Tired of Gov. Inslee’s Closures?

Are Washingtonians tiring of Gov. Mao’s “Thou Shall Not” list related (ostensibly) to COVID-19?

It seems so. Especially as the weather improves and cabin fever leaps into the stratosphere. (The shuttering of private businesses and throwing zillions of Washingtonians onto the unemployment rolls as well as government over-reach related to the China flu is a topic for another post.)


Take the closure of outdoor recreation sites. State and national parks. No fishing. Hunting. Picnicking. Swimming. Bicycling. Boating. Breathing. (Seriously? How likely is it that any boater will get within six feet of another boater on a lake the size of Rhode Island?)


Stupid on Steroids

These closures aren’t just nonsensical. They’re stupid on steroids.


Most outdoor lovers I know aren’t looking to hang with the herd. They want to get away from the crowd. The further, the better. They’re typically not just six feet away from the next human. They’re more like six miles. Or maybe 60.


Indeed, maintaining a several-foot distance away from another person is significantly easier to do in The Great Outdoors than it is in say, Wal-Mart. Hello?


So I called and emailed Governor Inslee’s office on the subject today. Got a message saying they’re “unusually busy in our office at the moment.” Gee. I wonder why?


The next voice mail message – still no real person yet – was a detailed list of how you, too can snitch on  friends, Romans and fellow countrymen if you suspect them of “non-compliance” with the guv’s Stay Home order.


Then I was told, by message, that I was caller #17.  Ditto that “our office is unusually busy.”


Then it was “Press 1 now to record a message on the comment line.” Pressing 1 takes you to a promo for the census: Take the census. You count. Be counted.


I’m not making this up.


About a year later I finally reached the guv’s comment line. Did he get an earful.


Chime In

Want to chime in? If you have the patience, leave the guv a phone message at: 360-902-4111. Or send him an email here.

Lemme know how that works for ya, okay?