Detroit, Elm Trees & the Three Ds

It doesn’t get any better than summer in Detroit. Oh, wait. You didn’t get that memo? Check out:

Manicured lawns that could double as PGA putting greens. Row upon row of freshly painted, neat-as-a-pin houses. Lovingly tended tulip beds. Neighborhood barbecues. Sand lot softball. Kids running through sprinklers or chasing the ice cream truck. Ancient elms arching into leafy green canopies over Nashville Street.

Detroit, 1967. The summer the fam visited my grandparents. Yep, Motor City was home to just about everyone: grandparents, parents, 20+ uncles and aunts and boatloads of cousins. Most worked for Chrysler/Dodge. Detroit was beautiful and life was good – before 50 years of DemoLibs wrecked both.

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