, where moss and mushrooms sprout overnight and mildew coats everything that doesn’t move in ten minutes, sunshine is a rare, rich treasure. Like this beautiful, magnificent country of ours and the freedom and liberty that are our birthright.

Like the sun, Independence Day means or is:

  • Warmth and generosity
  • Cheer
  • A blazing beacon
  • Eliminating shadow, gloom, and darkness
  • Powerful
  • Bright and shining
  • Always there, even when you can’t see it
  • Life-giving
  • A source of energy and optimism
  • A blessing. Remember the first words of Genesis 1: “Let there be light.”

I used to think John Wayne’s “America: Why I Love Her” was kind of sappy. Maybe it is. Know what? I don’t care. Because it still sounds like “Happy Birthday” to me:

Now then, the rust belt has loosened its grip on the Fourth. The sun is shining. The sky is pouring out a flawless curve of blue.  It’s a perfect day for a birthday party.

Meanwhile, does anyone know how to get mildew off a dog?



Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

*This post originally published in 2015.


Constitution Defenders, 2A Champions Flood Olympia

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve. – Attributed to Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto regarding the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor

Driving rain that came down in sheets didn’t dampen the spirits of freedom-loving Washingtonians at Saturday’s Stand For Your Rights Rally in Olympia. Flooding the capitol steps under a downpour, Constitution and Second Amendment defenders spoke with one voice. And that voice was a giant roar (see video below). Via Americans for America – Washington:

It is time to stand up and be counted. We will not sit idly by and let our 2nd Amendment rights be taken away from us one inch at a time any longer.

The invitation includes:

“Our Constitution is under attack and we can no longer afford to remain on the sidelines. Come show your support for the liberties recognized and protected in the Constitution, especially the right that protects all other rights: the 2nd Amendment.”

Interests or groups on site included hunters, veterans, “III%-ers,” the American Legion, NRA members, and the Tacoma Narrows Tea Party. Also moms and dads. Teens and kids. Grandpas and grandmas. Petitions for I-1621 allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry on school campuses were also available.

Event Coordinator Khristopher Kord encouraged about 300 soggy stalwarts to engage in the culture war that includes defending God-given constitutional rights. “The time is now,” he said. “We’ve been keeping our mouths shut because we’re afraid of being judged when we talk about God and freedom. No more!”

Refering to anti-2A Leftista agitators, Kord asked,”What happened to the activist community that they’re literally marching to give up their rights?”

Regarding allowing teachers and administrators to arm themselves post-Parkland he said, “This is about rights and choices and being able to make decisions for themselves.”

Candidates on hand included Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer. He’s running against Maria Cantwell. “At what point do we say ‘Enough!’he asked. “We need a (peaceful) revolution in this state,” he said. Instead of seeing Washington as a “lost cause” – hopelessly Left-leaning – Gibson urged attendees to get active in the fight to protect our rights and prevent any further erosion of same. Instead of seeing Washington as a lost cause, “How about people see Washington as a beacon of hope and light and freedom for the rest of the country?”

Sen. Phil Fortunato (R-31st LD) delivered a fiery speech. Per the new Dem majority in the Senate, he said, “This year it was like the gates of hell opened.” Whenever he’s asked if he’s going to give back money he gets from the NRA, Fortunato said he responds, “Hell, no! I send them more money than they send me!”

About 300 activists stood in pouring rain for hours to rally for their rights.
Peggy Hutt of the Tacoma Narrows Tea Party talks to U.S. Senate candidate Joey Gibson.

“Everyone of us has a responsibility to stand up for our rights,” declared the senator. “You don’t have to be rude or nasty. Just ask (the other side,) ‘and then what?’ He also supports arming school teachers and administrators.

Hosted by the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans, the evening rally in Olympia was one of scores of similar events nationwide.

We arrived about 75 minutes prior to the 5:30 kick-off in Olympia. Holding umbrellas, American and other flags and signs, people were already gathering and circulating. Several open-carried.

And Nobody. Freaked. Out.

Local event organizer Kristopher Kord wrote on the group’s Facebook page:

We are not getting together to impress each other. We are showing up to demonstrate that we are regular people, who love our constitutional rights, and especially our 2nd Amendment rights, and exercise those rights in our daily lives, by “bearing arms.”

There were no “counter-protesters.” No legislators from Grays Harbor showed up.

Voter registration drives, networking, education, outreach, and other strategies were discussed.

Responsible gun owners are clearly sick and tired of being blamed for every deranged lunatic who goes on a shooting spree. Ditto being demonized, pilloried and condemned for committing the heinous act of – gasp! – legal gun ownership. They’re also sick of the foaming-at-the-mouth anti-NRA vitriol and venom spewed by no-nothing punks and haters like David Camera Hogg and his sidekick Emma Gonzalez.

Another Olympia rally is scheduled for next Saturday, April 21, at the capitol.

The ‘sleeping giant’ is awake. And believe you me, it is resolute. Like this guy.

Mark Robinson wasn’t in Olympia today. But his comments reflect the sentiments of most rally attendees. This guy is seriously AWESOME! Make it go viral:

Why Alexandria Shooting Shouldn’t Surprise Us

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rep. Steve Scalise, his family, and those injured in yesterday’s shooting in Alexandria, Virginia.

But let’s get one thing straight. This was not a “senseless” shooting. When James Hodgkinson pulled the trigger during an early morning Wednesday baseball practice, his target selection was deliberate and calculated. According to eye witness reports, Hodgkinson wasn’t targeting “congressmen.” He was targeting Republican congressmen.

Hodgkinson was a Trump/Republican hater and a member of a Facebook group, Terminate the Republican Party. He apparently embraced the venomous vitriol Leftistas like Elizabeth Fauxahontas Warren, Maxine Waters, Rachel Maddow, Rose O’Donnell & a cast of thousands have been spewing toward Republicans in general and Trump in particular. And Hodgkinson apparently acted on that hate, whipped up to fever pitch by all of the above. And many more.

As horrifying as this attack was, it shouldn’t surprise us. It’s the natural outgrowth of a particular ideology. The maelstrom of hate and violence poured out by the Left on anyone who disagrees with them has reached stratospheric levels since January. (Kathy Griffin? New York City plays depicting the assassination of a Trump-like character? Washed-up recording artists saying they want to “blow up” the White House? Berkeley? Evergreen State College? I could go on, but you get the idea.)

In SAF: Scalise Shooting Is Result Of Democratic Hate Speech, Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation put it this way. Via the Business Journal:

“This hate speech that has been going on since Donald Trump was elected,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “It gets their voter base agitated and this is what happens as a result. Is this just a coincidence this happened on the president’s birthday?” …

“When liberal leftists support the assassination of President Trump on stage what do you expect to happen,” Gottlieb stated. “Hate speech and actions incite this kind of violence. It is time for Democrats like Reps. Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and many of the talking heads at CNN and MSNBC to shut up.”


Robert Romano of Americans for Limited Government  likewise observes:

Because of months of ceaseless propaganda, blaming Hillary Clinton’s election loss on supposed Russian hacking and blaming the Trump campaign, now rabid believers in this nonsense are taking matters into their own hands.

The Russia mass hysteria has now inspired real political violence, not just the imagined bit of political violence on the part of comedian Kathy Griffin. It’s a miracle the only person who was killed in this domestic terrorist attack was the shooter himself.

Indeed, while decrying “hate” in everyone else, Leftistas have made hatred a full-time career. It’s what energizes their base. And while conservatives and libertarians battle over ideas and issues, Leftista thugs and sycophants (aka: theftistas – more on that later) focus on battling you. Personally. Because they see you as evil. An impediment to the implementation of their ex cathedra agenda.

Continues Romano:

This is the predictable result of mass propaganda, but it also points to a more widespread problem, with the advent of violent groups like Antifoam (“Anti-fascists”) and Black Lives Matter. These leftist organizations are seizing upon a fertile environment for political extremism that has been fomented.

This extremism has become mainstream. And now it threatens to engulf this country.

Don’t think so? A brief review of select drops from the ‘Holy Grail’ of Leftism:

  • Trying to criminalize and/or terrorize honest differences of opinion. Brandish “racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe” and their ilk like rhetorical cudgels because they can’t come up with any decent, logical arguments or facts to support you flawed positions and failed policies.
  • Demanding free speech and freedom of expression for yourself but refuse to acknowledge same for your opponents. They decry “hate” in others while simultaneously spewing some of the most vile, vicious vocabulary imaginable at their ideological foes.
  • Launching into Pecksniffian sermonizing about “tolerance” and “love” but cudgel anyone into submission or silence who dares challenge or disagree with their views.
  • Heaping abuse and invective on anyone who doesn’t see things their way, then launch sanctimonious, self-serving lectures about “civility” in public discourse.

While Leftistas typically scoff at, deride, attack, or otherwise dismiss religion – specifically Christianity – Leftistas are not a-religious. Far from it. Their dual deities are the state and the collective. The typical Leftista catechism includes “social justice,” “wealth redistribution,” and “paying their fair share” (whatever that means). Disagree, and you’re not just someone on the other side of the political fence. You are attacking their sacred Articles of Faith. Therefore, you are eeeevil. A racist. A bigot. A (fill in the blank) phobe du juor.

So they start scouting up firewood, stakes, and the nearest match.

Moreover, Leftistas can’t wrap their heads around a loss at the ballot box. So when their failed politics and policies are rejected, they fall back on the only thing they have left: rage. Tragically – but not surprisingly – that rage spilled out onto a Virginia baseball field yesterday.

Sitting in for Mark Levin on the radio yesterday, former Secret Service agent, NYC police officer and congressional candidate Dan Bongino explained this with great eloquence. Pressing the point on Fox and Friends this morning, Bongino said “the other side” doesn’t care about ideas. The other side, he said, is part of a “sick political theory” that has infected academia, Hollywood, and “limousine liberals.” The other side, says Bongino, thinks they’re “fighting bad people…. They don’t care about your ideas. … They think you are a bad person”:

“This is insane,” opines Bongino. He also lambasts the galactic hypocrisy of the Nancy Pelosis and Chuck Schumers of the world saying, “You had an opportunity years ago to correct this (the insane political left)… you reap what you sow…. They (Democrat leadership) should’ve shut down this hateful rhetoric” years ago.

But they didn’t. Haven’t. Won’t. Many are part of it. And now some claim, straight-faced, that they’re “shocked” by the attack in Alexandria? (Yes, nut jobs exist on the right. But I’m pretty sure conservatives haven’t been rioting in the streets, demanding white college professors leave campuses, attacking speakers they dislike or disagree with, or chanting “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” lately. Also see: The Left Embraces Political Violence.)

I’d elaborate further. But I choose to limit my vocabulary to the bounds or proprietary. So I’ll let author and columnist Mark Steyn wrap up on the “political violence culture” and the “pansy Left”:

As ever, the core issue isn’t a “hardware issue,” much as Leftista Theftistas would have us believe. It’s a heart issue. And while conservatives pretty much police themselves, as noted by Bongino in the above clip, Leftistas have no such governor. Bereft of constitutional, moral, or most legal moorings, all rabid Leftistas have at the end of the day is rage. Like what we saw yesterday in Virginia.

Take heart. There’s a cure. It’s simple. It’s ground zero. You can read more about it here.


‘Let This Be The Hour…’

U.C. Crybully was the site of yet another Leftista meltdown this week over a possible April 27 appearance by Ann Coulter. University brave hearts cancelled her appearance last week, citing “security threats.

Coulter said she was coming anyway. But on Wednesday, Coulter said she was forced to cancel her Thursday speaking event amid concerns of violence. Basically, it went like this: Trump critics calling themselves “anti-fascists” deployed fascist tactics reminiscent of Kristallnacht to protest “fascism.”

Let me know when you figure that out.

Meanwhile, back at Beserkeley (still not a typo), lawless, cowardly thugs were essentially rewarded for being lawless, cowardly thugs. They got their way. Now all Antifa and its mommy basement dwellers need to do to stop the next conservative speaker who dares to challenge their safe spaces and coloring books is dress up like Snape look-alikes, make lots of noise, and act scary. Or stupid.

And university administrations all across the fruited plain will roll over and play dead.


Continue reading “‘Let This Be The Hour…’”

WATCH: Stunning Version of Christmas Classic

There’s only one voice that does my #1 favorite Christmas carol justice: Andrea Bocelli. Aka: La Voce. Why? Cuz there’s nothing like hearing a world-class Italian tenor render O Holy Night like a world-class tenor. In the original French.

But, alas. Andrea has been dethroned by the Home Free vocal band. Watch their stunning a capella version of O Holy Night:

Not to get picky here or anythin’, Mr. Black Hat, but you’re in church. Kindly lose the Stetson. And Dear Tenor, please get that twitch fixed.

Find out more about the country a capella quintet Home Free here.


*This post originally published in 2015, shortly after the Home Free vid first came out. I decided to re-post, based on the amount of positive feedback received. Enjoy the encore.

Lose The Trough – Both of Them

Wikipedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons

So it’s come down to: “Our pig smells better than their pig”?

Before we go any further: Bill Clinton is Irrelevant: You Picked Trump, So Own Him

Some thoughts on the latest Disaster de Donald from guest author Sara Marks. Commentary by Yours Truly follows.

I have to say that I’m quite disappointed by this type of (shoulder shrug) reaction. I wasn’t going to say anything but I feel like I need to stand up for truth. What Trump talked about was awful. He crudely joked about SEXUALLY ASSAULTING women in a criminal way, and many Republicans are just giving him a pass. I served on a jury in which a 60ish-year-old man was accused of groping a teen girl on her crotch. We on the jury painstakingly went through the evidence and then came to the conclusion that this man had committed a crime and needed to pay the penalty for his wrongdoing. Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t have to pay for his crimes – he is above the law, and the way people are reacting to this shows that he will remain above the law, just liked he joked about. I was not willing to give the 60-year-old pervert a pass and I will not give 65-year-old (at the time) Trump a pass for his perverted behavior. Women deserve better. I’m ashamed at the women who are laughing this off. Sexual assault is NOT OKAY no matter who is doing it.

We can point at the wrong that the other side does all day long, but that still doesn’t make the wrong on our side go away. Are we not supposed to be the party of integrity and the party of Judeo-Christian values? Were we not rightly disgusted and repulsed by Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct when he was in office, but are we now so willing to give Trump a pass because he is running in our party? If we can not call out wrongdoing where we see it, we are no better than the Democrat party. I don’t care if they don’t do it themselves. We should. Principles and integrity matter, or at least they still should. (Emphasis added.)

And don’t give me this crap that he apologized and somehow that makes it all okay. First, any of you who are parents know you would never accept an apology like that from your own child! He minimized his behavior by reducing it to the term “locker room talk,” he tried to shift the attention to someone else who has done something worse, and then he did not apologize for the actual behavior but only “IF it offended.” Are you kidding me? That’s no an apology. (Emphasis added.)

But secondly, even if he had done a thorough and complete apology and showed true contrition…are we still okay with an old man sexual predator who was crudely bragging about how he can grope and sexually assault women as he pleases representing our party? Yes, in some sense, I care more about what Trump has done than what Bill and Hillary have done….because Trump represents my party and the Clintons do not.

If you still want to vote for him, okay, that’s your choice….but please, please, please don’t make excuses for his behavior. It’s not fair to all the women and girls who have been sexually assaulted while their predators laughingly got away with it.


 I wasn’t going to weigh in on this here. But as one wag put it:

How far must we go to stop Hillary? If we need to endorse one who openly brags about sexual assault with a married woman in lewd terms (and with a fake apology afterwards without any sort of self-sacrifice or sign of remorse), must we also support a rapist? Exactly how far must we go? Is anything justified as long as it’s “better than Hillary?” When did morality become relative?



Yea, verily. Some of the best entertainment in town is watching Trumpsters twist themselves into semantic pretzels trying to defend this guy. The typical lines go something like: “Trump’s comments were made over a decade ago. So what?” Just “locker room braggadocio.” Or, “Everybody does it.” Or, “All men talk that way about women behind closed doors.”

Years ago? Really? Carly? Megyn? Melania? Ivanka?  Hello? Many of Bill Clinton’s misdeeds occurred some 30 years ago, yet are still fair game. And should be. But he’s not running for president (more on that in a minute).

As for the “everybody/all” argument: Besides being patent nonsense, that doesn’t pass the straight-face test.  What is this, junior high? Newsflash: “Everybody” isn’t running for president. A presidential nominee should be held to a higher standard.  As for the rest: No. They. Don’t. (I can name names if you want.)


A little food for thought: Bill Clinton is Irrelevant. You Picked Trump, So Own Him. Since some of you won’t bother to click that link, here’s a snippet:

Let’s get one thing straight.  As terrible a person as Bill Clinton is, Bill Clinton is not running for president.  Bill Clinton’s name is not on the ballot anywhere.  If someone wants to have a conversation about Hillary Clinton’s own personal treatment and degradation of women, let’s have the conversation.  That could actually be a fruitful discussion.

But if we are going to fault a woman for simply being married to someone who turned out to be a bad man, we are opening the door to all the judgment the left has been placing on us for years.  We are hypocrites, we are misogynists, we are simply holier-than-thou-jerks.

We cannot in good conscience go around touting the sanctity of marriage and the importance of marriage vows, and then turn around and judge a woman for staying in a marriage, for whatever reason. We cannot assign blame to Hillary Clinton for her husband’s indiscretions.

In fact, criticizing Hillary for staying married to Bill BECAUSE of his treatment of women, is only inadvertently admitting that this kind of behavior towards women is wrong.  So bringing it up to minimize Donald Trump’s behavior is even more ridiculous and short-sighted.

Bill Clinton should not even come up when discussing Donald Trump’s behavior.  He’s irrelevant to this conversation.  If something is wrong, it is wrong.  Period.  At least have the courage and moral decency to call it what it is without the excuse that someone else’s spouse is worse.(Emphasis added.)

This is your guy.  The guy you picked, despite our warnings.  The guy who has a long and well-documented history of degrading others.  The guy whose lack of morals was very well known at the beginning of the election cycle.  You picked him anyway, and you never hesitated to throw that in the rest of our faces.  So don’t you dare have the audacity to bring up Bill Clinton as if he has anything to do with Donald Trump being exactly the person we all said he was. (Emphasis added again.)

Again, if the argument is that Hillary Clinton also has a history of mistreating women, then have the conversation.  If the argument is that Donald Trump’s actions are wrong, and as despicable as he is, you still find him better suited than his opponent, then have that argument.  Disagreements will occur, but at least it’s an honest conversation.

But don’t push a false narrative where we’re comparing Donald Trump to Bill Clinton in the race for president.  You picked Donald Trump.  So own him.  And enjoy your Hillary Clinton presidency.

Note: If you’re going to condemn Bill Clinton’s behavior – as anyone with a shred of decency should – then at least be consistent and have the moral courage to likewise condemn Trump. (Here’s All the Times Trump’s Been Accused of Rape or Attempted Rape.)

If you’re still trying to defend The Donald: Shame on you. Get your head out of James Carville La La Land. Drop the Democrat play book. Character matters. “The issues?” Character is The Issue!  You think a long-time Clinton crony and serial philanderer can be trusted with your tax dollars? The same guy who cheats on his wife,, can be trusted on public policy? Or Supreme Court appointees? Based on what?

That’s one reason Sen. Ben Sasse, Carly Fiorina, Rep. Chaffetz, Condoleezza Rice and dozens of ex-GOP lawmakers have pulled their support for this clown. Ditto Senators Mike Crapo, John Thune, Rob Portman, Mark Kirk, and Mike Lee. In fact, several prominent Republicans are running from this guy like he has The Plague.

And well they should. The damage Il Duce-NY has done to the “R” brand – what’s left of it – could take years to repair, if it can be done at all. How much damage his candidacy may inflict down-ticket remains to be seen.

So, will untrustworthy and corrupt beat unstable and porcine? Because that’s what we’re left with. The good news – if there is any – is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Solution: Trump can step aside and make room for Pence. (But that would take character and integrity. So don’t hold your breath.)


Meanwhile, stop debasing yourself by trying to defend this swine. The fact is, both nominees are unfit to serve. I didn’t pick Trump. I won’t pick Clinton. I won’t wallow in either pig sty. I would, however, vote for Mike Pence if he leads the ticket.

Over and out.