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Conservelocity welcomes feedback.  And yep, we have rules regarding comments. Here they are:

1.  All comments are moderated.

2.  Please use a real name when commenting.

3.  The right to approve or not approve any comment is reserved by the blog owner.

4. Comments that are vile, vulgar, defamatory or otherwise objectionable will not be considered, so don’t bother.

5. We reserve the right to delete, mock, ignore or ridicule any comment we think deserves it.

6. We may or may not approve comments that are redundant or vapid. So don’t even go there.

7. Comments close after 10 days.

8.  Please do not expect comments that are a mile long, flaming, incoherent or otherwise asinine to be approved.  You can send those to Maxine Waters or Jay Inslee.


3 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. Everyone should see “American Sniper” (it is best seen while it is still showing on a wide screen at your local cinema). It is a “war movie”, sort of, but it has a strong message which should not be missed by all those who want to continue to live in a safe and secure America. Although war action, conflagration and killing (nor only by military personnel and terrorists, but by and of women and children, too) get your immediate attention, this is really primarily a story of people, and about one person in particular (Chris Kyle) who, because of his patriotism and love of his fellow soldiers, sought to make a difference in the conflict with Islamic terrorists (in Obama-speak, probably deviant or rebellious upstarts: “All right, boys, the ORGANIZER is here. Please, behave yourselves!”). And, he DID. Meanwhile, the movie was also showing us that he had a conscience and was trying to be a good husband and father. Clint Eastwood was sensitive to all this and told a great story in a way that liberal bed-wetters such as Michael Moore (MM) can never appreciate. MM either does not get, or chooses to ignore, the reality of the freedom he enjoys in the USA (not Iran, or China, or Venezuela, or any other dictatorship where he would soon take a “celestial dirt nap” – that’s Neal Boortz-ese for DEAD – in the manner of choice of the local nabob: beheading, immolation, stoning, hanging, or maybe the worst fate of all for MM, someone who thinks “It’s all about moi!”, that is, BEING IGNORED) that protects him and his inane comments about snipers being “cowards” from “termination with extreme prejudice.”


    1. C’mon, man. I’ve approved numerous comments with which I disagree. I’ve even approved comments that clearly violate our comment policy. So don’t even go there. Don’t even try.

      Fact is, I don’t have to allow any comments. Zero. I do because it sometimes helps advance the conversation.

      Anyone who’s been paying attention at all should know I’ve been frequent and vocal in my opposition to the Marquise de Kleptocratia. Tried over and over and over to point out the false dichotomies and flawed syllogisms routinely posited here by some dear folks who can’t or won’t follow the bouncing ball. I’ve outlined options. Explained how and why folks can and should think outside the binary box. Done most everything short of standing on my head and hauling out the dancing bears to get some people to put down the Kool Aid.

      I’ve tried very hard to be patient with some of the crap that’s thrown my way. The Hilliggedon hysteria. The fear-mongering. The absurd accusations. The ad hominems. The patronizing clap trap. The good folks who think anyone who disagrees with them or their line of thinking is a shill for Hillary.

      I haven’t even Un-friended anyone (no matter how uncivil or Just. Plain. Rude.). In fact, I’ve cut some people slack I wouldn’t cut for my own kids.

      So give me a break.

      Cuz here’s the deal: My blog. My rules. And I’ve finally run out of patience. If you don’t have anything more intelligent to contribute, don’t bother.


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