Wouldn’t It Be a Shame if Washingtonians Did THIS?

Wouldn’t it be a shame if freedom-loving Washingtonians from across the state started taking Gov. Mao’s snitch line seriously as it relates to reporting “violators” of his Stay Home, Stay Healthy order and:

  • Used the on-line form to report all the “non-essential” activity erupting out of the governor’s office. (Which is pretty much everything at this point.)
  • Flooded the guv’s office with “violation” reports about his office as a non-essential business being open or as a business function performed that is non-essential by using the on-line form.
  • Used the guv’s snitch line to snitch on the governor. (Oh, the horror!)
  • People realized they could file a snitch report anonymously.

It’d also be a shame if Washingtonians flooded the governor’s phone lines at 360-902-4111 to protest the latest extension on his Stay Home order and politely told him to go jump in a lake.

And of course it’d be downright awful if Washingtonian’s started to realize what an empty suit this prez-wanna-be really is and reported him accordingly in November.

Oh, and when Jay and the usual suspects start braying about how we MUST!! have a state income tax because tax revenues have dropped through the floor, it would also be a shame to remember whose policies and asinine orders brought that drop about in the first place.

Yep. Real shame that. Tsk-tsk.

‘If You Give a Mao a Cookie’ – The Sequel

You didn’t really expect Governor Mao to rescind, repeal, or substantively revise his Stay Home order at Friday’s presser, did you?

I mean, hey. Following one of the sorriest presidential runs ever fumbled, Jay Inslee has to do something to keep his mug in the news, right? Besides. Why “allow” Washingtonians to resume normal activities. Normal lives. Normal business practices? Not when we’re having so much fun with threats, fear-mongering, and government tyranny dressed up as “safety.”

Scott Olson/Getty Images

I reluctantly complied with Governor Mao’s initial Stay Home, Stay Healthy order as long as it was limited, temporary, and based in reality.


All are now subject to question. In fact, now that The Man Who Would Be King is wandering around La La Land, all of those caveats are out the window.

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Novel Questions on the Coronavirus from The People’s Republik of Washington

Fear and panic do not good government make. Ditto sound public policy. Even during a national “public health emergency.” Additionally, a free and open society cannot long exist when vague, indeterminate lockdown orders are in play for an extended, unspecified period of time. Nor can an economy power up when select “non-essential” businesses are shuttered by government and employees are told to stay home.

I’ve kept mostly mum on the whole coronavirus/Wuhan flu/civil rights and personal liberties debate for a while. I’ve been listening. Observing. Here are some select thoughts on same:

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Why Democrats Are Hilarious (And They Don’t Even Know It)

Democrats. Are. Hilarious. Any time you want a good laugh or a one-way ticket to Planet Zurkon, tune in to what Democratic dictator hopefuls are peddling for 2020. (They pretend they’re running for president. They’ve just got the wrong country.)

Indeed, the draconian, liberty-crushing, economy-crippling policies and proposals pushed by Komrade Kamala, Stuntacus Booker, Hoof-in-the-Mouth Biden and Fraudazuma Warren & Co. are right out of Havana. Or Beijing. But what else is new?

No, galactic Dem hypocrisy and pretense aren’t new. They’re just more obvious these days. Like:

Democrats pretend to champion women’s rights. Yet they’re constantly shilling for and promoting a “movement” that’s poised to destroy same. And they don’t even get it. See: If Anyone Can Be a Woman, Then No One Is a Woman.

Democrats pretend to be the party of the working class and the little guy. But guess who they’re looking to stiff for their Green New Deal, aka: a “raging assault on the American working class?”

Democrats like Bill de Bozo are proposing what Dems always propose as their one-size-fits-none “solution” to everything: more taxes.

De Bozo wants a “robot tax” levied against companies that lay off low-skilled workers in favor of automation. Yet many of his own policies attract illegal immigrants, many of whom are low-skilled workers.

Why promote health care, housing, and other illegal immigrant-friendly policies if, according to Comrade Bill, there won’t be any jobs for them? Hello?

Democrats are elitists. They’re waaay smarter than you, peasant. They care more. They care so much, in fact, they want to turn America into a third world country.

Via Red State, a la the seven hour Chinese water torture session disguised as a “climate change debate”, here’s what Dems want forcibly removed from society:

We as a nation will be getting rid of red meat, plastic straws, offshore drilling, light bulbs, combustion engine vehicles, babies in poor countries, fossil fuels, oil, natural gas, coal, fracking, carbon, nuclear power plants, and factory farming.

Gotta love these peeps. Every time they open their mouths they alienate more sane voters. So keep talking.

Meanwhile, dontcha love the smell of Dem meltdowns in the morning? Or anytime?

Then there’s this guy:

Mr. Kum-By-Yah, aka: Puddinhead Kilmer, allegedly represents Washington’s 6th Congressional District. Can someone please tell me what Puddinhead stands for? He’s so wishy-washy, he gives Jell-o a bad name.

Speaking of Jell-o:

The Lunatic Brigade that is the Democrat party shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Party of Division, Dependency, and Detroit doesn’t have anything else to offer. Their ideology is bankrupt. Their government-centric policies don’t work. They haven’t had a new idea since Woodrow Wilson. That’s one reason Dems are a joke.

Can we blame that on The Russians? How ’bout a bad You Tube video?


Dear Illegal Migrant Detainees…

I didn’t vote for The Donald and I’m not a “Trumper.” But as I’ve explained previously, I support several of his policies. Like his stance on illegal immigration.

On Friday, Trump ignited a firestorm of Pecksniffian protesting on this subject from the usual suspects. He had the unmitigated gall to take Democrats at their word on “sanctuary cities”:

In other words, Trump called for Democrats to actually act on their own policies. Walk their talk. Put up or shut up.

It was a stroke of brilliance, highlighting the galactic hypocrisy of Dems on the subject. Indeed, the response from the blue side of the aisle was predictable, if not hilarious.

Incidentally, ever notice how Dems always seem to omit one key word when caterwauling on “immigration”? Conspicuous by its absence is the word “illegal.”

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Besides, how else are Democrats going to gain new voters? Their policies don’t work. Their ideologies are bankrupt. Their one-size-fits-none solution to every problem is more government. And more moola out of your wallet to pay for it.

Just look at Demville, USA, aka: Kalifornia. (That’s not a typo.)

Fact is, Dems need illegal immigrants. They know full well that most, if not all, are future Democrat voters. Why else would Dems push back so hard against stemming the tsunami of same flooding across the border?

But seriously. If “sanctuary state” and “sanctuary city” are such great ideas, why not send migrant detainees there? Why not give these self-proclaimed bastions of compassion, generosity and virtue a chance to be compassionate, generous, and virtuous? That seems only fair, especially since they’re endlessly lecturing everyone else on same.

Trump’s proposal is just giving them a chance to shine, right? Kind of like millionaire Bernie and AOC on socialism: Socialism for thee but not for me.

Talk about Leftista hypocrisy. But I repeat myself.

Never fear. Gov. Jay Jay is giddy about welcoming “refugees” and “immigrants” into Washington. He left out that key word again. Probably just another oversight.

So, dear migrant detainees:

Broke the law to get into the country? Got caught? Detained? Dial 1-800-JAY-INSLEE. I hear he has some spare rooms in the governor’s mansion. So does Seattle Mayor Durkan.

They’ll leave the light on for ya.